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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 898: End of the Preliminary Tournament Bahasa Indonesia

“No, thank you, Senior,” Gravis said evenly.

The Immortal Kings were shocked. An Immortal Emperor had invited Gravis personally, but he declined! What gall!

“Why not?” the Immortal Emperor asked.

“Let me counter that question with a question of my own,” Gravis said with a polite smile. “Would I get better benefits if I joined the Nine Elements Sect after winning this tournament?”

The Immortal Kings felt that Gravis was arrogant. Winning? He wished! He had only won because his enemy had taken him lightly!

Meanwhile, the Immortal Emperor smiled for the first time. “Oh, I see. Yes, you would,” he said. Gravis had only asked a question, but the Immortal Emperor immediately assigned an intent to Gravis’ question.

In the Immortal Emperor’s mind, Gravis wanted to win the tournament to directly join the Nine Elements Sect with a higher standing. He sure was smart!

Because of that, the Immortal Emperor stopped questioning Gravis and let the tournament continue.

Obviously, Gravis wouldn’t join the Nine Elements Sect.

The other Immortal Kings still ignored Gravis while the fights continued. Most of the fights were intense and took several minutes. One had to remember that Immortal Kings moved with insane speeds. A fight that took a couple of minutes was already incredibly long for Immortal Kings.

Fortunately, thanks to the Immortal Emperor’s impatient mindset, the fights were constantly happening without any downtime. Because of that, in only a single day, over 500 fights had been finished.

Now, there were only around 600 Immortal Kings left.

The second round of fighting commenced immediately, and Gravis was the first again.

However, this fight was very similar to the first one. Apparently, this Immortal King had also taken Gravis lightly. He had sworn that he wouldn’t make the same mistake, but as soon as he entered the arena, he just couldn’t help himself.

He just felt so confident and sure of himself. It was like he was in full control.

Of course, this was the effect of Gravis’ Law of Control and Safety. The Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to notice these Laws, and Gravis wanted to appear as low-key as possible. He decided that he would win his first couple of fights like this, making it appear like the enemy had underestimated him.

Instead of seeing Gravis’ power, the other Immortal Kings only grew angrier. This guy had such insane luck! Two Immortal Kings in a row had taken him lightly!

They felt that it was unfair that Gravis was still in the tournament. They had to fight with everything they got, while Gravis got two easy victories!

This was so unfair!

It took around half a day for the second round to end, and the third one began.

Gravis was the first one again, but just like the previous two times, the Immortal King just couldn’t take him seriously. He just couldn’t help underestimating Gravis.

Because of that, this fight also ended very quickly.

The Immortal Kings were seething in anger. What was this dogshit luck!? Did he suck Heaven’s dick or something!?

Nearly all the Immortal Kings felt bloodlust as they saw Gravis return to them. They would humiliate him thoroughly to vent their anger! This weakling didn’t deserve to stand amongst them!

The third round of fighting only took six hours.

Now, only 153 Immortal Kings were left.

From the initial 16,000, less than 1% were left. The area felt barren now.

“Kid, don’t stress your luck,” the Immortal Emperor transmitted to Gravis. “Your previous opponents took you lightly, but that won’t continue. Leave now while you still can. Your result in this tournament is already impressive and can grant you amazing benefits in the Nine Elements Sect. Don’t ruin it with a loss.”

Obviously, the Immortal Emperor wanted to stop Gravis from humiliating himself.

“I haven’t even truly fought yet,” Gravis answered with a voice transmission. “I want to show what I really got!”

The Immortal Emperor frowned, but he had to agree with Gravis. It was possible that Gravis had far more power hidden away.

The fourth round began, and Gravis was the first one yet again.

However, this time, Gravis didn’t use his Law of Control and Safety. Now, it was time to show that he was actually powerful.

Gravis used his Law of Suppression and then clashed with the opponent.

As soon as the first actual clash happened, the Immortal Kings felt shocked.

Gravis was pushing the Immortal King back!

Gravis had to have amazing physical power!

In fact, Gravis was holding his physical power back.

One had to remember that Gravis had a beast body. A beast’s body was about as powerful as the body of an average Cultivator four levels above the beast. If Gravis actually unleashed his true physical power, the Immortal King would be thrown into the horizon.

Because of that, Gravis decided to only show that his body was able to jump two levels. Stella had a comparably powerful body, which proved that this was possible for a human.

However, with only that, the clash would have been equal. Yet, Gravis had won the clash.

That was because of his Law of Suppression.

The fight continued for a couple of seconds, with Gravis always taking the initiative. He never stopped his barrage of attacks.

After a while, his opponent used his level five Law.

However, Gravis didn’t unleash his Law of Magma in return.

Instead, he unveiled that he knew the Major Law of the Elements by using several different Elements.

The Immortal Emperor almost couldn’t control himself. This guy was so powerful, and he even knew the Major Law of the Elements? He was perfect for the Nine Elements Sect! They had to recruit him!

After Gravis showed his Major Law of the Elements, the fight quickly ended.

Gravis unleashed the Law of Shadow’s Darkness, Shadow Movement, and Shadow’s Subtlety.

In an instant, Gravis had already appeared behind the Immortal King and lightly stabbed his saber into the opponent’s neck. The opponent wouldn’t die like this, but it would be obvious that Gravis had won the fight.


All the anger of the Immortal Kings vanished.

This Late Major Circulation Immortal King was insanely powerful!

The eyes of the Immortal Emperor shone with greed. He knew that he would be rewarded handsomely if he recruited such a genius! This was a hidden diamond! With such a Battle-Strength, this Immortal King could directly enter the ranks of the Core Disciples!

The Immortal Emperor immediately contacted one of the Vice-Sect Masters, and the Vice-Sect Master also started watching Gravis.

A Vice-Sect Master was already in the Major Circulation Immortal Emperor Realm, but Gravis kept his Law of Perceived Reality active at all times. As long as no one suspected that he was a beast, they wouldn’t be able to see his beast body.

Of course, nobody suspected that Gravis was a beast. After all, his Will-Aura was incredibly powerful, and he obviously had a Spirit. They didn’t even think of the possibility that Gravis might be a beast.

The Vice-Sect Master wanted to see how far Gravis could go before he would recruit him.

So, the tournament continued.

The rounds took less and less time, and in just a short few hours, the next round started. Only around 70 Immortal Kings remained. This was less than half.


Because sometimes, a contestant accidentally killed their opponent. This would disqualify them immediately.

The humans would not waste these rare talents for a simple tournament. After all, they still had to contend with the beasts.

The next round started, and when Gravis saw his opponent, he took out his saber.


Some Punishment Lightning appeared as Gravis slightly reforged his saber. The two watching Immortal Emperors were elated! This guy also knew Matter Laws and could forge!

In the next fight, Gravis used his Law of Storm’s Pressure, Storm’s Power, Storm’s Efficiency, and Storm’s Mass to create a restrictive field around the opponent. Then, Gravis infused his saber with the Laws of Frost’s Infusion, Frost’s Concentration, Frost’s Power, and Frost’s Efficiency. Lastly, he used the Laws of Lightning’s Speed and Lightning’s Power to elevate his speed.

With everything put together, Gravis had now the speed advantage over his opponent. Additionally, his saber was now also more powerful.

The opponent barely blocked Gravis’ attacks, but he saw that his own sword was quivering dangerously. If this continued, his sword would break, and with it, his Avatar!

So, the opponent conceded.

‘So many Elemental Battle Laws!’ the Vice-Sect Master thought. ‘He might actually have a chance at becoming the Holy Son of the Nine Elements Sect!’

The Holy Son or Holy Daughter of the Nine Elements Sect was the Cultivator with the most powerful Battle-Strength. There was only one Holy Son or Holy Daughter present in the Nine Elements Sect. Their Holy Daughter would soon leave, which meant that the spot would be opened.

Finding an unaffiliated Cultivator with so many Elemental Laws that was so powerful that he could directly become the Holy Son of the Sect was far beyond ordinary. It was even far beyond very rare!

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Immortal Emperors had very long lives!

They had to recruit Gravis, no matter what!

The round quickly finished, and only 30 Cultivators were left.

“That’s enough,” the Immortal Emperor spoke. “We don’t have to eliminate everyone. We only need to reduce the number of participants to below 50 for the actual tournament.”

“Congratulations to everyone. You qualified for the real tournament!” the Immortal Emperor said with a smile.

The Immortal Kings were elated. Every fight had been difficult, and they could finally relax!

They did it!

“You are also all cordially invited into the Nine Elements Sect as Elite Disciples!” the Immortal Emperor said with a smile.

The Immortal Kings were shocked and elated! They could directly become Elite Disciples!

Most of the candidates had joined specifically for that reason. They weren’t interested in the Holy Daughter’s hand. They were interested in directly becoming Elite Disciples. Like this, they wouldn’t need to slowly climb the ladder.

Nearly all of them accepted the invitation happily.

A lot of the Immortal Kings also wanted to get to know Gravis, but he ignored them.

Now, the Immortal Kings regretted their earlier disregard for Gravis.

If they had been nice, would Gravis acknowledge them?

Sadly, the lives of Cultivators were often filled with regret, and this was just one of these situations.

They simply had to deal with the consequences.

“We want to invite you as a Holy Son Candidate,” the Immortal Emperor spoke to Gravis.

The Immortal Kings were shocked when they heard that.

A Holy Son Candidate? These people were the absolute peak geniuses of the entire world!

They were about to witness history in the making!


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