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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 224: We are one family Bahasa Indonesia

The people of Krimisa had just seen off the Crotonians and were now welcoming the Theonian army. They became slightly dazed about this very eye-catching army entering the city.

But as soon as they reached the square, the Theonian army disbanded, and under the leadership of the officers, the soldiers begun using the tools they brought in the loaded cart and started cleaning the streets that were full of garbage, leveling the damaged roads and even helping the people in repairing their houses…they worked hard to clean up the city after the war.

The Krimisians were first surprised, then they slowly tried to talk to these “conquerors”. Eventually, they were affected by the soldiers’ enthusiasm and had joined their ranks of rebuilding their homes with guilt. While the women brought food and water to express their gratitude to the soldiers, and at the same time, they told them about their own difficulties at home, hoping to get their help. Naturally, the soldiers were willing to contribute their strength and enthusiasm.

In the next afternoon, Krimisa, a war-torn and somewhat lifeless city, became vibrant.

The members of the former council of Krimisa were surprised to see this situation, and started whispering with each other.

Androlis, as the former polemarchos of Krimisa, had considered himself as well informed, but he had never seen or heard about soldiers of a conquering city-states helping the people they conquered in repairing their homes after the war. Like the others, he was so surprised and excited that made him not know what to say, “Lord Davos, this…this is….”

“From today on, the Krimisians are now citizens of Theonia. We are all one family! As a family, we have to help each other, right?” Davos said with a smile.

Looking at the shocked expression of the people around him, Davos was very satisfied with the effect of what they had done. Before coming, he had given the soldiers the order “to clean”. However, he could not make the soldiers to work willingly just because of his order, and so at the same time, he also told them that, ‘Because of our victory, and based on the performance of the soldiers, the freemen who have participated in the war will have their citizens’ evaluation period be greatly shortened, and the soldiers who have performed well on the war may immediately become an official citizen! With this victory, Theonia will get a lot of land, and all the soldiers participating in the war will be rewarded with “allocated land” for their contributions. And the land allocated will mainly be near Krimisa, and so, the Krimisians will become the new home for some soldiers, and because of the successive wars in Krimisa within half a year, a large number of male citizens were killed and wounded. Now, there are more women than men, and so Davos encourages every soldier that is still single to win the favor of the women of Krimisa with their action!’ It is for these reasons that the soldiers do not have the pride of the winner, and instead use practical actions to win the favor of the Krimisians, their future neighbors.

“And you-” Davos continued, “The treasury, the granary…have been protected well and were not robbed by the defeated Crotonian soldiers, and you had managed to completely hand it over to the union. Isn’t it because you agree with Theonia Union and regarded yourself as citizens of Theonia that you were so thorough! I am sure that the senate of Theonia will recognize your efforts!”

Everyone believed at the implication of Davos, and so their faces were beaming with happiness.

Davos looked at their smile, but he was very clear in his heart that even though the number of statesmen of the senate is far from full, this time, the senate will definitely need to be cautious and send people to secretly investigate who is the most prestigious and charismatic among the people of Krimisa. Only those who are willing to become citizens of Theonia and are hard working will be invited to join the senate, while the election is used as a cover. As a territory that was just merged into the union, he and the senate must firmly control Krimisa to prevent any accidents.

“Lord Davos, please follow me to the port and check the supplies that we have taken from the Crotonians.” The former polemarchos of Krimisa remained calm.

This made Davos look at Androlis with some appreciation and said, “Good!”

After inspecting the city of Krimisa, Davos immediately ordered for some of the food and supplies that were obtained be distributed to the Krimisians to compensate them for their losses that they have suffered as a result of the war.

This generous act had won the favor of the people. He had also ordered Kapus to lead the 2,000 soldiers of the first legion to stay in the city to maintain and stabilize the order and to continue helping the people in repairing the damaged buildings. While the rest of the army will continue to stay in the camp outside the city and begin burying the pitfalls and pulling out the iron nails…and so on, and return the environment around the camp to normal. Davos, on the other hand, politely declined the invitation of Androlis for dinner and led the cavalry of Ledes, accompanied by Hieronymus, to Aprustum.

Davos could see either farmlands or villages, as well as crisscrossing canals as they gallop on the broad plain of Crotone with slightly undulating terrain. Although he couldn’t see any visible human activities, some villages have smokes coming out. Except for the occasional bereaved wailings, the villagers are afraid to cast hateful gazes on the group of Davos. However, this did not affect Davos and his entourage, as they kept on looking at the newly acquired land of Theonia with great interest.

Ledes then said excitedly, “Although the terrain is not as flat as the Sybaris plain, its soil seems to be not as worse as the Sybaris plain!”

“It seems that you want to exchange all of your lands to here.” Said Davos jokingly.

“Milord, I don’t plan to do that. I will feel uncomfortable to do anything if I have the Crotonians next to me.” Said Ledes while shaking his head.

“In such a fertile land, you are still so picky. It’s true that the rich are the ones that don’t know the pain of the poor.” Davos continued to tease him.

The cavalrymen had also taken this opportunity to make fun of their captain.

At this time, Hieronymus who was next to him, said, “No matter how good the land is, if there is no powerful strength, then it is impossible to keep it.”

Davos took advantage of this situation and said, “That is right, so we definitely must not follow the steps of Crotone. We should continue to strengthen our training and defend our homeland! Your cavalry team, in particular, has made great achievements this time, but you must not get it over your head, and continue to improve your horsemanship and learn new cavalry tactics together with your captain. I hope that you all can become an important attacking force in the Theonian army and be the one to decide the outcome of the battle! Do you have that confidence?”

“YES!!!” The cavalries raised their spears and cried out excitedly.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Standing at the top of the city wall of Aprustum, with a panoramic view, one can see the continuous mountains and snow to the west, the rushing torrents, cliffs, and the green fertile fields of the plain of Crotone to the east. When the weather is excellent, it is even possible to take a glimpse of the hustle and bustle outside the city of Crotone to the southeast….

“Such an amazing place! The Crotonians had actually given this to us!” Said Davos while groping the thick battlement.

“Of course, it’s not that the Crotonians wanted to give this to us, but they could not take it back!” Bagul said confidently, “The terrain of Aprustum is very good. With the city being this high, I will only need 2,000 soldiers to block the attack of 20,000 soldiers!”

Davos, who has checked the defense of the city in detail, nodded in agreement.

“The mountain reconnaissance unit of Izam helped a lot in capturing this city!” The words of Hieronymus had reminded Davos, so he turned to look at the young Carduchian that was accompanying them, “Izam, your unit has made a great contribution this time. Every soldiers who had taken part in capturing the city will have their great contribution be recorded!”

“I thank the grand legatus on behalf of my brothers!” Izam then excitedly said, “Milord, as long as you can expand my reconnaissance unit to a thousand people, we will be able to play a greater role!”

Hieronymus and Asistes then looked at each other because the request of this Carduchian is so direct.

Davos did not mind it and smilingly said, “The role of the mountain reconnaissance unit is to scout, disturb and destroy the enemy from within, it is not for you to engage the enemy in a head-on confrontation. If you want so many people, commanding them will not be convenient and it will become easier for the enemy to find you….” Instead of refusing, Davos thought about it seriously and said, “It is not impossible for me to expand it, but first, I would like to see you make an expansion and training plan. How many more people will be added, how will you organize and train the expanded mountain reconnaissance unit and how to make this new team adapt to and enhance its special role in wartime.”

“Great, thank you milord!” Izam cried out with undisguised joy.

“If you just want to be a strategos(senior centurion), then say it earlier!” Asistes took this opportunity to tease him.

“You are now all strategos, so I naturally can’t fall behind.” Izam said it confidently.

Everyone burst into laughter.

“Are all the original inhabitants of the city gone?” Asked Davos, turning around and looking down at the city.

“The Crotonians came to the city and read the pact that they had just signed to the people here, and they vigorously mobilized them to leave. They all cried and made some noises, but they all eventually left, leaving no one. Moreover, we allowed them to take away their belongings. However, they also wanted to take away public property, but we rejected them, because this is our spoils!” Said Asistes.

“It’s good that all the residents of Aprustum are now gone, as we can now start immigrating our people and take firm control of this city!” Davos also warned, “As soon as possible, you should make a clear inventory of the property in Aprustum and then make a list so that you can divide it with Laos and Roscianum.”


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