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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 888: Samsara Bahasa Indonesia

Several years passed.


Gravis unleashed a grey slash that shot forward with incredible speeds. As it passed over the lake, reality seemed to bend around it. It was like physical reality was being broken down.

Gravis had just unleashed his newest attack with a lot of power and watched it shooting over the lake with a smile.

Finally, Gravis could use the Law of Perceived Reality as an actual attack!

Finally, he could create powerful Weapon Techniques!


The slash hit something hard and vanished. Arc had created a Formation Array for Gravis to practice in. Like this, his attacks wouldn’t damage the clearing.

‘I can still make it even better,’ Gravis thought with a glow in his eyes. ‘Right now, it’s only composed of the Law of Perceived Reality, but I can probably add even more Laws.’

More years passed.


The same attack was unleashed over the lake, but it was slightly different.

At first glance, it didn’t seem any different from the previous ones, but there was one difference.

A slight glow of white fire could be seen on it.

This was the Deep Wood Element, but not the entirety of it.

Gravis had incorporated the Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction into his slash. Like this, his attack, which only corroded the reality around the enemy, would also eat away at the enemy’s soul.

Using the Law of Perceived Reality with a physical attack would make the target go through an incredible number of different realities. Their mind would relive their life again and again, but always from different perspectives.

In one life, they would see themselves from the eyes of a close one.

In another life, they would see themselves from the eyes of a rival.

In another life, they would see themselves from the eyes of their master.

Many different perspectives would be fused together to create many different images of the same person.

In the best-case scenario, the enemy wouldn’t recognize themselves and physical reality anymore.

They would lose themselves and would stop being themselves.

In the worst-case scenario, they wouldn’t receive any damage.

The effectiveness of this attack entirely depended on the personality and will of the opponent. It could completely destroy their will, but it could also be nearly useless.

However, no matter which case happened, the enemy would feel exhausted, and their concentration would receive a significant hit.

After going through many lifetimes in a moment, their mind would feel incredibly exhausted, which made it harder for them to fight and would also make them more susceptible to the normal effects of the Law of Perceived Reality.

However, all of this was only true before the most recent change.

Now, the enemy’s soul would definitely be injured, no matter what happened. The Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction ensured that.

In short, the Law of Deep Wood’s Destruction was perfectly compatible with the effects of the physical attack of perceived reality.

It was like these Laws were made for each other.

Sadly, incorporating a Battle Law of an Element into an attack based on the Law of Perceived Reality was difficult. These Laws were from completely different categories, and they weren’t on the same level.

This was why it took Gravis several years to create this attack.

Funnily enough, this physical attack had no effect on the physical body of the opponent.

It was a physical attack that attacked the soul and will of a being.

Gravis had thought about incorporating some actual physical Battle Laws into the attack, like the Law of Storm Cutting or Inferno’s Explosion. Sadly, the more Laws Gravis added, the more difficult it became to create and execute the attack.

Going a bit for the soul and going a bit for the body was stupid. Getting through the opponent’s armor and soul defense was the biggest hurdle, and if Gravis divided the power of his attack onto two different dimensions, it might break neither of them.

So, Gravis decided to fully focus on a soul attack.

‘There’s still one more Law I want to add,’ Gravis thought.

Initially, Gravis wanted to add the Law of Divine Lightning, but the amount of Energy required to add an entire Element, and a level six one at that, was not worth it.

He had also thought about adding the Law of Lightning’s Speed, but the speed of the attack was already pretty fast thanks to Gravis’ powerful physical body and the speed of his Void Lightning.

‘I already spent 500 years trying to create this slash, and it will take much longer to add another Law. If I had the time, I would add more and more Laws, but I don’t have it, sadly.’

‘Anyway, one more should still be possible.’

5,000 years passed.

Another slash shot over the lake, and it looked just like the other ones at first glance.

Yet, there was one slight difference if one looked closer.

The different realities appeared far more real than before.

“Finally!” Gravis shouted with a bright smile.

What Law had Gravis added?

The Law of Shadow’s Illusion!

Wasn’t that Law just perfect for this attack?

The concept of illusions was closely related to perceived realities. After all, illusions were not real and didn’t exist in physical reality, just like perceived reality. Perceived reality wasn’t real, and it also didn’t exist in physical reality.

The Law of Shadow’s Illusion made the different realities that much more real. Maybe the opponent wouldn’t even know if they returned to physical reality. Maybe they would believe in being in another life and just wait for it to end, just like with the previous ones.

Like that, Gravis could maybe even just walk up to the opponent and end their life without any resistance.

‘The enemy will go through lifetimes in a matter of seconds, and in the best case, they will forget who they are. Isn’t this just like reincarnation?’ Gravis thought with a smile.

‘So, let’s call this attack Samsara.’

Gravis felt proud that his naming sense had improved, but he quickly had to sigh.

‘Man, creating Weapon Techniques is really hard. After 5,500 years, I only managed to incorporate two additional Battle Laws. A third one might actually take me 50,000 years at this rate. I don’t have that kind of time,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis spent another year perfecting the execution of his attack. Being able to do it once and being able to do it every time was a huge difference. Gravis had to be able to use this attack consistently.

‘I wonder, do I even need Weapon Techniques for the different Elements? Probably not. Every Element can already incorporate its own Battle Laws without any issue, and I can simply infuse them into my weapon if necessary.’

‘However, there is still something I can create.’

Gravis remembered when Stella had killed that spy from Underworld.

Stella had unveiled a kind of wheel, and she had activated three powerful Elements in one technique.

This meant that the Elements could combine with each other in a single attack.

If Gravis could incorporate all nine Elements in a single attack with all their Battle Laws, how powerful would that be?

‘Wonder how long it took the Nine Elements Sect to create that Weapon Technique. Sure enough, the foundation of a Peak Sect is terrifying,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis couldn’t imagine how long it would take him to combine all nine Elements in such a flexible manner. Could something like this be completed in a single lifetime in this higher world?

‘It doesn’t make much sense to create attacks for each Element, but I should still create one for Magma. Although calling it an attack might be incorrect. I have Divine Lightning now, and its destructive power is far higher than Magma. However, Magma should be a great Element for defense.’

‘Maybe I could create a Weapon Technique that allows me to infuse a shield with Magma? The fact that I would only use my shield for this specific technique would also not require the shield to be a World Weapon.’

Gravis scratched his chin as he looked at the clouds.

‘Although, I would still need a ton of ore. Right now, I don’t have the ore to create a good shield. Additionally, my shields would quickly break one after the other. I need the Hard Complex Law.’

‘Speaking of, how has the Soft Pure Law still not appeared in my mind? Over 5,000 years have passed. Mortis should be done by now.’

Gravis hadn’t asked how Mortis was doing all this time since he didn’t want to interrupt his Law Comprehension. Being interrupted was annoying.

“How’s it going with the Soft Pure Law?” Gravis asked.

“Busy,” Mortis answered directly.

Gravis furrowed his brows. That answer felt somewhat evasive to Gravis.

“Busy with what?”

“Being imprisoned.”

Gravis blinked a couple of times.

“What did you do!?”


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