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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 994: Avalanche Bahasa Indonesia


The spears all shot at Nira, and she used her sword to block all of them.


However, the spears suddenly stopped and then continued shooting forward, evading Nira’s block.

Nira’s eyes widened.


The spears closed in on her.


Another explosion of Blizzard appeared, blocking all the spears.


Suddenly, something incredibly powerful hit Nira’s Blizzard, completely destroying it as she was surrounded by lightning.

The skin across her body was incinerated in an instant, and only then was Nira able to create another Blizzard shield.


A cut appeared in Nira’s Blizzard, and the left side of her body exploded in blood.

Gravis had summoned a second saber with a preloaded Lightning Crescent, unleashed it, and followed it up with his Form Law.

It always took a bit of time for Gravis to unleash his Form Law. After all, he had to move perfectly, and that wasn’t easy. He couldn’t just shower Nira with attacks.


Another powerful strike hit Nira’s regenerated Blizzard.

Mortis had gathered all his spears together and had struck a single part of Nira’s Blizzard, barely breaking through.

This attack didn’t manage to injure Nira, but it forced her to use even more Energy.


Another cut in the Blizzard and another cut on Nira’s body.

Gravis had had enough time to unleash another strike with his Form Law.


A hole appeared in Nira’s Blizzard, and Mortis entered it with lightning-filled eyes.


Nira’s sword destroyed Mortis’ saber.


Another cut in her Blizzard that reached her body.


Several spears flew through the cut of Nira’s Blizzard and shot at her body.

Nira’s mind was going wild!

She knew that she would be exhausted to death if this continued!



Nira shouted with fury as the air around her turned red.

She had activated her level five Law of Rage!

Then, she used an entire 20% of her Energy storage to explode with all her Elements!


Mortis summoned a wall of armor in front of him, but it was all turned into nothingness in an instant.

The surrounding 10,000 kilometers exploded again as Magma exploded out of the earth due to the deep crater below them.

Gravis was far away, which made it easy to deal with the explosion, but Mortis didn’t have it as easy.

Mortis had been blasted into the distance, and all his armor had been turned to nothingness.

He hadn’t worn the armor on his body since it was basically useless against such an opponent.

Only half of Mortis’ head and torso were left.

He had barely survived.


Mortis’ body was quickly regenerating, but his body was too powerful to make the regeneration instant.

Nira’s rage-filled eyes noticed the severely injured Mortis in the distance, but she quickly turned to Gravis.

Gravis was far closer!


Nira shot at Gravis.

Nira’s injuries hadn’t been very heavy. Because of that, she had already fully regenerated.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he saw Nira shoot at him.

Mortis still needed a bit to regenerate.

Nira reached Gravis in an instant and slashed at him with her Blizzard-filled sword.


Gravis transformed into Void Lightning, and Nira’s sword passed through him.

Nira’s eyes widened in shock.



Gravis’ Energy storage had still been full while transforming into Void Lightning, and when Nira’s attack had passed through his body, Gravis had only lost 10% of his power.


Because Nira’s attack had been too concentrated.

All of her power had been gathered on the edge of her sword, and everything that the sword had touched had vanished.

Yet, the sword hadn’t touched very much.

Gravis transformed back into the starting stance of his Form Law.

Then, he struck at Nira’s head!

Nira’s sword couldn’t block the attack this time!

Nira gritted her teeth.


Another powerful explosion of Mixed Elements, just as powerful as the last one.

Gravis had been so close to her!

He had to have died from that!

The elemental explosion had stopped Gravis’ attack before it could be unleashed.

However, Gravis had expected something like that.

His goal in unleashing this attack hadn’t been to kill Nira but to force her to waste even more Energy.

The Elements were weakened by a bit due to the Composition Laws.

Then, Gravis summoned a suit of armor and put his arms and legs in front of him.


Gravis was shot into the distance, huge parts of his arms and legs missing.

However, he hadn’t been nearly as injured as Mortis.


Because Gravis could use the level five Law of Physical Power, increasing the level of his body by one.

Yet, when Gravis was readying another attack, he saw Nira charge at Mortis.

Gravis saw this and gritted his teeth.

He unleashed his Form Law again and then charged after Nira.


Nira blocked the Form Law with her sword.


Then, she unleashed another storm of Mixed Elements at Mortis.

Mortis was still injured, but he could join the fight again.


The world seemingly broke apart again as the storm stopped in the air.

In an instant, Mortis threw a lightning-filled spear at the attack.

He didn’t evade.

The spear and the attack met in the air.

Sadly, this was not a hard, physical attack but a storm of Elements.

The spear passed through the attack, and the storm engulfed Mortis.


Mortis’ surroundings exploded.

Nira’s eyes filled with exhilaration.

She got him!

However, she quickly noticed that the spear was shooting at her!

Nira narrowed her eyes and slashed at the spear.


The spear was split apart.

However, her eyes widened in shock at what she saw.

Just before Nira’s attack had destroyed the spear, Mortis appeared beside the spear.

It was like he had come out of the spear!

But how!?

He should be dead!

Well, Mortis was lightning, and lightning could be infused into the weapon.

So, when Mortis threw the spear, he had entered it, passing through the storm of Elements.

Sadly, this had required him to transform into lightning and back.

His Realm fell to the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.

Yet, just when his Realm fell, his Realm suddenly increased again.

Gravis and Mortis had entered the fight with some power to spare in case they needed to transform into lightning.

So, the saved-up progress to the Early Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm had been used up in order to allow Mortis to reach his full power again.

Mortis immediately created a Lightning Crescent and shot it at Nira.


Nira had created another Blizzard around her, barely blocking the Lightning Crescent.


Gravis’ Form Law struck again.

Nira immediately noticed that she was back in the previous situation, and she couldn’t allow herself to lose control over the fight again!

A storm of Mixed Elements gathered again, and she shot it at Mortis.


Mortis broke the world again and evaded.

Yet, this time, Nira went all in!

She immediately unleashed four other storms.


Her left arm was cut off as she let Gravis’ Form Law hit her in order to finish Mortis.

Her surroundings exploded in a red light as she screamed in rage.

She was using a ton of Energy to bombard Mortis with attacks.

Mortis broke the world another four times and managed to barely stay alive.

However, he was already heavily injured again.

Gravis noticed the situation and gritted his teeth.

He knew exactly how this would end!

Mortis was already out of Energy!

Another attack and he would die!

The trick with the weapon only worked once, and even if Mortis managed to pull it off once again, both of them would fall to the Mid Minor Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm.

At that point, everything would be over!

The entire time, Gravis and Mortis had attacked Nira with an avalanche of attacks, making it appear like they were the ones in control.

However, Nira had managed to survive their avalanche of attacks.

Meanwhile, Mortis was out of Energy.

This meant that they were essentially out of resources since both of them needed to participate in the fight to survive.

If Nira managed to kill Mortis, Gravis would lose his Law of Perceived Reality.

At that point, he wouldn’t even be able to resist Nira’s Will-Aura anymore.

Gravis narrowed his eyes with determination.

“NOW!” Gravis shouted at Mortis with a voice transmission.

Mortis took out a saber crackling with lightning.

Mortis still had a saved-up Lightning Crescent!

Nira readied her attack.

She would be able to unleash her attack first!


Suddenly, the world turned for Nira.

The entire world was warping.

“Hey, Nira,” a lovely voice said. “That’s your name from now on, Nira.”

“Do you like your name?”

Nira opened her eyes, and it was like her world broke down.


Gravis had unleashed Samsara to save Mortis.


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