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Martial King’s Retired Life – Volume 4 Chapter 42 Bahasa Indonesia

Golden Crow Moon Eater. Roaming the Night. The Sabre Misses.

Wang Xiongqiao took in a breath of air and channelled his true qi in his entire body. The atmosphere that had turned unbelievably dry, suddenly returned to normal when he separated his palms a little, while his internal energy that was incredible enough to alter the atmosphere was collected into his hands. Wang Xiongqiao slowly moved his hands as if he was rubbing an invisible round ball of powerful qi.

Jin Wangsun looked into the distance. Despite being many yards away, he could sense the danger of the ball of qi. That was a potent collection of lightning energy with the qi condensed. In terms of physical properties, true qi that has been condensed is naturally more potent and destructive. Jin Wangsun had no means of knowing how Wang Xiongqiao managed to condense such unique true qi together so densely and maintain it for so long without letting it disperse, despite the vast knowledge of Gold and Silver Sect.

‘Forbidden Lightning Wind lives up to its reputation as one of the Three Fists and Five Palms supreme arts of the pugilistic world.’

Jin Wangsun silently praised his opponent’s martial arts prowess and tightened his grip on his belt. He lamented that there were many skilled fighters in the world and how it would be a long journey to research all of the martial arts in the world. He recalled how he met another overwhelmingly strong fighter in the Imperial Palace, turning him into a large golden vat. He had ordered a search for him, but still hasn’t found him.

Jin Wangsun held his belt with his left hand and held his sabre with his right hand. He held his sabre up horizontally and channelled his aura.

Wang Xiongqiao strike with one palm!

Wang Xiongqiao’s strike was violent. The lightning gathered in his hand emitted a sound akin to oil boiling in a pan, which was enough to numb one’s ears. He blasted the ball of true qi through his palm strike, reaching Jin Wangsun in an instant.

Jin Wangsun was actually reassured, instead, when he noticed the powerful palm strike. It was clear that his opponent wasn’t aware that his left hand was restricted. He had to use it to keep his belt together. That’s why he used a single highly destructive palm strike.

Jin Wangsun remained calm and collected. He seemed to have a well-thought-out plan in mind. He suddenly turned to the left, bent his knees and turned his toes up slightly, displaying a strange pose that made it unclear if he was going to exert force or not, giving one the impression that he was gently drifting as if his body transformed into catkin. Therefore, it seemed that he wouldn’t be coughing up blood if he got hit, but would drift off due to being unable to withstand the strength of the palm strike.

Wang Xiongqiao approached him extremely quickly. When he had no means of attacking Jin Wangjun due to his odd body movement, he saw him swing with his right hand to slash the air.

The slash was mediocre, with nothing special about it. Wang Xiongqiao suddenly had a feeling that Jin Wangsun was generating as much power as he’d liked. Despite the weird slash nameless slash hitting thin air, he could reverse it and attack with a stab at any moment, turning it into a powerful attack. More importantly, was the mental cultivation used in unison with the slash. The bright and shiny blade seemed to create an odd attractive power that redirected the force of his palm strike, putting him in a very embarrassing position.

Wang Xiongqiao knew that the slash hit thin air, but then when he pulled back, he attacked with immense power. Wang Xiongqiao used his other palm protecting his body to quickly blast the true qi ball from his hand and quickly retreat.

As expected, Jin Wangsun immediately responded by slashing the ball of true qi with his sharp and shiny blade.


Their attacks collided with a loud sound. His ball of true qi crumbled and the energy scattered.

Wang Xiongqiao took three steps back and then took on a defensive stance to guard against a potential attack.

Jin Wangsun stood still in place. He looked at him with a smile, “Victory has been decided. Brother Wang, you should be aware that I was holding back just now. Had I given my all, you would be covered in blood by now.”

They didn’t determine a victor in the strength contest just now, but Wang Xiongqiao retreated three steps, while Jin Wangsun stood still in place, so it was obvious that Jin Wangsun had ample strength.

However, as an expert in palm arts, Wang Xiongqiao got an inkling. He knew he didn’t get hurt, not because Jin Wangsun spared him, but because Jin Wansun used a sabre.

Correct. He would’ve won with that attack had Jin Wangsun not used a sabre, for the magnificent technique Jin Wangsun just used wasn’t a sabre technique, but a palm technique.

Sabre arts and palm arts are two complete different styles, from their poses, power and footwork; therefore, Wang Xiongqiao was able to discern it with a single glance. Jin Wangsun executed a palm technique using a sabre and it was a formidable palm style that didn’t pale in comparison to Forbidden Lightning Wind.

Alone on the empty mountain, with a mind as open as a valley – Empty Palms.

“Daluo’s Empty Palms! How did you learn it?!”

Empty Palms was crowned by Daluo, meaning it was a style invented by Hero Shenzhou.

Since Mount Daluo’s martial arts were combined to form a single style, even lineal descendants had to learn their style from the beginning until they were at the stage they could learn Empty Palms. That took at least twenty years.

‘Jin Wangsun is still young, how was he able to learn sabre arts and palm arts simultaneously, not to mention, the palm art was from another sect?’

Truthfully, Jin Wangsun wasn’t doing well, as he had to hold up his belt with one hand. His pose was slightly hard to maintain. Fortunately for him, he managed to intimidate Wang Xiongqiao with Empty Palms. If they had to exchange multiple blows, his belt coming undone, alone, would leave him open to be a victim of seven or eight strikes.

Jin Wangsun tried to come up with a plan in his mind. He suddenly raised his head and asked, “That, you do not need to concern yourself with, Elder Wang. Are we still fighting?”

“Yes! Why not?!”

“I ask that you be careful then!”

A flash of light immediately appeared in Jin Wangsun’s eyes right after he said that! He managed to get his sabre up to the side of Wang Xiongqiao’s neck before Wang Xiongqiao could see how he moved. To Wang Xiongqiao’s surprise, he was checkmated in a single move!

They were several steps away from each other. What Wang Xiongqiao saw, however, was Jin Wangsun’s sabre right in front of him when Jin Wangsun was still yards away. The qi of his sabre had cut him before he noticed Jin Wangsun vanish from his sight.

It turned out that Jin Wangsun was so quick that he left an afterimage where he was originally standing, thereby making it difficult to distinguish between real and fake.

Wang Xiongqiao practices Forbidden Lightning Wind, which uses lightning to practice movement and had achieved an extremely high level of proficiency with qinggong. It would cost him too much internal energy to travel long distances, so he wasn’t the skilful in that department. When it came to travelling short distances, though, especially when in a one on one fight, his movement was what allowed him to repeatedly win fights by a margin, yet he wasn’t able to keep up with Jin Wangsun.

Wang Xiongqiao angrily exclaimed, “What is that qinggong?!”

While keeping one hand on his belt to hold it in place, Jin Wangsun pulled his sabre back. With a smile, he replied, “I did say that besides fists, palms, sabres and swordplay, my clan’s teachings also include movement. Why did you not believe me, Brother Wang?”

Jin Wangsun was in a disastrous predicament. If he didn’t leverage his movement technique to attack and they actually duke it out, it wouldn’t be surprising for him to be rocked. Jin Wangsun isn’t stupid enough to exchange blows with someone who is bold enough to fight a sabre with his bare hands. If they were to fight, it would be a long fight.

Wang Xiongqiao scanned him, believing him only partially. However, he didn’t plan to strike again. He’s a famous skilled fighter. As such, he didn’t have the shame to continue with him after consecutively losing two exchanges.

Jin Wangsun wore a faint smile. He knew that he had managed to get through the ordeal. He thought to himself, ‘Iwas lucky that my Golden Crow Sun Eater Stance is frighteningly powerful; else, this would be a sticky situation to get out of.’

But then, he got angry. He scanned his surroundings with a savage look, ‘Just who was it that tried to screw me over?! Who snapped my belt?!’

“Brother Wang, your martial arts prowess is amazing. You have my heartfelt admiration. I was only able to withstand your attack thanks to my knowledge of Forbidden Wind Lightning. In terms of strength, I am far inferior to you. The incident with Ancestral Master Xie was a misunderstanding. I was set up. As I have been grounded by His Majesty, I have no means of cloning myself. Please put in a few good words for me with Ancestral Master Xie. I am very sorry about it.”



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