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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 251: Prelude to War Bahasa Indonesia

“Great!” Davos stood up excitedly, “Heracleides the Younger, it’s really amazing for you to be able to think about this!”

“Milord, it wasn’t my idea alone, it was a proposal made after discussing it with the rest of the Department of Road Management.” The young Heracleides said truthfully, while feeling some doubts: ‘How could the mere idea of road reconstruction made this young archon who was favored by god be so excited?’

Of course, he would not understand that what was on Davos’ mind was the identity of the Greeks. Through the historical materials in his previous life and his personal experience in this era, he felt that the Greeks were indeed a superior race. They have created splendid civilization in science and technology, culture, military, politics, sports and so on., but why did Rome, not Greece, was the one to unify the Mediterranean?

Davos believes that there are some fatal flaws in the identity of the Greeks: The Greek city-states, which have built numerous magnificent temples, arenas and theatres, were unable to keep their cities clean and orderly…therefore, since the time he became the leader of the mercenaries, he began to restrain the loose mercenaries with strict military laws, and he deliberately guided and changed the Greeks.

Heracleides the Younger’s Department of Road Management was able to pay attention to these details and make changes. This earnest and down-to-earth way of thinking of the people has of course made Davos gratified, and praised them, “My vision wasn’t mistaken, you are not only an excellent road and bridge architect, but also a good road director to manage the road system in the Theonia Union!”

Heracleides the Younger was a little embarrassed by the praise, but continued to say, “The reconstruction of the road will cost a lot, and I am worried that the Senate-”

“Don’t worry, the Senate will pass your proposal.” Davos made a pledge, “The benefits of the road on Theonia are enormous. The reconstruction of the road will only make it more convenient for people to travel and transport goods, which is a good thing and it is worth the cost.”

“Then I can feel relieved!” Heracleides the Younger was very grateful to Davos, because this young man was the one who made him and his father no longer wander around! It was this young man who made him find his own career! And it was the support of this young man that made him stand out in Theonia politics!

“How is your father?”

Davos’ words brought him to his senses, “Not so good. Recently, he often wakes up at night coughing incessantly and blood can be seen in his sputum….I told him to rest more at home and it wouldn’t be a problem to just let Piasikos watch the temple, but he just doesn’t listen!” Said Heracleides the Younger with a worried face.

Davos sighed. In fact, Herpus, who had gone to check Heracleides, had already told him in secret that this stubborn thin old man is running out of time….

Davos comforted him softly, “Your father treats the newly built city of Thurii as if it is his own child, hence why he couldn’t be relieved! Don’t worry, I will let Herpus send his physicians to take care of your father at all times….”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After seeing off Heracleides the Younger, Davos stretches to go back to accompany his sleeping wife and children.

But at this time, Ribaso, the one managing the slaves came in and said, “Master, lord Philesius, Bagul, Vespa and Hemon, came to see you.”

Davos of course knew why these people were here, it was a matter of whether the arrangements that Theonia had made all this time would finally bear fruit, so he needed to rouse himself up, “Invite the four statesmen to come in.”

In a word, Davos has some helplessness because the public officials in several cities of Theonia Union, such as the Praetor, Judges and tax officials, and so on., all have their offices, namely, the city hall. However, as the one with the highest authority in the union including the only archon, had no personal office other than the Great Senate Hall, where they deliberate on city-state matters and discussed and enacted bills. The senate had already discussed the construction of a grand office building for the statesmen of the union several times, but due to various factors such as money and manpower, the proposal just remained on paper.

After the four men were seated, Philesius, as the military officer, first said, “Lord Davos, we are here to ask you if it’s finally the time to start the plan to take Grumentum?”

“What is the situation of Grumentum now?” Davos asked seriously. In fact, he had already understood the situation of Lucania through Aristias.

“Archon.” Hemon leaned forward and said, “Not long after Potentia defeated Pyxous and occupied Grumentum, their great chieftain Pamot led the main army back to Potentia, leaving his brother Polet, with 2,000 tribal warriors to be stationed in the city of Grumentum. And the son of Akpir, the former great chieftain of Grumentum, had also stayed in the city to help Polet manage Grumentum.”

Davos then said with a smile, “That Lusau who was betrayed by his own people?! Potentia really dared to use him?!”

“You are right milord. It was a mistake of Pamot to leave Lusau!” Vespa took over the conversation and said with a sneer, “I have dealt with the man Lusau, he is a tyrant and extremely vindictive, and he was the one who led the army that drove my tribe into the mountains….I heard that when he was in Potentia, he flattered Pamot like a dog. Perhaps it was because of this that Pamot mistakenly believed that he would help Potentia stabilize their governance of Grumentum.”

However, after returning to Grumentum and getting the support of several tribes, Lusau’s strength was strengthened and he began to become arrogant. Although the leaders of those tribes who had betrayed him had been killed by Cincinnag, Lusau still didn’t spare those tribes. He often sent new tribes to stir up disputes and then use the excuse of disobedience to punished them, and take the opportunity to encroach on their settlements and pastures…he often verbally agree on the orders of Polet, however, once he turns his back, he would not carry it out, and even opposed them.

And those warriors from Potentia, who were victorious, likewise oppressed the people of Grumentum, even though Polet treated the tribes inside and outside the city gently, he could not keep his men in check, much less let Lusau obey his orders.

Now, the people of Grumentum hates Lusau, hate the Potentians!” Said Vespa, while looking at Hemon, “So when the envoys that Hemon and I sent to the city made contact with them quietly, they were greeted with enthusiasm and were desperate for us to drive out the Potentians! ”

“The people of Grumentum hate Lusau, but we should thank him!” Davos jokes, and everyone laughed.

Davos then asked, “What do they want?”

“They are willing to join Theonia, but they hope that after we capture Grumentum, we can let them move to Nerulum, and give them land no less than their current residence and pasture. And for Theonia to not interfere in their management of the people like those tribes in Nerulum. For this reason, they are willing to provide their greatest assistance to Theonia to capture the city of Grumentum.”

After hearing Hemon’s words, Davos was slightly surprised, “Isn’t their request so simple?”

“Initially, they asked far more than that, but our men made them realize that having betrayed Lusau, and then Cincinnag, and are now trying to drive out the Potentians, then the only one they could rely on would be our Theonia Union, and it is not wise to spite the masters that will provide them refuge in the future!” Hemon then added with some complacency, “The peaceful and quiet life of the Lucanians in Theonia and the good reputation of the union for keeping its promise made them finally choose to cooperate with us.”

“In that case, why don’t they stay in Grumentum after we capture it? It’s their hometown after all.” Davos had some doubts.

“Milord, that’s because they are afraid!” Bagul said with contempt, “They do not dare to face the wrath of Potentia and Pyxous, because they think that these two powers will come to retake the city of Grumentum again in the future!”

“These guys are perceptive.” Davos murmured. To tell the truth, Davos was not at ease to leave these erratic tribes in Grumentum, but since they knew enough to leave voluntarily, Davos naturally has to return the favor, “Is there any spare pastures in Nerulum to accommodate them?”

“Not for the time being.” Vespa hesitated, “However, I have already negotiated with all the tribal chieftains of Nerulum, some of them are willing to move to Grumentum in exchange for the settlement of the tribes in Grumentum, but they want to be compensated with the mining rights of iron ore in Grumentum.”

Davos shook his head gently. The iron ore of Grumentum has long been coveted by some statesmen of the Senate. For example, statesmen such as Marsyas have approached him several times, hoping to contract the iron mine of Grumentum.

He pondered for a while and said, “It’s impossible for them to get the mining rights, but they can get part of the proceeds from the iron ore, for exactly how much, Hemon you will go and negotiate with them, but it must not be more than 20%, provided that they provide the manpower and participate in the mining and transportation of the ore.”

“Understood. I will go to Nerulum tomorrow and talk to them.” Hemon nodded.

“Are the soldiers ready? And has the attack plan been drawn up?” Davos then turned his gaze to Bagul.


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