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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 300: The beginning of the war with Bruttii Bahasa Indonesia

“Oh…wait wait wait…I just remember you saying that it had only been a year since the foundation of Theonia, but it had now become the hegemon of Magna Graecia in less than two years?! That’s just…just…”

“You want to say it’s a ‘miracle’, don’t you? It’s been said that the archon of Theonia is ‘God’s Favoured’ of Hades. Even though he is very young, he has never lost in the battles that he commanded. Lucania, Crotone, Locri…have lost to him successively, and perhaps it’s a miracle!”

“From what you have said, Theonia is powerful in Magna Graecia that it would be better for Corinth not to have a bad relationship with them due to this small matter in the arena…”

“That’s your Corinth’s business, Iabycus.”

“Anyway, Hipparchus, tell me about your city. Rhegium is also in Magna Graecia, so why have you not allied with the mighty Theonia?”

“We, people of Rhegium, have no intention to fight for the hegemony in Magna Graecia, and we just want to live a good life.”

“Everyone thinks that as well, but Hipparchus, the gods are temperamental, and they may one day involve Rhegium in the conflict of the city-state in Magna Graecia. Therefore, instead of being passive, it would be better for you to take the initiative to find a strong ally…”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Since this farce happened, everyone talked about that barbarian and the strange city-state union – Theonia. It is only after that incident that the name of Theonia began to be known to more Greeks in Greece.

At this time, in the audience seat in the arena, many people were inquiring about the origins of Theonia.

Among the audience were two young men who are from Thebes. After listening to the conversation between Hipparchus and Iabycus, one of them said excitedly, “Theonia…what a peculiar city-state union! What do you think, Epaminondas?”

The other young men sighed, “To be able to dominate Magna Graecia in such a short time is not only due to the ability of the archon, but Theonia Union’s political system must have its unique features!”

“You have also thought the same as what I have…I have decided!” The young man shouted, “After I finished my studies next year, I will go to Theonia. You must go there with me together.”

Epaminondas shook his head, “I apologise, Pelopidas! As you know, in recent years, my teacher Lysis has been propagating the teachings of the Pythagorean School in Corinth these past few years, so I no longer need to go to Taranto anymore. Instead, I could just learn from him who is nearby and help him deal with some affairs at the same time. Therefore, I can’t go that far away to avoid delays.”

The young man named Pelopidas pressed Epaminondas’ arms and said, “Didn’t that man just said that the central city of Theonia is Thurii, which is just across from the Gulf of Taranto and less than three days by boat from the Gulf of Corinth, which is not far at all. Besides, you are my best friend, so how can you bear to let me go away alone?”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Corinth imprisoned Adrian and Litom, while the rest of Theonian athletes were no longer in the mood to compete, so they hurriedly sent someone back to Thurii to report.

The Senate held a meeting to discuss the matter, and a few statesmen, led by Pollox, argued that the recklessness of Litom had tarnished the image of Theonia, and Adrian, as the head of the delegation, has failed to manage the team well and made Theonia the laughing stock in all Greece. Therefore, the union should punish them!

While Davos firmly opposed it, saying that Adrian and Litom’s action was not wrong, what is wrong is the conservative Corinthians, whose narrow-mindedness rejects the Theonians who are made up of multi-ethnic groups! Since the self-proclaimed orthodox Greek natives rejected the participation of Theonian citizens, who are composed of Lucanians, Thracians and other races, then there is no need for Theonia to participate in the four major competitions! As Theonia have the ability and strength to organise their own games!…

Most of the statesmen supported the speech of Davos, especially Vespa, Hemon, Bagul, Marigi and Epiphanes.

However, there was nothing more the Senate could do to get Corinth to release Litom and Adrian. After all, Corinth was an old Greek power and would not take the newly rising Theonia Union seriously, and the current strength of Theonia can not affect Corinth. Therefore, the only way is for them to send envoys to apologise to Corint and donate a certain amount of money to the Temple of Poseidon in Corinth so that the members of the delegation can return safely.

All but Mersis agreed. For Davos, the most important thing for Theonia is to concentrate on dealing with the Bruttians and not make a fuss, so this resolution of the Senate, despite his reluctance, can only temporarily endure it this time.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

During the autumn harvest, the citizens are busy harvesting.

Davos also did not stay idle. Davos, together with Heracleides the Younger, Metoticles, Mersis and others, quietly went to Aprustum to survey the valley leading to Anbania several times. They then went to the upper north bank of the Crati River to carefully observe the river and the location and environment of Besidice on the other side of the river. They had also gone to Laos to investigate the mountain road leading to Vergae. Everywhere they went, they had to calculate the speed and depth of the rivers, considering the possibility of building roads, bridges and the transportation of grains.

After coming back, Davos also discussed the attack plan repeatedly with high ranking officers such as Philesius, Kapus and Drakos.

At the end of September, before the autumn harvest was over, news came from Terina that some Bruttians had broken into Terina’s territory. However, the Terinian had captured them!

But the truth is: After Androlis went to Consentia, the Bruttii Tribal Union speed up their attack and annexation of the tribes that refused to be integrated, forcing some of the Bruttians, who did not want to join the union to escape from the mountains.

On the other hand, Davos used this as an excuse to let Aristias dispatch his spies to spread rumours in Thurii, Amendolara, Krimisa and other cities that the Bruttians are unifying the tribes. After they established a powerful tribal union, they will launch an attack on Theonia. Now, it is just a probing attack by the Bruttians…

At the same time, they also reminded everyone that they should not forget the blood debts of the Bruttians who plundered the Greek city-states in Magna Graecia many times!

A tense atmosphere soon shrouded the cities in Theonia, and the citizens were even more furious, and they strongly demanded that they should begin a war against the Bruttians, pay back the blood debts and eliminate this danger!

At the beginning of October, the autumn harvest was over, and there was a call for war in Theonia. The time was finally ripe to move against Bruttii.

After several rounds of discussion, the Senate announced to the citizens, ‘The Bruttians ignored Theonia’s warnings and proposal of peace and had wantonly destroyed the allies of Theonia, the Siro tribe. Based on the agreement and morality, Theonia declares war on the Bruttians!’

Finally, the war with Bruttii officially began!

In the square in Aprustum, soldiers from the fourth legion from Krimisa and Aprustum gathers…

In Thurii’s Nike Square, the soldiers from the first and second legion from Thurii and Amendolara gathers…

In the square in Nerulum, some of the soldiers of the third legion assemble…

Grumentum, because of its extremely important location and in order to stabilise the situation in the Lucania region, the citizens belonging to the third legion in the city could not move lightly.

Just as the preparations for the war were all in order, Davos once again met up with the Siro tribe survivors leader, Hegasitus, at his residence.

“Theonia has declared war on the Bruttians, and soon you will hear the news of victory. Despite our warning, Bruttii had still wantonly slaughtered our fellow Greeks, and we will surely punish them for it!” Davos made a solemn promise.

Hegasitus said with tears in his eyes, “Lord Davos, thank you! Thank you very much for your selfless help to our weak tribe! You are worthy of being the Favoured of Hades! You are the guardian of justice in Magna Graecia! All of us surviving people of Siro will pray to Hades and wish you health and safety! I also wish the citizens of Theonia a quick and victorious return! And also, I have a small request. I’d like to ask for your approval.”

“Oh, what is your request?”

“My people and I hope to join your army, fight side by side with you, and take revenge on the Bruttians!” Said Hegasitus excitedly.

“I can understand your feelings, but the Theonian army has undergone hard training and strict discipline. If there is a violation of military rules, the most serious case would be beheading! And I am afraid that your participation will not increase our strength but will instead affect our fighting because once the military law is violated, do you think you will not be punished for it? Therefore, I can’t agree to your request.” Davos politely but firmly refused.

Hegasitus, with a disappointed expression, said reluctantly, “Then…we can…be your guide!”

“We only need 2~3 people as a guide.” Seeing Hegasitus’ disappointment, he felt that the time was ripe, so he said, “But there is one thing you can do, and when you do it well, it will be the biggest blow to the Bruttii Tribal Union!”

“What is it?!” Asked Hegasitus.

“Last time, I heard from you that some tribes in the Bruttii region were not willing to merge, but they had to give in because of the strength of the Bruttii Tribal Union. Therefore, I hope you can sneak back to Bruttii, wait for the news that Theonia’s army has entered the Bruttii mountains, and then persuade these tribes to rise against this tribal union. By then, it will be easy for us to defeat the Bruttii Tribal Union!” Davos said here, then looked at him with slight apologetically, “However, for you guys, it’s more dangerous going back than when you escape-”


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