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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 114: Heras Ceremony and Wedding Celebration Bahasa Indonesia

He then said to Mariji, while suppressing his excitement, “Currently, the city-state is suffering from the lack of money in the treasury, and you have return just in time. As the commercial officer of Amendolara, it is your duty to change the situation in where Amendolara does not have much trade, and increase the tax revenue for the treasury! I hope that you can do your best for the city-state by investigate and to come up with a good plan!”

“I will do my best!” Mariji was itching to to do it.

“And-” Davos stopped as soon as he spoke, ‘I’ll discuss about the marriage proposal after a few days. After all, Mariji has just returned.’

Mariji saw that Davos did not continue what he was gonna say, nor did he dare to ask, and just said, “Oh right, milord. Two men from the Pythagorean school of Taranto had came together with me to Amendolara and said that they were invited by you.”

“Where are they now?” Asked Davos.

“They ought to be looking for you.” Said Mariji feeling unsure.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Soon, Davos met the people from the Pythagorean school in his own house. One of them is called Marticoris, and the other is Metotikles, both of whom looked young and should not be over thirty.

Hence, Davos who had just returned home, said with a smile, “Both of you look so young!”

This annoyed Marticoris, who exclaimed, “Mathematics is not about judging the level with age. No one in Taranto can compare with my speed in calculation! Do you think that I am willing to even come to this remote town myseff?”

Davos laughed, “You see, I have become an archon as a young man. If I look down on your young age, doesn’t it mean that I am also looking down on myself?”

Marticoris was taken aback.

“On the contrary, I am glad that the Pythagorean school is full of young people. Because young people are energetic. Because young people are ambitious. Because young people, are the one that dares to break the rules, and think about the things that their predecessors doesn’t dare to think! This is specially important in the academic field, isn’t it?” Said Davos passionately.

The previous silent Metotikles opened his eyes wide.

Marticoris muttered embarrassedly, “What you had said is very reasonable…”

“Don’t worry! I will strongly support the development of your school in Amendolara, and I will also provide you with a large house free of charge for your residence and place of lecture. As long as you do not violate the laws of Amendolara, you can train your students in Amendolara without any restrictions. I believe that with your ability, you will be able to create a brilliant career in Amendolara that your colleagues in Taranto couldn’t do! So you must make up for the regret of Pythagoras, your father!”

Davos’ commitment and encouragement ignited the passion of the two young man. After they showed their respect to him, they asked him to send someone to take them to their house, as they need to take a short rest so that they can start their work immediately.

Davos naturally welcomed them. When the two men were far away, Davos could still hear Marticoris’ voice, “That archon is not bad! He is really better! Better than Taranto’s…”

“Marticoris, keep your voice down. You are still in other people’s house!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Davos listened and he was unable to stop himself from laughing.

“Are you really gonna give your full support to the Pythagorean school in Amendolara?” Cheiristoya came from the wing room, then put her hand on Davos’ shoulder, and said with a bit of worry, “I heard that the Pythagorean school has a bad reputation, due to them being secretive and disrespectful to the gods. On the contrary, they think that everything is made up of “numbers”…in the past, they had many conflicts with the ecclesia and the council in many city-states in Magna Graecia!”

Davos did not take it to mind and smiled, “What’s the problem with it? Aren’t we, Greeks, already accustomed to the harmony between man and god?! And we won’t be in the same situation as the Egyptians who were completely ruled by the Gods, and those who do not respect the Gods will be executed. Besides, it is not easy to become a disciple of the Pythagorean school, apart from a small number of highly educated nobles, while ordinary people wouldn’t even be able to pass their test, which is the reason why their school cannot grow, and that, they are against democracy!”

“Oh…” Cheiristoya’s eyes rolled and said, “Do you think that they will support you?”

“Whether they support me or not won’t affect me!” Shrugged Davos and added, “However, it will at least means that they won’t be a big problem. What’s more, don’t think that they only study mathematics, as they are also interested in philosophy, music, art…and study them thoroughly. There is also another area that you are interested in, as they advocate the equality between men and women in academics.”

“Really?” Asked Cheiristoya in astonishment.

“It’s true. I heard from Archytas that Pythagoras’ wife is his student.” Davos then smiled, “With them moving in, you won’t have any shortage of employees in your bank that can do accounting.”

“Didn’t you say that they won’t be able to grow?” Cheiristoya remembered what he had said just then.

“Of course it is impossible with the way how the Pythagoreans teach. However, after the two young men hit a wall, I don’t believe that they still won’t change.” Said Davos confidently.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the early morning, the wild flowers bloomed all over the Amendolara mountain, a colorful and romantic sea of flowers. Most of them are purple thyme, which swayed in the mountain wind and spread a strong fragrance all over the city.

A pair of men and women dressed up, and came out of their homes and gathered in the square…

More than 1,500 newlyweds turned the small square into a happy sea of people. The dawn shone on their happy smiling faces, and their gazes were intensely focused on the central platform. There stands the statue of Hera from the temple of Hera in Metapontum. The goddess holds a scepter in her right hand, while she twists the corner of her clothes with her left hand, as she face the newlyweds under the stage with a kind smile.

Around the statue were several priestesses in white robes, dancing the sacred dance of offering, and singing the hymn of Hera…

After the ceremony, the high priest of Hera said to the countless newlyweds with her deep and clear voice, “Today is a beautiful day, and Hera is here to witness your happy union! The Greeks value family the most, and a happy marriage is a sign of the prosperity of a family and the cornerstone of the city-state’s stability!…”

The high priest stepped forward and asked, “Hera had entrusted me to ask all the men present, ‘Are you willing to protect your wife from the wind and rain, no matter how difficult the situation that you encounter and love her until the end of your life?’”

The men, headed by Davos, said without any hesitation, “I do!!!”

“Hera had entrusted me to ask all the women present, ‘Are you willing to manage your husband’s home and raise your children no matter how difficult life is, and respect him till the end of life?’”

The women headed by Cheiristoya said from the bottom of their heart, “I do!!!”

The high priest was smiling, “Now the newlyweds can kiss each other!”

Davos and Cheiristoya, Giorgris and Daeneya, Olivos and Mitra (because of the early arrival of the priestess of Hera from Metapontum yesterday afternoon, Davos had to hurriedly propose the marriage to Mariji, and Mariji readily agreed. In fact, Mariji, who was influenced by the monarchy system of Persia, hadn’t cared much about the reputation and wealth of Olivos. What he cared the most was how Olivos was a close friend of Davos, and that Davos had personally proposed the marriage)…countless newlywed couples gaze affectionately with each other and kissed sweetly…

Stromboli, who was watching from the side, couldn’t bear to look at this, and protested in a low voice, “This is against the Greek tradition! This is too vulgar! Inspector…the inspector should stop them!”

“The inspector had already went to Taranto.” Scambras said with a smile, “I think this Hera’s ceremony is very interesting.”

“‘A happy marriage is a sign of the prosperity of a family and the cornerstone of the city-state’s stability.’ This sentence does make sense!” Exclaimed Raphias.

“I have never seen a Hera’s ceremony like this before.” Cornelius had some doubts.

“I heard that the archon rushed to the high priest’s residence last night to discuss something. This must be the archon’s idea.” Guessed Protesilaus.

“Listening to what you are saying, it seems that your archon is an interesting young man.” Anlokris, the envoy of Heraclea, looked at the square and said with a smile.

“The goddess Hera wish for your happiness!” The high priest, with both her hands raised to the heaven, said devoutly.

Several priestesses began to sprinkle holy water under the stage, and the newlyweds also devoutly sang the hymn of Hera.

Just after the wedding ceremony, the fire fighter on the side of the venue started to sprinkle water using a water filled jar. Although they had been informed in advance, the women still screamed and hid in the arms of their men, while the men protected their wives, and also wanted to steal the jars from the fire fighter. The screams of the whole venue continued, and the square was lively and bustling with excitement…

“How interesting! How interesting!” With an excited look on his face, Protesilaus suddenly turned and ran back.

“Where are you going?” Asked Tritodemos.

“To go and get a water jar!” Protesilaus ran without looking back.

“Getting a jar?” Tritodemos was taken aback, and he soon understood what he meant. Looking at the bustling venue, he also wanted to join the fun, and shouted, “Get more jars!”

“Yes, get more!” Scambras was also like a kid, and he lamented, “Too bad that i got married early!”

“Amendolara hasn’t been so lively for such a long time!” Sighed Raphias.

Stromboli was touched by this sentenced, as he watched the water mist rising in the square and condensed into a rainbow under the sun. He stopped complaining for a while and murmured, “Won’t this celebration be held on this day every year in the future?!”


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