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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 928: Gravitas Is Ready to Open Bahasa Indonesia

The Elder and Gravis talked for half an hour about what Formation Arrays should be set up at which places.

The Elder became quite surprised when Gravis said that he didn’t want any access points.

The Elder informed Gravis that he needed access points. Otherwise, he would also be stopped by his own Formation Arrays.

Gravis quickly demonstrated his Law of Freedom by passing through a test Formation Array the Elder had set up.

The Elder felt like her world was breaking down. How could someone just pass through her Formation Arrays like this!? This simply wasn’t possible!

Yet, she couldn’t disagree with what she was seeing.

Apparently, for some reason, Gravis was immune to her Formation Arrays.

She had never seen anything like it, but the proof was before her eyes. So, she could only accept Gravis’ request of not making any access points.

Without Mortis, Gravis’ Law of Freedom only had the power of a level five Law, which shouldn’t be enough to ignore powers at the level of Immortal Emperors.

These Formation Arrays definitely were on the levels of Immortal Emperors.

So, why was he able to ignore these Formation Arrays?


The Formation Arrays didn’t have a will on them.

Without a will, the power of the Formation Array didn’t matter in front of the Law of Freedom.

The Elder completely isolated both sides of the Gravitas, making it impossible for anyone to break them in an instant. Spirit Senses were blocked, as well as movement with Laws like Graphite’s Earth Movement. The only way to look to the other side or outside would be by breaking the Formation Array.

As said previously, the Formation Arrays couldn’t be broken in an instant. It would require multiple attacks from Major Circulation Immortal Emperors.

This would give Gravis enough time to react.

Even more, Narcissus was basically surrounding them.

If someone was able to break the Formation Array, they had to be powerful enough to even interest Narcissus.

At that point, Narcissus would simply consume them.

All of this had been set up for the human guests.

Gravis didn’t need to protect himself against the beasts since they would simply follow the orders of their higher-ups. As long as nothing out of the ordinary happened, they wouldn’t care.

Dealing with beasts was far easier than dealing with humans.

All the Formation Arrays were set up in a couple of hours.

Gravis watched the Elder while she set the Formation Arrays up, but he couldn’t understand the process. He felt a couple of familiar Laws, but the Elder was using them in such a way that it basically seemed illogical to Gravis.

‘Sure enough, setting up Formation Arrays isn’t easy,’ Gravis thought. ‘I thought I would be able to guess some of the processes since I also infuse my weapons with Formation Arrays, but apparently, there is a huge difference in how they function.’

After the Elder was done, she called over Exar.

The Elder could set up all the Formation Arrays alone, except for one.

The Formation Array that was responsible for teleporting the human customers to this place.

In order to keep this place a secret, one needed the level six Law of Space, and the Elder didn’t know that Law. Only Exar knew it, and Exar had to help while setting this Formation Array up.

Exar quickly arrived and infused the level six Law of Space into both Formation Arrays, here and in the city. This wasn’t the first time he had done that, and it wasn’t very difficult.

Exar quickly left after he was done without a word.


All the Formation Arrays activated at the same time.

According to the Elder, a Peak Immortal King would need to constantly put their Energy into the Formation Arrays to keep them running. If no one was there, they would need Immortal Stones.

In order to keep them running, it basically required nearly the entire passive Energy regeneration of a Peak Immortal King. That was quite a lot of Energy.

In terms of Immortal Stones, one would need to put in 100,000 Immortal Stones per day if no one used their Energy manually.

That was a lot!

However, when Gravis heard the price of the Formation Arrays themselves, his heart nearly stopped.

How much!?

30 billion!

Not 30 million, but 30 billion!

Gravis barely had 100 million Immortal Stones!

That wasn’t even one percent!

Gravis asked why the Formation Arrays were that expensive.

“This Formation Array needs to resist Major Circulation Immortal Emperors for a while,” the Elder said, referring to the one that isolated the space. “This means that it basically needs to be on the same level as a Major Circulation Immortal Emperor. 30 billion Immortal Stones is on the lower side in regards to what a Cultivator needs to become a Major Circulation Immortal Emperor.”

Gravis couldn’t argue with that.

The reason why the Formation Arrays were so expensive was simply that they were very powerful.

These were Formation Arrays that Peak Sects used.

Gravis had to take a deep breath as he felt the weight of debt on his shoulders.

That was a tremendous amount of money!

However, Gravis also knew that he was basically sitting on a gold mine.

30 billion Immortal Stones should be possible.

Gravis said to the Elder that he would do his best to repay her before she left.

Then, Gravis looked at the Gravitas Trading Firm.

“Everything’s set up,” Gravis said. “We are ready to open.”

“Are you excited?” Stella asked as she hugged Gravis’ arm.

“Not really,” Gravis said. “It’s not my first time opening a business, and the weight of debt is crushing me.”

Stella frowned. “Why can’t you just be excited about something?” she asked with a pout.

“I’m excited about you,” Gravis said with a smirk at Stella.

“Urgh,” Liam gagged from the side.

Stella had to giggle at Gravis’ joke and punched his shoulder jokingly. “You’re bad!”

Whenever Gravis talked with Stella, he just felt so… calm and at peace.

It was like he was living in a dream.

Whenever Gravis looked at her, he felt like he was looking at a long-lost part of himself.

It was like Stella was the most important thing in existence.

Whenever Gravis looked at her, it was like he knew everything that went through her mind.

Stella became a bit red in the face as Gravis continued to stare at her with a kind smile. “Why are you looking at me like that?” she asked shyly.

“I just think I finally truly understand who you are,” Gravis said calmly.


Stella felt the waves of a new Law coming out of Gravis and hugged him. “Finally!” she shouted in excitement.

Gravis didn’t become as excited.

To him, it felt like it was only natural.

Gravis had just comprehended the level three Law of Empathy.

Gravis had already gained a lot of insights into the Law of Empathy. Samsara had given him insights, and his love for Stella had also given him insights. Lastly, Stella’s Law of Empathy had also given Gravis some insights into the Law of Empathy.

It was only natural that Gravis comprehended the Law of Empathy.

The Law wasn’t very powerful, but it signified a major step in Gravis’ Cultivation.

Gravis now knew two Laws of the overarching Law of Emotions, the Law of Empathy and the Law of Apathy.

Even more, Gravis wouldn’t feel like he was taking advantage of Stella anymore.

Now, Gravis could also share his own Laws with her.

Gravis and Stella kissed, deeply in love, while Liam looked away with disgust.

This was his sister!

He didn’t need to see that!

While Gravis was in the spring of his life, someone else in a different location was frowning.

“Just kill me!” a terrified and rage-filled being shouted.

Yet, the white beast in front of it didn’t care as it continued to comprehend the body of the beast in front of him.

The white beast suddenly frowned.

‘The Law of Empathy, huh?’ Mortis thought.

Mortis looked at the half-dead snake in front of him and used the Law.

Rage, hatred, terror, fear, helplessness, suppression.

‘Useless, but it brings me a step closer to achieving actual freedom,’ Mortis thought. ‘Seems like Gravis isn’t dead weight after all. At least he’s useful for something.’

The feelings Mortis had received from the snake didn’t matter to him.

This weak being could feel whatever it wanted. Its feelings were irrelevant to Mortis’ goals.

Mortis simply continued to experiment on the snake as if nothing had changed.


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