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Mediterranean Hegemon of Ancient Greece – Chapter 106: The first council meeting (V) Bahasa Indonesia

Hearing these words, the new citizens no longer complained, and their eyes shone, and have all said, ‘We will take the lead in abiding the new military law!’

Sesta and Adrien have heard that in Davos mercenaries, there is a military law with numerous provisions, and the reason why his soldiers were strong was closely related to the military law’s strict requirements. At that time, they were also very curious on why a small mercenary had made a special military law for themselves, and now, they have a chance to personally experience it!

For the original citizens like Cornelius, it was only during the battle in front of the temple that they had seen the ferociousness of the mercenary, as they had only heard about the destruction of the Lucanian alliance and their attack on the city of Amendolara. Amendolara and Thurii had fought together many times before, and naturally, the city-states have some conventional military law in order to ensure the smooth progress of the military operations. However, this is the first time that they heard the need to specially formulate a complete military law.

And so, Cornelius reminded, “I just hope that the military training does not affect the daily work of the citizens.”

“I believe that Philesius can coordinate it.” Davos had faith in Philesius, and then he said with a smile to the captains, “The military officer, Philesius, must have other subordinate to serve as training instructors, and so you can discuss it with him.”

As soon as he finished speaking, dozens of people rush over to compete in recommending themselves, leaving Philesius exhausted.

Although the literacy and arithmetic of the officers weren’t good. They are, however capable of demonstrating their abilities to the public as new citizens of Amendolara.

“It seems that they are eager to contribute to the city-state!” Said Davos.

Cornelius nodded on the surface, but in his heart he thought that these new citizens who are used to fighting on the battlefield were unable to stay idle. And he hope that they can abide by the laws of the city-state!

“For the time being, that’s all for the main body of the city-state.” Davos’ words made Cornelius breathe a sigh of relief. Every time the new archon proposed a new post, it will impact the tradition of Amendolara, which made Cornelius have mixed feelings..

“And now, there is a very important matter that requires all the elders of the council and the officers in order to solve.” The seriousness of Davos made Cornelius tense again.

“And that is the resettlement of our new citizens and the distribution of land.” As soon as this was said, the officers who were pestering Philesius had immediately stopped, and they all looked at Davos.

“In order to maintain the harmony and stability of the city-state, and to not disturb the people who have just been liberated from the imprisonment of the Lucanians, we, the new citizens will voluntarily set up tents and live in the square tonight and even tomorrow night. However, this is not a long-term solution, nor reasonable! After all, in order to protect this land, many of our comrades were killed in the battlefield, which had brought peace to Amendolara today!” At this point, Davos was somewhat emotional, “And So, we must settle them down as soon as possible and allocate them the land that they deserve in order to repay their contributions and their rights as citizens! Otherwise, if we delay it, it will be very difficult to guarantee that there won’t be a problem!”

Davos’ words excited the new citizens that were currently present, while the original citizens have their complexion changed.

“Now, how many women that have lost their husbands among the people of Amendolara?” Davos asked Cornelius.

“I’m afraid that it is more than a thousand. The exact number will be known after we do a census.” Said Cornelius as he looked at Raphias.

“When the meeting is over, I will immediately get to it.” Said Raphias, the new census officer.

“Then tomorrow morning, please call them all to the square. Officers, you will also gather all the unmarried soldiers to the square, and the two sides will meet each other. However, neither the arrangement of the elders nor forcing them will be allowed, and it will depend on their own ability and charm. Both men and women must voluntarily get together. In addition, the unmarried girls in Amendolara should also participate in this blind date.” After Davos finished speaking, Cornelius and the original citizens were fine with it, as Davos had already told them about his idea and had convinced them while they were on their way to the city hall.

The new citizens burst into discussion. It should be known that in addition to a very small number of mercenaries who had been married, and also another small number that have manage to capture local women in Persia and have forced them to be their wives, but the more than 2,000 of them are still single. But under the leadership of Davos, these mercenaries had not only become a citizen of a city-state, but had also solved this problem. This is a really good thing! Because these women have status in the city-state and are not freeman or concubines that they had bought. If they marry them, they will also get the land and wealth left by the women’s ex husband.

“GREAT! My brothers finally have hope now!”

“Don’t be happy, Matonis. Your subordinates that are like you will have a hard time finding a wife! If you want a woman to like you, being strong is not enough!”

“Isn’t it already good to be strong? I can at least give them protection and I am able to do more farm work. I think that’s what they need the most now! And Olivos, if you dare go to the square tomorrow, I’m afraid that the Persian girl will ignore you.”

“Hieronymus, you loghead. This time, you definitely must speak a lot more to the girls. This is not only related to your happinness, but also to give example to your men!”

“Giorgris, why aren’t you talking? You don’t have to be so nervous. If you go to the square tomorrow, you only need to be your usual self, and Aphrodite will arrange a woman for you!”

“Captain Hielos, don’t just care about me. Settle your marriage first!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Davos grinned as his men excitedly talk to each other.

The originally citizens like Cornelius were somewhat helpless, the women who were originally citizens of Greek city-states were very traditional, and they seldom appear in public, let alone meet strange men. Their marriage is arrange by their parents, and their husband is a citizen of the city-state or a citizen of the neighboring city-state. After their marriage, she will be under her husband, and her responsibility is to give birth to their children and take care of the housework. If the husband dies early, she will still have her children so it would still be okay, and the property will belong to the child and she will need to manage it, and raised the child. In the future, her child will take care of her. If they have no children, then the husband’s family will have a reason to let her go and have her remarry…

There were about 4,000 citizens in Amendolara, but now there are less than 500. They don’t have enough strength to defend the city and enough labor to support so many women, children and elderly. Cornelius and their willingness to accept the mercenaries as citizens of their city-state were mainly for this reason, and of course, they are also grateful. In the same way, it is also out of their helplessness in allowing the women to break the tradition of the Greek city-states to appear in public for such a large-scale event. After all, this will be the best way to settle down the soldiers and quickly integrate into Amendolara and become a true citizen.

“At the same time, I want to remind you. When you marry the woman you selected, you should treat her children from her ex husband as your own and properly raise them up. You should also take care of the elderly in her family as your own. And…well…I hope that you won’t blame her for the humiliation she had received from the Lucanians, because it’s not their fault! But the fault of the men of Amendolara as they have not done their duty to protect them! We are real Greek warriors, what we should do is to take good care of them and never let them suffer such humiliation again! And then we will carefully prepare until the day we invade the Lucania and let those aborigines taste the strength of the men of Amendolara!” Said Davos seriously.

“Leader, you are right!”

“Get rid of those Lucanians!”

“Leader, you can rest assured that we will take good care of the women, the elderly and the children!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

The new citizens were in an uproar and made a promise.

The original citizens felt that every word Davos was like a whip that made their faces hurt.

“I suggest that after the meet-up tomorrow is over and every couple is determined, we will hold a grand wedding on an auspicious day. All the men and women who have confirmed their relationship, including those who were taken in Persia before, and of course, also including my wedding, will be held together!”

The city hall became lively again.

“Leader, you have finally decided to marry Cheiristoya!”

“How enviable, Cheiristoya is a wonderful woman!”

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Davos ignored the commotion and asked Cornelius, “Do we have a priest of Hera?”

“No, Amendolara worshipped Zeus. And the nearest and most famous temple of Hera is in Metapontum.”

“Then send someone to Metapontum and invite a priest of Hera to preside over this grand wedding for us and to bless the newlyweds!”

Although Hera was the patron saint of marriage, the traditional wedding ceremony of the Greek city-state does not require the priest of Hera to be present. Hence why Cornelius was puzzled.

Davos looked at him and said, “Because this wedding means the rebirth of Amendolara. I hope that Hera will bless these people who represent the future of Amendolara! And I remember that the archon has the right to supervise the rituals and create festivals.”

Cornelius had wanted to say, ‘That was the power of the archon at the end of the era of monarchy. But now, it is the era of democracy, the right to supervise sacrificial rites and make festivals has long been given to the council.’

But prior to this, Davos had already gained a lot of rights beyond those of the former archon of Amendolara. He was numb and under the sharp gaze of Davos, he could only helplessly nod and said, “Yes.” And this nod meant that, as an archon for life, Davos had taken the most sacred religious authority of Amendolara from the council.


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