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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 150: Armistice Agreement and the Alliance of Thua Union Bahasa Indonesia

“No way…captain, you…you are taking this opportunity to retaliate.” Cried Xenotemas.

Olivos laughed and said, “Brothers, let’s go back and continue patrolling the city, and teach the freeman who fought at each other for the women.”

“Yes, Captain!” A group of soldiers were laughing as they walk towards the city of Thurii.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

There was a long wooden table inside the tent, and there were several people sitting and in the middle was a young man. Lysias heard that Davos, the Archon of Amendolara, was very young and it is obviously him. Next to him was a bearded man who he happened to know, Kunogelata, the Polemarchos of the former Thurii, and the other person doesn’t look like a Greek.

Kunogelata had of course, recognized Lysias and whispered to Davos. Davos then looked at Lysias as he listened to Kunogelata. This middle-aged man from Crotone is slender and handsome, with a well trimmed beard. According to Kunogelata, he is the leader of Crotone’s conservatives, and even though the conservatives of Crotone has been declining, he still manage to get elected as a strategos by the citizens for ten consecutive years.

Lysias stepped forward and then said, “I am Lysias, who had come to Thurii on behalf of Crotone…to negotiate with the Thua Union!”

“Welcome, strategos Lysias.” Davos stretched out his right hand and motioned him to sit on the opposite side of the wooden table, then looked at him calmly and said, “We are recently busy in rebuilding the city of Thurii, and we also have to meet the delegates of the other city-states. The time is very tight, so you can just immediately tell us what you want in coming here.”

Lysias didn’t expect that Davos would be so direct. He coughed a few times to cover up his surprise, and then said, “In that case, I would like to say our, Crotone’s request. We hope that the Thua Union will release all the Crotonian captives and her allies, then Crotone will cease war with the Thua Union in order to achieve peace!”

“Hahaha…” Davos looked at him and laughed, “The Crotonians have killed our citizens, destroyed our city-state, and looted our wealth. You just said, ‘we will have a truce’ and so we would unconditionally release the culprits who caused this disaster? Are you naive or just shameless?”

Lysias, with a calm expression, said, “Lord Davos, don’t forget, that this war was not initiated by Crotone.”

“Hmph, I don’t want to argue with you about who is right and who is wrong. Please go back.” Davos just straightforwardly wave of his hand.

Lysias was taken aback. After just saying a couple of words, he no longer wants to talk about it. The approach of Davos of not following the diplomatic manner had aroused his anger, “Your lordship, are you not afraid to once more fight Crotone! We can organize another army thirty thousand strong at any time, and we will not make the same mistake that we had made before!”

On hearing Lysias threat, Davos only replied, “Speaking of it, we are not afraid of war! The Union will also not make the same mistakes that Thurii had done before! We will also kill all the captives and sacrifice their blood to the gods. Then we will defend the city wall so that you Crotonians will use human life to fill every step forward! The people of Thua Union are not afraid of Death and will never surrender, even if the young, the old, and the women die! If Thurii falls, then we will just go back to Amendolara! If Amendolara falls, then we will just go to Heraclea! As long as the enemy still tramples on our territory, we will continue fighting them till the end!”

After hearing what Davos has said, Kunogelata, who was originally averse to war, was also enthusiastic, and so he blurted out, “Yes, this is our, Thua Union’s conduct in the face of aggression!”

Lysias was shocked by the morale of the other side. He clearly felt that this newly established Union was not only weaker than the old Thurii, but also more militant. It is not a good choice to start a war with the Thua Union!

He was about to say a few words to ease the mood, but Davos said aloud, “Kunogelata, go and call back the envoy of Locri who had just left. We need to have a good discussion with him regarding the alliance terms that he had just proposed!”

The envoy of Locri! Lysias’ heart leaped wildly, and he suddenly remember that the man who he thought looks familiar just now was Metelofes of Locri. Even though he went to Crotone in order to negotiate twice, he still didn’t manage to remember him.

“Milord Archon, tell me what you want.” Lysias had to give in first.

Davos stopped Kunogelata, who had just stood up, and said, “Wait.”

Marigi straightened himself up and said in a loud voice, “What our, Thua Union demand is,

First, because Crotone had burned down the city of Thurii, which had caused the people of Thurii to lost their homes. In order to compensate for their loss and to rebuild the city, Crotone needs to compensate the Thua Union with two thousand Tarants.

Secondly, if Crotone wants to buy back your soldiers, then you will need to pay 500 drachmas for each soldiers. At the same time, as the culprits of burning the city, these captured soldiers must work in Thurii for a year to absolve their sins.

Thirdly, Crotone must allow Krimisa, Roscianum and Thua Union to become allies.

Fourth, the peace treaty between the Thua Union and Crotone will last for five years, during which, the two sides will have mutual non-aggression。”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After hearing this, Lysias shook his head again and again, “Your demands are too high for Crotone to agree.”

And so, a long negotiation began.

And so Davos handed this difficult task to Marigi. Afterwards, he went to another tent not far away.

Here, Davos went to with Amikles of Roscianum.

As the polemarchos of the city of Roscianum, the fact that he was able to come to Thurii in person has showed his attitude. As soon as he saw Davos, he began to flatter him and said, “I have long heard that the Archon of Amendolara is a hero who is favored by Hades. Seeing you today, made me realize that you are indeed different from ordinary people!”

Davos said with a smile, “What is the matter that it even made lord Amikles to come to Thurii?”

Amikles did not answer directly and emotionally said, “Lord Davos, in fact, the three city-states of Thurii, Amendolara and Roscianum have a common origins. We are all the children of Sybaris (there were also some people who were descendants of Sybarites when Thurii was founded, which can be barely counted). We all have come from the same place! Back when Sybaris was strong, Roscianum had contacts with Amendolara. How peaceful and tranquil it was back then! Unfortunately, after the fall of Sybaris, Roscianum had been forced to join the alliance of Crotone and was then bullied. Fortunately, Roscianum manage to become independent with the establishment of Thurii, and have enjoyed nearly 40 years of peaceful life!”

“Roscianum is now sandwiched between the Thua Union and Crotone, so it is hard for you to stay neutral!” Davos interrupted him and said seriously, “Since Roscianum has a lot of connections with Thurii and Amendolara, why don’t you join us again! Crotone and us, are currently in negotiations, and if an agreement is reached, Crotone will not interfere with Roscianum’s choice. As long as Roscianum become allies with the Thua Union, we will unconditionally release the Roscianum captives. And as an ally of Thua Union, we will not interfere in the internal matters of Roscianum, and we also do not need you to pay tribute and we only need you to agree to two conditions.”

“What are your conditions?” Amikles eagerly asked, he is obviously a little bit excited.

There was a smile in the corner of Davos’ lips, “First, after the alliance is formed, Roscianum should not form any agreements and alliance with other city-states and forces. Second, when the Thua Union goes out for battle, the city of Roscianum must send troops to participate, and the strategos of Thua Union will command the whole army. The spoils obtained after the victory will be distributed according to the proportion of troops sent by both sides.”

After carefully considering these two conditions and the benefits of joining the alliance, Amikles’ eyes gradually brightened…

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

After more than a day of negotiations, the armistice agreement between Crotone and the Thua Union was finally established.

First, Crotone will make a one-time compensation of thirty tarants to the Thua Union. (the reason for the big difference from the price that Marigi have set first, is because Crotone only suffered a slight set back, and in addition to this war, their previous war with the Bruttis, this two successive wars have greatly consumed the treasury of Crotone. If the price is too high, the agreement would not be reached.)

Secondly, the price for each captured soldiers are 200 drachmas, and they have to work in the territory of the Thua Union for half a year. The Thua Union also needs to ensure the safety and health of each captives and allow their family members to visit. (Taking into account the captured soldiers of Aprustum, Scylletium, there are about 6,000 captives of Crotone and his allies in the Thua Union. And each soldiers is equivalent to the price of four cattle. The price is neither too high nor too law, and if all the soldiers are bought back, this alone will bring 200 Tarants to the Thua Union. Moreover, the Thua Union will only need to provide basic food and accommodation for these captives. And in order for them to eat and dress well, they will have to rely on Crotone and his allies to find a way. In fact, the captive’s food were provided by their families. And the Thua Union will have 6,000 people as free labor for half a year. The families of these soldiers had also brought extra income to the city of Thurii with them buying food and needing accommodation.)

Lysias was firmly opposed regarding the need for them to serve, but Marigi was also extremely persistent and have even frankly said, “We are afraid that after these captives return, Crotone will immediately arm them again and once more attack Thurii.” In the end, the two sides reached a compromised, and Lysias, who was not at ease, had specially added a clause in the agreement, “You are not allowed to make the captives mine!”)


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