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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 934: Fruits Bahasa Indonesia

The techniques quickly arrived, and Liam handed over the payment.

Now, Gravis had 20 additional techniques, all with different strengths and requirements. Most of them needed the Inferno Element, but there were also some for Metal, Water, Light, and Earth.

Gravis especially picked a couple of techniques that were easy to master with an average speed and quality.

Yet, one should never forget how long it took average Forgers to create equipment. An average speed of Forging meant that the Forger would only need a couple of weeks to create a good weapon. That was already not bad.

Of course, there was still a difference as vast as the difference between heaven and earth when one compared these techniques to Gravis’ technique. After all, Gravis could create top-tier equipment in literal seconds.

Sadly, mastering it was absolutely not easy.

The Black Demon returned a week later with the payment.

The Life Fruits were quickly handed over, and Gravis got some inscribed scales from the Black Demon. The Black Demon had picked off his own scales and inscribed them. As long as a beast handed over these scales to a guard of a level five Law Comprehension Area, one would receive 10,000 years of access to that Law Comprehension Area.

After receiving the payment, Gravis personally taught the Black Demon his technique.

This Black Demon paid a hefty sum, and Gravis felt that it was only fitting that the Black Demon got some personal tutoring for a month.

When the Black Demon heard that, he was pleasantly surprised. He had expected that Gravis would simply hand the concepts of the technique over. However, getting personal tutoring was even better.

The Black Demon immediately left to gather several powerful Immortal Emperors with a lightning affinity. The Black Demon didn’t have the time to learn Forging. He would only look on to learn the basics.

He quickly returned with ten Immortal Emperors, and they all sat down in front of Gravis.

Gravis immediately transmitted his entire technique and all related concepts to the eleven of them.

In the beginning, they all felt like it sounded quite easy. The technique really wasn’t complex at all.

However, their biggest gain was all the basic knowledge about equipment. After all, knowing the basics about creating equipment was what allowed one to create one’s own techniques.

After getting all the information from Gravis, the beasts immediately knew why their own equipment was so horrible. The Black Demon especially realized now why Gravis’ weapon was so much better than his own.

Then, Gravis began demonstrating how he used his technique while explaining it in detail.

Over the next month, the eleven beasts tried to create their own equipment, but they completely failed.

They didn’t even manage to create a tiny plate.

All the ore they brought to experiment had been turned to ash.

The ten Immortal Emperors felt nervous. This was far harder than they had anticipated.

Yet, the Black Demon didn’t care. He wasn’t a Forger anyway. It was their job to learn the technique. In short, the other ten Immortal Emperors simply had to deal with it.

The eleven of them left after a month. The Black Demon was already planning about how to use the future equipment while the other ten left nervously.

Could they master such fine control?

Gravis waved at them as they left. Behind his helmet, he was smirking widely. “See you later!”

After everyone left, Gravis gathered the employees of the Gravitas to hand over the Life Fruits.

“Stella, which one do you want?” Gravis asked.

Stella looked at the 40 Law Comprehension Life Fruits with interest and then pointed at one. “That one!”

Gravis scratched his chin. “Why that one?”

“Because I need something for longer fights,” Stella explained. “I already use a ton of Energy since I know two very aggressive level five Mixed Elemental Laws. I need something I can use while I fight normally.”

Gravis nodded and handed the four Law Comprehension Life Fruits over that Stella wanted.

What Law did these fruits contain?

The Major Law of Temperatures.

Stella knew the element-neutral form of the Law of Heat but didn’t know the element-neutral form of the Law of Cold. As these Laws were now, they wouldn’t be able to help Stella much. After all, they required a lot of Energy, and Stella had level five Laws she could use instead.

Yet, if she knew the Major Law of Temperatures, she could keep the Major Laws of Cold and Heat active indefinitely. Over a longer fight, these Laws would weaken the opponent passively.

“And you, Liam?” Gravis asked while Stella was looking with wonder at the four fruits in her hands.

“That one,” he said.

Gravis frowned. “Do you know the prerequisite Laws?”

“No,” Liam said. “I know four of five. The last one shouldn’t take long for me to comprehend.”

Gravis nodded. “Alright.”

Then, Gravis handed over another four fruits to Liam.

What Law did Liam ask for?

The Major Law of Body Growth.

With that Law, Liam could regenerate his body faster and with less Energy. This was also useful for longer fights.

“Siral?” Gravis asked.

“I don’t dare to feel desire for Master’s belongings,” Siral said.

Gravis rolled his eyes and threw four fruits to him.

“They are yours now, and I don’t accept any complaints.”

Siral didn’t know how to react, but he didn’t dare to go against his Master’s orders.

What fruits did Gravis give Siral?

Hidden Wood.

This was a Mixed Element of Shadow and Deep Wood. As long as Siral mastered this Law, he would be able to stun his opponent’s soul when he struck. Like this, even if the opponent survived the first strike, Siral would be able to gain enough time to unleash a second one. Additionally, the opponent’s Spirit would be shaken, and it would become far harder for them to concentrate on finding Siral. This would also allow for Siral to flee.

Gravis kept the remaining ones for himself.

This was a great day for the Gravitas.

However, it was a sad day for Gravis.


Because Stella wanted to comprehend the Major Law of Cold, and she couldn’t do that here. Gravis didn’t know the element-neutral version of the Major Law of Cold, after all, which meant that he couldn’t help her with that one.

So, Stella had to go to space to comprehend it.

This meant that Gravis’ love life had to be put on hold for probably a couple centuries.

Gravis told Siral to eat his fruits in peace. During that time, Gravis would personally take care of the beast side.

Liam had to take care of the human side, which was why he also didn’t leave. However, in comparison to Stella, Liam could comprehend the last Law of Body Growth that he was missing right here. He only had to cut away on himself while waiting for customers.

So, right now, Stella and Siral were busy comprehending Laws while Gravis and Liam ran the Gravitas.

A couple hours after Stella left, a new beast entered the Gravitas.

Gravis looked over, summoned one of the tokens that the Black Demon had given him, and threw it over to the beast.

This beast was obviously Mortis.

It made no sense for Mortis to continue comprehending the Body Composition Laws in such an inefficient manner when he had access to actual level five Law Comprehension Areas.

“Thanks,” Mortis said neutrally as he went back to the beast territory.

Which Law did Mortis choose?

The level five Law of Lightning’s Manipulation.

With that Law, Mortis’ and Gravis’ Divine Lightning would become a bit more powerful, a bit more efficient, and a bit faster.

‘I swear, I’m like his father,’ Gravis thought. ‘I am out here earning money, and he only comes to me when he needs something. Then, as soon as he gets it, he runs off to play.’

‘I also want to comprehend Laws. I don’t want to just sit here all alone, waiting for customers.’

Gravis only continued frowning in front of the Gravitas as he waited for customers.


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