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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 159: Becoming rich and noble, nothing is forgotten Bahasa Indonesia

Cheiristoya then pointed to the cup of Andrea and said, “This beer is made from barley, and the one you are currently drinking has been made through many experiments. It tastes good, but there is a little bit of scum, but Davos said that ‘It doesn’t matter, drinking these things is good for your health.’ Currently, even though I need to drink a little bit every day to quench my thirst, but it won’t easily make me drunk…”

“This beer has a special taste, but after drinking it, it will make me still want to drink more! Please give me another one!” Said Andrea, then she gave the cup to Azune.

Azune then filled the cup again. Then she took another sip and then said, “Madam, I have a good news to tell you. Most of the money that we have lent to the citizens of Amendolara in April has been paid off!”

“So fast?!” Cheiristoya was slightly surprised.

“I heard that there are currently wars going on in Sicily and the Peloponnesian Peninsula, and so in this year’s wheat harvest, the price has increased. In addition, our restaurant has also actively purchased animals, which also included their internal organs, and so, they made a lot of extra money.” Explained Andrea, “Therefore, they manage to pay both the loan and the interest, and some people even want to continue borrowing more money to buy more animals to meet the needs of our restaurant.”

“Good! If they can earn money, then we will be able to get back the loan, and we can then earn more money. Both sides will benefit and according to Davos, this is called a ‘win-win situation’. What’s more, we can also lend money to the citizens of Thurii in the Union who needs a lot of money!”

“Madam, we got 400 drachmas for the loan interest this time, and the restaurant in Amendolara has earned about 500 drachmas after only opening for more than a month. So far, we have nearly a thousand drachmas.” Said Andrea excitedly.

“Yes, who would have thought that the entrails of livestock that the people disliked would be so delicious and is also good for the health! If Davos had not put all his heart into governing the city-state, then he would have become a famous merchant in all of Greece!” Said Cheiristoya happily, “This time, his advice about this beer has made me very optimistic. It seems that this will become our new money earning business. Now, we are just waiting for the arena to be built!”

“Lord Davos is the descendant of Hades, so there is nothing that he couldn’t do! And Bagul greatly respect Lord Davos!” Andrea agreed with praised. She then thinks of something, then added, “Madam, several groups of preparatory citizens have come to the bank these days to ask if they can get a loan, because they want to engage in maritime trade.”

“Maritime trade?” Cheiristoya frowned, she then thought about it for a bit and then said, “The risk of maritime trade is high. If we are not careful, the ship will be destroyed and the people on it will die, and we won’t be able to recover the loan. What’s more, they are still just a preparatory citizen, and once their trade fails, they could just run away. Then who will pay back our money?! However, Davos has said that the biggest role of our bank is to support the commerce of our city-state and promote the prosperity and development of our trade…” Cheiristoya thought carefully, while forgetting that she was holding a rose that she was going to plant, and the prickles on the stem pricked her finger.

Azune and Andrea immediately came to help suck her finger and bandage the wound with strips of cloth.

Cheiristoya didn’t feel anything, so she continued with what she was saying, “We should be careful regarding the application of preparatory citizens for loans. First, we need to investigate their personality and integrity, as well as their navigation skills, and whether they have an equivalent collateral and a trustworthy guarantor…if all the above conditions are met, then it would be better to indicate in the agreement that they are forbidden to do a long-distance maritime trade between the east and west of the Mediterranean…”

“Madam, I understand.” Andrea nodded.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

While Cheiristoya and Andrea were talking in the backyard, Davos on the other hand, is receiving two guests in the living room.

“Hieronymus, Agasias, have a seat! This is the first time that the two of you have come to see me!” Davos happily welcomed them, and immediately sent the slaves to bring dried figs, dates and wine to entertain them.

Hieronymus was a bit restrain, while Agasias said with a smile, “Milord, we want to ask for your permission!”

“Hoh, what’s the matter?”

“Milord, when we were all in Persia, in order for us to return to Greece, our companions have helped each other, killed the enemy together, and established a deeper friendship and affection. In Byzantium, I, Hieronymus, and a few comrades have followed you to Magna Graecia. However, most of our other comrades have chosen to go back to their home because of confusion and fatigue. And I have thought that they have all manage to go back to their home and living a peaceful, war free life. But who knew that some time ago, some of the peltast that Epiphanes have recruited from the east Mediterranean had said, ‘The mercenaries of the Persian expedition did not go back to their home, as they were forced by the Spartans to fight the Persians in Asia Minor with only a low salary’.

When we find out about it, we felt bad. We are enjoying a rich life here, but our former comrades are still suffering in the distance and they might be killed by a javelin, a sword and a spear at any time. Archon, since we have so much land left and so many enemies waiting for us to defeat, so why don’t we invite them here?! They are not only experienced in the battlefield, but also have come from the east Mediterranean like us. They have the same habit as us, and we are very familiar with each other, unlike the citizens here-” Just as Agasias said this, he saw the expression of Davos change, so he hurriedly did not continue what he was going to say.

“What is the matter with the citizens here?” Asked Davos in a strong tone.

Agasias stammered, and before he could speak, Hieronymus took over, “Some of the Thurians has said, ‘You are just a lower class from Greece, who only knows how to kill, and have no knowledge in managing a city-state at all. You will just end up messing up Thurii…’”

Davos lowered his gaze and immediately comforted them, “They are just a few people, and most of the Thurians are very grateful to us! What is more, the power is in our hands, so just let them say whatever they want to vent their depressed feelings, it won’t hurt us. Am I wrong?!” Said Davos.

“As for inviting Timasion to Thua Union, I haven’t thought about it yet. But now that they are the mercenaries of Sparta, and with our present strength, we dare not provoke the Spartans.”

“Milord!” Agasias then say earnestly, “You and I all know that being a mercenary is a free profession, if the conditions are not good, they can leave their employers at any time. They are only staying because if they leave Sparta, they will have nowhere to go, but we could offer them a new choice. As long as you send someone to Asia Minor to spread the news, I believe that they will try their best to come here once they find out our situation!”

The words of Agasias had greatly made Davos interested. It must be known that the only reason why he had managed to achieve his present career, is mainly because of his military victory, and the basis of his victory is the soldiers of the Greek expeditionary army. And future wars will only be more and bigger, so he needs more excellent soldiers. He is tapping on the chair, as he weighed the pros and cons, then he decided to give it a try, “Very well, we will send someone, but it is better to not contact them directly, so we will need to spread the news. Have you decided who to send?”

Both Hieronymus and Agasias beamed with delight at the agreement of Davos.

“Milord, Hieronymus needs to stay here to train the soldiers, and so, I will be the one to go there.” Said Agasias.

“Alright, but you must pay attention to safety. Go early so that you can come back early!” Nodded Davos, then he said to Hieronymus, “How are the citizens’ training these days?”

“The recruits are training very seriously, specially the native citizens of Thurii. They have now mastered all kinds of skills proficiently and are only lacking real combat experienced.” Responded Hieronymus.

“Before long, there will be a lot of new recruits joining the various teams, and our troops will be significantly expanded. I hope that you will strengthen your training and not let their combat strength to decline. Next year, you will have a chance to let them participate in real combat.” Said Davos.

The eyes of Hieronymus brightened, ‘Lucania?!’

After Hieronymus and Agasias left, the expression of Davos became serious. He then called Asistes, “Recently, there are people in Thurii who are dissatisfied with the Amendolarans. Find out the reason and who are they!”


. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In October, the leisure season, should be the month of the Greek city-states to hold an ecclesia and elect the strategoi and archons. However, in the Thua Union, there is only one archon and he is also an archon for life and so, there is need to elect it. While the statesmen of the Senate either have the special approval of the archon or have gotten their seats due to their qualifications. According to the newly passed law, all senior civil servants will hold their position for 2 years, and the Senate will be the one to elect them and are then appointed by the Archon.

Fortunately, the citizens of the Thua Union at this time-the Amendolarans are busy doing all kinds of business because the warehouse and inn area under the city of Amendolara is getting more and more prosperous, and the citizens of the Thua Union-the Thurians, are currently focused on rebuilding their homes. While the preparatory citizens were excited about the lands that they have rented for the first time in their lives. They began to till, fertilize and water the land early, and the jobs that they have vacated were filled by the influx of freeman who heard more about the Thua Union. The port area is full of foreign people who speaks various accents, they act as sailors, porters, cleaners, and even do small trading. While doing dirty and hard work, they actively register at the census officer, and they will only need to count the days with their fingers and hope that they can apply for preparatory citizenship immediately after two years.


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