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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 99: Very Disadvantageous Fighting Stage Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis jumped left and right to evade all the fireballs and fire beams. His lightning resistance would be useless in this fight, and if he got hit by any attack from someone in the fourth level of the Energy Gathering Realm, he would receive a grave injury. This fight would be incredibly difficult under normal circumstances.

Gravis smirked. ‘But this is not a normal circumstance,’ he thought to himself. Gravis quickly went over the edge on the branch. The disciple of the fire guild grew shocked. Had Gravis jumped? Was he suicidal?


A disciple exploded into ash as a lightning bolt hit him, which came from the branch’s underside. They quickly looked over the edge, but they couldn’t see Gravis anywhere. Where was he?

“You idiots!” shouted Flern in anger. “He can stick to the underside of the branch with his lightning!” Flern had grown angry when he had seen the confused faces of his disciple brothers. They didn’t have much experience in fighting the Lightning Guild, so they also didn’t know that lightning could keep someone stuck to the underside of the branch.


Another disciple on the edge of the branch exploded due to lightning. Gravis’ lightning might not work as he had expected against the lightning disciples, but it worked just fine against the fire disciples. Even if it didn’t work as intended, they still couldn’t survive a half-assed blast from Gravis. Just like Gravis had no fire resistance, the fire disciples had no lightning resistance.

They now knew where Gravis was, but could they do something against him? They tried to find a solution but couldn’t since they couldn’t stick to the branch’s underside. The best they could do is use their fire wheels to climb a wall, and even that used up a lot of Energy. What were they supposed to do?


This time, a fifth rank disciple of the Fire Guild exploded. He had tried to shield himself with fire, but that helped only so much. Fire was the weakest element regarding defense. They could theoretically throw their fire at an approaching attack, so both attacks detonate when they hit each other, but those lightning bolts came out of nowhere.

The lightning bolts moved along the surface of the branch, and Gravis stood right under them. The lightning bolt only needed to fly for ten meters to hit them. On top of that, they could only see the approaching lightning bolt when it was only five meters away from them due to the curvature of the branch’s side.

If Gravis stood before them at a distance of five meters, they could see him moving and controlling his Energy and anticipate what he would do, but they couldn’t even see him. They couldn’t react to such an instantaneous attack.


Another three disciples exploded. “Cowards of the Lightning Guild!” shouted Flern in rage. “Go below and chase him to the top!”

The Lighting Guild’s disciples looked at each other, not sure if they should comply. “We must kill the betrayer! Everyone, follow me!” shouted the last remaining fifth level disciple of the Lightning Guild. The fifth level disciple took the lead and charged over the edge, and the other disciples clenched their teeth and followed him.

Yet, the disciples immediately stopped and looked on in shock as the head of that disciple flew away in an arc. They could see the head when it flew above the branch’s height, and they couldn’t believe their eyes. Their senior brother hadn’t even left their sight for over a second. How was he already dead?

Gravis had used his Will-Aura to freeze the disciple and quickly killed him. It was late enough in the fight that he could use it without having a bad feeling that he was unveiling his trump card. The two sixth level disciples fighting the bird and the tree were gaining the upper hand, and Gravis didn’t have much time remaining. With this disciple killed, there were no more disciples in the fifth rank remaining on the Lightning Guild’s side.

Gravis used the short moment where the disciples were shocked to kill another two of them. The others turned around to run, but one got hit by Gravis’ lightning and seized. Gravis quickly finished that one too. Gravis saw the last two disciples fleeing in front of him and ran after them. Gravis turned to his right and saw a lot of fireballs shooting towards the floor in front of him.

He was on the top of the branch again, and the fire disciples could finally attack. Only a couple of meters were between Gravis and the two disciples he was chasing. The fire disciples used perfect timing to hit the spot where the lightning disciples just left and where Gravis would shortly be.


The disciples that Gravis was chasing suddenly froze up, and the fire disciples couldn’t react to the impromptu stop. They had targeted their fireballs perfectly, including the lighting disciple’s speed. The fire disciples always shot their fireballs at the lightning disciples’ current location, because they would have already left the spot when the attacks arrived. That would hit Gravis perfectly.

Yet, the lightning disciples had stopped suddenly, and the thrown fireballs had exploded them into many small pieces. What about Gravis? When he froze them with his Will-Aura, he immediately turned around and fled to below the branch again. Every single disciple of the Lightning Guild was dead, except for Escura.

Escura noticed this, and she clenched her teeth with so much anger and hatred that blood was flowing out of her mouth. She was the leader of the Lightning Guild in Earth Town, and she had worked with all of those disciples for years. She knew all their first names and what they all liked and hated. In order to not let Gravis escape, she had taken the entire elite of the Lightning Guild in Earth Town with her. She was the last remaining member of the whole town, except for the new, low disciples.

Escura no longer cared about her Energy expenditure and wildly shot lightning around. The tree had to die before she could take revenge on Gravis.

In the meantime, Gravis was reaping the lives of the fire disciples one after the other. After multiple people died, the fire disciples banded together to obliterate the branch. A lot of lightning bolts started missing because there were no longer as many fire disciples remaining. Just like they couldn’t see Gravis, Gravis also couldn’t see them.

The fire disciples started fiercely burning the branch, but it was sturdy and thick. They managed to sever half of it before three more disciples died. The last three disciples looked at each other and jumped over the edge in panic. If they remained on the branch, they would definitely die.

“Idiots!” screamed Flern in absolute rage.


Gravis could see the falling fire disciples, and his lightning picked them off in the air. The fire disciples couldn’t dodge in the air, and they were easy targets for Gravis. With that, the Fire Guild and the Lightning Guild only had one member remaining, respectively.

Flern and Escura.


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