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Love Letter From The Future – Chapter 32: The First Letter (32) Bahasa Indonesia

༺ The First Letter (32) ༻

A stone-cold silence descended upon the infirmary.

Neither Celine nor I paid any heed to the tense atmosphere, which was on the verge of eruption.

Anger is the manifestation of your inner feelings.

The angrier you get, the easier it is to spot your flaws. People tend to become more emotional when there’s something they want to hide from others.

But Celine wasn’t angry. She remained silent without uttering a single word. Instead, she just stared at me with her brown eyes.

Celine crossed her arms and leaned against the wall. Her gaze moved away from me as she looked up at the ceiling.

It was only after a little more time had passed, that a sound was born amidst that silence.

Celine smiled and asked.

“……What are you saying all of a sudden?”

It was a forced smile. She looked as if she was asking for clarifications, but I knew.

Celine reacts that way when there is something she wants to hide. The nascent sprout of doubt in my heart began growing taller.

I heaved a sigh as my complexion turned pale. God, I pray that I’m wrong.

“Bad rumors about Seria were circulating among the second grade girls.”

“Are there only one or two girls in the entire second year?”

Celine’s furious retort was a sign that she didn’t want to continue the conversation.

She now took a small knife from her inner pocket and began to trim her nails with it. Either way, I continued to interrogate her.

“From what I heard, sophomore girls tormented Seria only with their words. I wondered why, and then I found out that they were all lower aristocrats.”

Celine let out a strange sound and turned her brown eyes towards me. A cold glint lingered in those eyes. No one could imagine that gaze belonged to Celine, who was always cheerful.

Looking back, there were so many hints.

The first of them was from Leto. He even explicitly mentioned that I ought to take good care of Celine. Even now, I couldn’t figure out why it would be a reason for her to torment Seria.

Nevertheless, as the pieces fit together, the room for doubting Celine grew.

Of course, there was no conclusive evidence, but seeing Celine’s reaction now, I was half convinced.

I was sure Celine wasn’t the instigator, but she must have had a connection. Otherwise, she couldn’t hide anything from me.

Because our relationship was not so superficial and fragile.

Celine’s icy face was far from the one she usually had, but it wasn’t like I was unaware of this side of her.

It happened a few years ago. There was a time when I stayed in the Haster estate for a while, hanging out with Leto and Celine.

At that time, there was an instance when I went out to hunt at the Haster family’s hunting grounds thanks to Baron Haster’s care. It was a small woodland, but a hunting ground nonetheless.

There, I caught a deer and served it to Baron Haster and his wife at the Lord’s Manor that night. Back then, the three of us were just kids aspiring to go to the academy.

However, the most memorable scene of that day was neither the successful hunting nor the time when we were served venison as the main dish at the dinner.

The most memorable scene was Celine, who began chasing her prey in a cruel and relentless manner.

Back then, Celine had an icy face. She pretended to be indifferent to anything, but was in fact, scanning the surroundings with her cold eyes.

The sight I saw a few years ago was now being reproduced here.

Not as a young and fragile girl, but as a lovely girl with a fresh charm.

“And it’s bizarre. Usually the same opinion is shared for all the parties involved in rumors, but why am I unscathed while Seria is being cursed at??”

Celine snorted at my question. A wintry smile crept onto her lips.

“Because it’s an objective fact that Ian Oppa is also the new idol of us lower aristocrats.”

“It’s not true and you know it.”

It is true that Seria ran away that day, but it was due to the accidental injury to her ankle.

Even if we didn’t take that into account, Seria went out with me to intercept the demonic beasts that day. Rather, wasn’t it my fault that she got injured and had to run away?

There was no way Celine didn’t know this. Celine’s position among the second-year lower aristocrats, especially women, was not negligible. It was because her network was spread quite wide.

Nevertheless, the spread of these rumors meant one thing.

She must have been helping to spread the rumors. So I stared at Celine without saying a word.

She looked away from me as if she had nothing to do with it, and then she again turned her gaze in my direction.

Anger and dissatisfaction dwelled within those eyes. Her brow furrowed slightly.

“For me, it’s an objective fact.”


I heaved a sigh. Upon hearing my disappointed tone, Celine shuddered.

“Then are you saying that I’m wrong?!”

“Of course you are, Seria just made a mistake…….”

“No, I’m talking about even before that.”

‘Gnash,’ I heard a grinding noise from Celine. A bright blue glint flashed from her eyes as if a fire had just been ignited.

Her momentum became fierce. She trembled and expressed her rage like a cat or a wild beast who was in front of her enemies.

“Didn’t she fight with Ian Oppa all of a sudden, and after that, didn’t you have to stay in the temple for a few days?”

“It was all because…….”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! There is always a ‘reason’, no matter what I say, Ian Oppa are you fucking with me?! You stupid Oppa!”

I put my hand on my forehead.

What is this old friend talking about now? I realized after a long time that the time had come for me to scold Celine.

“Hey you… No matter what, an Imperial Aristocratic woman ought to…….”

“Heh, cut the crap. I don’t want to hear those old-fashioned sexist remarks.”

She shook her head and trembled as if she was exhausted. I wanted to give a reprimanding speech that there is a line one has to keep no matter how different the times became, but I kept my mouth shut because Celine’s sharp voice continued.

Now she was confessing her own feelings. There was no reason for me not to listen.

“Whenever you get involved with that woman, Ian Oppa acts weird. Aren’t you only hanging out with that sleazy girl these days, isn’t it because of her that Ian Oppa had to fight the beasts all alone?”

“…… It was also my fault for making a mistake.”

I then made excuses on behalf of Seria in a low voice. As Leto said, if Seria had been given a potion to hide her presence, it would have been different. I was just being stupid and taking risks.

Of course, I didn’t expect that those words would work on Celine, who was extremely agitated..


As I expected, Celine growled and leapt with clenched fists.

She was like a cat with a furious temper. The atmosphere was tense, but even after those actions her appearance made her look rather cute.

“I don’t like that bitch no matter what Ian Oppa says. And I just said what I thought. Is that a sin?”

Now it was my turn to shout.

My brows furrowed. As I was about to shout, I violently slammed the arm I had raised. I heaved a deep sigh in annoyance.

As my mood turned cold, Celine’s body trembled after seeing me on the verge of exploding. It was around this time that her momentum waned.

She bit her lips and avoided my icy gaze. A deep voice came out of my mouth.

“Then, I wasn’t wrong, was I?”

Celine looked at me with dissatisfaction, perhaps wanting to shout again after those words, but after seeing my completely serious face, she kept her mouth shut.

Her gaze turned to the floor. She kicked the pitiful marble floor with her feet.

“What did Seria do? Even if you claim that it’s Seria’s fault, she only followed my orders. So how is she at fault?”

Celine’s fierce gaze turned to me again. Heat and chill coexisted in her brown eyes. Hostility like frost and rage like fire.

“…… Also, why did you take that bitch’s side?”

“I’m not on her side. You were the one who crossed the line first!”

Eventually, I couldn’t stand it anymore and screamed at her. I didn’t even know how many years it had been since I last yelled at Celine.

At my shout, Celine trembled as if she was startled, then tears began to form in her eyes as if she had just been mistreated.

It was a heartbreaking sight, but I thought that I had to take this opportunity to tell her off, because I cherished Celine.

I spoke to Celine in a serious tone.

“Anyway, how could you make fun of someone else’s miserable family history? Do you know how much it hurt Seria?!”

A low, growling voice.

My voice, which contained a clear resentment, made Celine even more sad, as she rubbed her eyes with her uniform sleeve. She clenched her teeth once more as a gnashing sound resounded.

I felt even more absurd and confused. After having made such an obvious mistake, she still feels mistreated?

In an instant, memories with Celine flashed through my mind. Was it because she has been loved so dearly since she was young that she had now become shallow? Then it was clear that I was also responsible for Celine’s moral corruption.

Back then, I was also looking at Celine with the same disappointed gaze, and excused myself by saying that I needed to consult with Professor Andrei about the Theology Seminar.

“…… It wasn’t me, you idiot!”

Celine screamed like that, as if she felt it was really unfair.


I tilted my head. Was it really not Celine’s doing? Was I wrong?

But the reddened corners of Celine’s eyes were testifying to me that she wasn’t lying. Then there was only one conclusion.

Apparently, there had been some misunderstanding.


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