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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 5 Chapter 25 Bahasa Indonesia

Lover’s Precious Short Rendezvous

Miss Qing’er is Jin Wangsun’s fiancée. One glance and you can tell that she’s the daughter of a prestigious family. Why am I so certain? Because if you were to draw her current panicked look, you’d be able to display it in an art exhibit!!

Her face was as red as blood. It was comparable to a ripe tomato.

‘How can you be the boss lady of a brothel when you react that way?! Sis, you are a proper lady; can you not come here to for the giggles…?! Shiyi kidnapped you, didn’t she? I knew it.’

When Shiyi decides to be rebellious, she’s worse than eight of me combined.

Miss Qing’er was aware that Tang Ye was a friendly, obviously, which was why she resisted the urge to give him a lethal slap for his impulsive action. She bit down on her lip, “T-Take him away!”

Nevertheless, she burst when she said, “away.”

After she said that, a group of girls and attendants charged in from god-knows where. Since I was far away, I could only mouth, “Remember to touch a few more! Touch a few more to embarrass Jin Wangsun! Touch some more!”

However, I then realised that my instructions were poor, and thus, changed the contents I mouthed, “Except for her! Except her! Touch the others some more, but not her! Don’t touch her again!”

Tang Ye responded to me with a determined gaze and ‘no problem’ hand gesture. Then he was shoved into an aisle.

When I wanted to go over to him, I was stopped and prohibited from entering. Only Tang Ye went along with Miss Qing’er.

‘Will he be all right…? Did he understand what I signalled or not?’

I tried to contact Shiyi again, but she didn’t respond. When I thought about the reason more carefully, I understood why. She was angry at me for not contacting her, and therefore posed as someone else, and has yet to reveal herself. She wouldn’t take the risk of meeting me during the day.

‘Nobody should’ve known that I came here to ruin Jin Wangsun’s reputation by creating scandals. I think that Shiyi only saw me by coincidence. I wonder what she’s doing here.’

Su Xiao, who was on the other side, was forced to down drinks by the girls. The kid passes out after one cup… Naturally, he was already asleep similarly to a drunken kitten.

I wanted to follow Tang Ye; I came to stir trouble. Beating up door guards is not an issue for me. The issue is that since Shiyi is here, they might be her underlings, which means that I can’t beat them up as I please.

Idle and with nothing to do, I picked up a random wine pot and cup. I went to look for some wine, but someone abruptly gave my clothes a gentle tug. I turned around to look, only to find no one. I looked down to see a small silhouette. It was the first girl who had her bottom touched by Tang Ye, Miss Sisi.

Miss Sisi didn’t look as though she was older than thirteen or fourteen. She quivered as if she was a small animal that met with her born nemesis.

“S-Sir, I shall pour you a drink…”

‘Oh, she wanted to pour me a drink?’

“Thank you, Miss.”

The manner in which Miss Sisi poured wine was very clumsy. She finally poured me a cup after much struggle, but still ended up spilling a bit. From her pretty appearance, I’d say that she’d be the best looking among the girls here with her appearance had it not been for her being too young. However, she stayed behind instead of leaving with the rest.

She seemingly knew what I was thinking, “I-I am still young. My elder sisters did not allow me to join them.”

“What is that place?”

“It is Spring Swallow Sanctuary” Miss Sisi blinked a few times, “Only VIPs may go there. I-I do not understand why that young master back there was allowed to go there after how he treated Miss Qing’er.”

“I see… Your name is Sisi?”


“Is Miss Qing’er always at Heavenly Fragrance Garden?”

“No. Miss Qing’er only came here recently. Even I was here before her.”

“Oh, really? Do you know what she usually does?”

Miss Sisi replied, “Miss Qing’er is a maiden of few words, and I do not get to see her… In saying that, I commonly see her crying by herself.”

“Crying by herself?”

I had a drink. I could imagine how tragic Miss Qing’er was. She was abandoned by her fiancé. Not every maiden can bear that.

I drank a few cups. Miss Sisi never forgot to refill my drinks. She wasn’t skilful, but was very diligent, nonetheless. She had a small physique, yet wore baggy clothing. She had two small mounds on her chest which complimented her young face. She clumsily served me, consequently giving me have an urge to laugh.

“Miss Sisi, do you not offer any other services besides pouring wine?”

Miss Sisi went red in the face. She pursed her lips after she dallied for a second, “I-I shall take you to the room upstairs, Sir.”

‘Now that’s Heavenly Fragrance Garden for you. Premium service as I thought.’

She immediately understood what I was implying with a single remark.

I smiled, “Please lead the way, Miss.”

Miss Sisi stood up and began to lead the way.

“This is how we’re going to go?”

“Ah, sorry,” apologised Miss Sisi. She then looped her arm around mine, but she still looked afraid.

I felt her youthful skin against my body. My arms felt a soft sensation. As we walked, my arms continued to touch the front of Miss Sisi over and over. The young girl had yet to mature, but her body wasn’t tough as a board. Judging from her hip contour, one could tell that she possessed amazingly soft skin. So accordingly, it was a sign that she was trained in relevant subjects from a young age. As such, while she was young, she could definitely please a man with her appearance.

Her slender and soft twin peaks had another allure to them. They were akin to soft beans that couldn’t be crushed no matter how you rubbed them, blessing any viewer’s eyes.

The two of us arrived at another corridor that was empty. It was only reasonable that it was empty at this hour, as few people would sleep with a whore. By the time we reached the room at the end of the corridor, not even an attendant was in sight.

“The nice place that you chose… this place…” I glanced down at Miss Sisi’s chest, “I could do anything that I want, right?”

Miss Sisi’s face instantly turned red, “Sir, this is the corridor… D-Don’t.”

I pulled her into my embrace in the corridor using one arm. She seemed as if she was light and unable to resist, thereby making it effortless for me.

“Sir… d-don’t do this. It’s not good to do it here… Sisi shall serve you in the room…”

“How can you work at Heavenly Fragrance Garden if you don’t know how to serve men? How many men have you had, Miss?”

“Not even… one…”

My arm felt as hot as if I was holding the sun. Miss Sisi seemingly couldn’t stand it. When I touched her hips, her body went limp and meekly leaned onto me as if her spine was detached from her. Regardless of where I touched her, she’d let out sensual moans.

‘She’s only thirteen or fourteen, yet her expression is so amorous.’

She panted as she spoke, “Y-You are my first, Sir. N-Not there…”

She struggled to hold it in. Her breaths smelt nice, yet were incredibly hot. That went to show that she was nervous.

I lowered my head and bit her pure ear. I whispered in her ear, “Really? I’m very happy to hear that.”

“Fu Xiang has been crippled, and the League of Assassins has left, yet Miss Caidie has yet to leave. I’m genuinely very curious as to how much the bounty Jin Wangsun put on my head is.”

When I looked up, Sisi, or rather, the assassin from the League of Assassins, Caidie, revealed a cold and murderous gaze.


*Lover’s Precious Short Rendezvous – Taken from Song Dynasty poet Tai Guan’s (秦观), 鹊桥仙·纤云弄巧.

Although the original phrase is金风玉露一相逢, it’s not meant to be taken at surface level. At surface level, it would read as, “Rendezvous in the evening wind and amongst the dew.” However, the first part of the phrase 金风玉露 actually comes from another poem, which references the cowherd and weaver girl fairy tale. The phrase refers to the short-lived time together being precious for lovers.

**While Sisi/Caidie refers to the other girls as her elder sisters, it’s more than likely that they’re not related by blood, but just a respectful way of addressing them.

***Caidie = Read Tsai dee-eh (short pronunciation)



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