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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 6 Chapter 48 Bahasa Indonesia

Husband and Wife to Battle – Evil Wind and Moonlight

“Father!” cried Lord Zi, hugging the Emperor around his neck cheerfully. “You’re here to save me!”

The Emperor placed his son back on the ground and vigilantly swept his gaze around. Wearing a smile, he said, “Good grief. You’re always worrying me. Zizi, I heard Bai Lian say you often stayed out after you returned. I also heard you drank wine.”

Lord Zi poked his tongue out and smiled: “I haven’t been back in ages, so I wanted to take a look around. I only drank two cups of wine. Father, you’re not going to punish me, are you?”

“I also heard you were in a hurry to leave the capital.”

Lord Zi pulled his eyebrows together. Somewhat afraid, he stuttered, “I-I thought you didn’t like me being there. That’s why I told Mother I wanted to leave as soon as I could in case y-“

“What nonsense is that?! Who was the one who made that up? Of course I like having you back,” the Emperor interjected, wearing on a stern look. “I haven’t seen you much during this visit owing to a myriad of national affairs demanding my time and attention. Didn’t you realise that was why I delayed your return to Luoyang? Every time you asked to go back to Luoyang, I had someone stop you.”

Lord Zi blinked multiple times before asking, “Do you really like me coming back, Father?”

The Emperor chuckled: “What sort of question is that? I couldn’t be any gladder to see you back. What would I shoo you off for?”

Jovial after hearing his father’s response, Lord Zi exclaimed, “Father, you know, I am a genius. I found a hero to be my shifu. He’s incredibly skilled. Against those chumps, it’d take him only take him a second or two t-“

The Emperor raised a hand to stop Lord Zi, because he wasn’t done with Kong Duan: “Tell me later. There’s something more paramount to deal with at the moment.”

Since the Emperor didn’t look at him when he was bouncing off walls, Lord Zi lowered his head: “Oh, yes, Father.”

The Emperor glanced down to Lord Zi upon hearing his son’s disappointed tone. Lord Zi was sensible; however, it didn’t mean he was emotionally invulnerable. Lord Zi looked as disappointed as the countless times he left the capital to return to Luo Yang. The Emperor chuckled: “Zizi, you’ve grown up.”

Seeing Lord Zi silently nodded, the Emperor, voice gentle, added, “When you were younger, I felt you should spend more time with your grandpa and learn about the imperial palace. Since you’ve grown up, it won’t do you any good if you’re always in the capital. How about we extend your stay here with me and your mother after this is over? I’ll listen to what you have to say, all righty?”

Lord Zi expressed disbelief after the first question. He replied with a firm nod: “Uhm!”

“Your Majesty, you could not resist once Lord Zi was in trouble, as expected,” remarked Kong Duan.

“Secretary Kong, do you find attacking a Prince when you’re an official of the imperial court something to be proud of?” rhetorically asked the Emperor, turning his attention back to Kong Duan. “My entourage has thoroughly investigated all of your crimes over the last two days. I never expected you to go as far as assassinating the two secretaries. Your plans have failed. Do you regret committing those crimes?”

“Crimes? Regret?” responded Kong Duan. “Surely you jest, Your Majesty. Kong Duan has devoted his entire life and every decision to the nation. He has never done anything motivated by selfish desires. There is nothing to regret. Instead, your subject would like to ask how you knew it was him behind the scenes.”

The Emperor shook his head in disappointment: “Kong Duan, you are a sage’s descendant, Confucius’ descendant. I expect you to know the value of life. I crowned you a Second Rank official and assigned you to an important role. Why did you let me down? Had Zizi not witnessed you kill at the restaurant and spilt the beans in his dreams, describing your appearance, I never would’ve suspected you. “

Kong Duan finally attained clarification for his puzzlement. The Emperor then stated, “Kong Duan, it’s your loss. Surrender and I promise to not punish you harshly.”

“If your subject refuses?” asked Kong Duan, after a long silence.

“You would make an enemy out of the entire imperial court?” asked the Emperor, tone frigid this time. “Kong Duan, you should be aware I have my bottom line.”

“Your Majesty, your subject’s loyalty is unquestionable. Should your subject harbour any semblance of disloyalty, lightning shall strike your subject down where he stands. The issue is the imperial court is crazy, and the nation is sick! Your Majesty, the fools have infected you. Your subject has failed to bring you to your senses. This is the only solution, and your subject shall see it through to the end! Long Cheng!”

Long Cheng pulled out his daggers and raced over.

“Your Majesty, please step back!”

“Your subject shall take him. Please step back, Your Majesty.”

Before the Emperor could intercept, Tang Ye and Bai Lian intervened. They watched him ever since he was there. They took one side each, and both were unarmed. Bai Lian performed a thrust. Tang Ye performed a swing. Due to the difference in style, the two aimed for different spots, resulting in a dual attack that was hard to guard against.

The contrasting styles managed to slow Long Cheng down. Aside from their technical differences, both used different internal styles. Bai Lian’s true qi was ice cold, while Tang Ye’s was scalding hot. The combo was lethal enough to put many away. Secretary Lie was thoroughly impressed. He clapped as he smiled: “Hey, dude in black, you’re skilled, man; it’s a pity you chose to serve the wrong person! There’s still time to repent. There’s no need for you to worry about opportunities when His Majesty is here. Be a man, and own up to your mistake!”

The Emperor didn’t respond, as he was busy thinking. Lord Zi asked, “Father, what are you thinking about?”

The Emperor explained, “When I fought him… he also retreated, but… I don’t recall seeing him take any damage.”

Long Cheng appeared to have openings whenever he fought. The difference was only to what degree. Strangely, he always guarded his last line of defence. As such, Tang Ye and Bai Lian couldn’t land a fatal blow. From a broader perspective, he seemed to be on his back foot when the combat started, yet nobody actually inflicted any damage on him.

Secretary Lu sensed something odd. Upon looking over, she exclaimed, “Kong Duan fled! He’s buying time!”

The Emperor glanced over to Long Cheng. Indeed, Kong Duan was missing; he must’ve fled via a secret door of some sort. Bai Lian looked away from Long Cheng and added, “He fled from the rear window with a few subordinates.”

Tang Ye was fully invested in his fight against Long Cheng. When he noticed danger, he exclaimed, “Watch out, he’s countering.”

Long Cheng suddenly switched up his movements with his daggers. Like gales, he thrust and slashed toward Bai Lian and Tang Ye’s throat, navel, eyes, heart and ribs. He completely committed to each attack. To completely commit to an attack meant to decisively move oneself into the attack. Consequently, the striker would often have no means of retreat. His movements were fluid as he seemingly switched between targets instinctually. His speed gave the impression each move was linked to the other. He had Tang Ye and Bai Lian breathing heavily as they focused on evading and blocking. Soon enough, he slit their skin and drew blood.

Though Tang Ye and Bai Lia had to retreat, Long Cheng didn’t hunt them. He acted as if was an adept who could take his time with them. Bai Lian and Tang Ye could see each other’s surprise. Both were disciples of reputable teachers and gained a wealth of experience after they went off on their own. Bai Lian had the manuals in the imperial palace to reference. Tang Ye learnt from numerous schools and trained as if his life depended on it. He defeated many schools and possessed plenty of real combat experience. Bai Lian possessed a wealth of knowledge. Tang Ye defeated countless people from the North and South. There was unlikely anyone else in their age bracket who could hold a candle to their knowledge. Thanks to her diverse knowledge, Bai Lian recognised Long Cheng’s style after the exchange.

Bai Lian calmly said, “Nine Nether Sunless Gorge, a gorge where the evil wind forever looms. When the moon shines on a void, the blade slaughters countless men… Your style is Nine Nether Sunless Valley, Evil Wind Myriad Blade’s Demon Art.”

Tang Ye: “You’re from the Demon Sect?”

Kong Duan escaped through the residential homes after he escaped the hall. The houses were already constructed when he found Feiyun Hall’s underground. He didn’t think much of them until he realised martial arts’ sects would’ve used them to hide in the past. As he fled, he pondered, “My subordinate’s adepts haven’t arrived yet. I can’t depend on Long Cheng alone despite his skills. They should be here by now. Where are they?”

Picking up on voices up ahead, Kong Duan ecstatically looked ahead: “Are you Feiyun Hall’s men?”


Kong Duan: “This old one is Kong Duan. Come and help!”

The voice responding to Kong Duan seemingly contained both joy and excitement, confusing him. The door opened, revealing Lu Shangfei… and his twenty-plus subordinates.

Kong Duan stammered, “Wh-Why are you here?”

Lu Shangfei: “Hehe, I’m one of Feiyun Hall’s shareholders. I’m part of Feiyun Hall, aren’t I? Secretary Kong… it’s time you pay for taking my brother’s life!!”



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