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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 886: Finally Useful Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis took out his saber and looked at it.

‘Let’s see how it works.’

Gravis reforged his saber so that it allowed him to infuse it with Void Lightning. Void Lightning wasn’t exactly a Law, but Gravis still knew how it worked, which allowed him to reforge the saber so that it could absorb Void Lightning.


The saber sparkled with black lightning without any issues.

‘Alright, my saber can now accommodate Void Lightning. Let’s see what happens if I add Inferno.’

Gravis infused the saber with Inferno.

Then, Gravis furrowed his brows.

‘I can’t infuse it with Inferno. My saber can only accommodate Void Lightning, but not Inferno. My Void Lightning has no issue with absorbing Inferno, but the saber doesn’t want to absorb Inferno.’

Gravis emptied the saber of his Void Lightning. Then, he used his Inferno. He didn’t need to combine his Inferno with Void Lightning since it automatically combined as soon as he used it. After all, Gravis was forced to use his Void Lightning to create Inferno, if he wanted to or not.

Then, Gravis infused his saber with Inferno.

‘Doesn’t work,’ Gravis thought as he saw that his Inferno was rejected. His saber could only absorb pure Void Lightning.

Gravis reforged his saber so that it could absorb Inferno.

Then, he infused his saber with Inferno.

Gravis’ brows furrowed.

‘That also doesn’t work?’ Gravis thought with surprise. ‘That has always worked, but now, it doesn’t anymore.’

Gravis scratched his chin.

‘Well, I can’t use the normal Inferno Law anymore. I can only use my own personal Inferno Law. Therefore, my normal inscription for Inferno can’t absorb this Inferno since they are two different Laws.’

Gravis reforged his saber so that it could absorb his new Inferno Law.

Then, he infused his saber with Inferno.


His saber now crackled with white lightning, but it wasn’t Divine Lightning, but Inferno in the shape of lightning. Divine Lightning and Inferno Lightning looked very similar.

‘That works,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis dispersed the Inferno again and tried to infuse his saber with Frost.

‘Doesn’t work. Just as expected,’ Gravis thought.

Then, Gravis looked with a complex expression at his saber.

He didn’t like this development one bit!

‘I can’t make my saber absorb more than one Law. When I infused my saber or my spears with Frost in the past, I always had to use specific weapons with fitting inscriptions for Frost. This is still the case.’

‘However, if I don’t take advantage of Weapon Techniques and my new different forms of the Elements, I will only become weaker. I could only infuse my weapons with Frost or Punishment Lightning in the past. After all, all the different Elements were useless when infused into a weapon.’

‘However, since I can now use Weapon Techniques, I need to use far more Elements and Laws. I not only want to infuse my weapon with Divine Lightning, Inferno, and Frost, but also with Core, Graphite, Magma, and most importantly, Perceived Reality.’

‘Sadly, if I want to take advantage of my newfound ability to create powerful Elements, I need an entire arsenal of differently forged weapons in my Spirit Space. Sure, I can just create a ridiculous amount of different weapons, but that would cost so much ore. The only fitting weapon materials for my current Cultivation Realm come from the belongings of Eran, and he didn’t have that much. I can, at most, create five weapons with them.’

‘Obviously, that’s not nearly enough to make full use of my new abilities.’

‘I don’t have the resources to create weapons for every single Element. Additionally, I would need spares for when one of my weapons breaks. That means that I need like fifty sabers and fifty spears. I don’t have that kind of wealth.’

‘I mean, I can probably develop Weapon Techniques now, but they would only exist in theory since I don’t have the wealth to accommodate all of them. Having ten sabers and spears and constantly reforging them takes time and lots of Energy. I can’t do that during a fight since that would be a huge waste of time and Energy.’

Gravis scratched the side of his head awkwardly.

‘This is problematic. Is there something I can use?’

Gravis looked through his Spirit Space and took inventory of everything that he owned. He had a ton of different stuff in there, but nothing could really help him out.

But then, Gravis saw something, and he began thinking again.

Inside Gravis’ Spirit Space, Gravis looked at his World Weapon in thought.

‘World Weapons are supposed to help Weapon Cultivators. World Weapons act as another self, which makes the combination of Laws easier, more Energy efficient, and faster.’

‘Let’s try it,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis took out the World Core from his World Weapon. After all, his World Weapon was far too weak for his current Realm. Then, Gravis reforged his current saber and added the veins for the beast blood. Lastly, Gravis created a hole for the World Core.


Gravis cut off his arm and made his blood enter the World Weapon. World Weapons needed the fitting blood of beasts to work. After all, beast blood had Laws running through it, allowing it to act as a kind of Law conductor.

A lot of Cultivators had issues in finding fitting beasts. After all, the beast had to have the same Element as the user of the World Weapon, and they had to be at the same Realm.

Fortunately, Gravis had a beast body, and it was impossible to find a better fitting beast than himself.

After filling his new World Weapon with his own blood, Gravis put the World Core into the World Weapon.


The saber now radiated the same aura as Gravis, and Gravis felt like he was holding part of himself.

Gravis didn’t add any kind of inscription to his World Weapon. The World Core already acted as a kind of inscription. After all, it was the thing that absorbed the Element and distributed throughout the weapon, not the weapon itself.


Gravis injected Inferno into the World Weapon, and it burst with Inferno.

Gravis’ eyes shone.


Gravis infused it with Storm, and a violent storm of green lightning came out of the saber.

Gravis smiled widely.


Frost, in the form of lightning, was crackling out of the World Weapon.

“It works!” Gravis shouted with elation as he looked at his World Weapon with intensity.

“I can infuse my World Weapon with everything I want! It’s just another form of myself, and I can use all the different Laws! My World Weapon doesn’t give me any advantages of speed, Energy efficiency, or ease of use, but it allows me to use all my different Elements!” Gravis shouted with excitement.

However, Gravis’ elation quickly vanished as he began thinking again.

‘Sadly, I only have one World Weapon and only one World Core. Sure, I can probably create a ton of empty husks for new World Weapons, but as long as the old one isn’t destroyed, I can’t put the World Core into them. Additionally, if I want to use a spear, I would need to transfer the World Core. That takes time and concentration.’

Gravis frowned.

‘My weapons constantly break during fights. Eran destroyed like ten of them or something. I didn’t count. Also, what if my World Core is destroyed? Sure, I can gather the pieces and recombine them, but that also takes Energy and time. During an intense fight, I can’t allow myself to gather World Core pieces and then combine them again.’

‘I need more World Cores.’

‘I’m certain that I can find Middle World Cores in this world. There should even be Higher World Cores. However, they are super rare. Most Cultivators probably don’t know what they can do, but the All-Matter Sect probably has someone that can create World Weapons, and they would be searching for these World Cores like crazy. So, even if no one knows what they do, they will still be bought by the All-Matter Sect for a high price.’

‘Additionally, if I start asking about World Cores, the All-Matter Sect will probably realize that I know the Law of the Dead World. They will probably think that I am encroaching on their monopoly and would want to eliminate me. They are probably only forging World Weapons for the absolute elite of the other Peak Sects, and they probably earn a ridiculous amount of money with these trades.’

‘If they know that I know the Law of the Dead World, they would think that I am a danger to the very foundation of their prosperity. I would become their number one enemy, even more important than the beasts.’

‘There’s only one place where I can search for World Cores without putting myself into danger, and that is the beast territory. However, the fact that World Cores are super rare still persists.’

Gravis scratched his chin in thought.

‘Well, if my grand plan actually works, I should be able to get some World Cores. However, until that time, I have to be careful whom I fight. I should avoid fighting Immortal Emperors until that time arrives.’

Then, Gravis remembered something.

‘Wait, there’s another way!’ Gravis thought as his eyes shone.

‘Everything I just thought about was on the basis that my weapons break. Yet, what if my weapons don’t break?’

‘The materials that Eran’s weapon was made out of were Hard Complex Materials. That’s a level five Law, and as long as I combine that Law with the Core Battle Laws, I can create a weapon that can block an attack on the level of a level 5.5 Law. As long as I don’t block the most powerful Weapon Technique of my opponent, my weapon won’t break.’

Gravis nodded.

‘Seems like my grand plan has to be postponed. I might need to fight if I want to realize my grand plan and fighting with my current equipment is too dangerous.’

‘So, first of all, I need to create several Weapon Techniques to expand my fighting style. After that, I need to comprehend the Soft Pure Law and then the Hard Complex Law.’

Gravis planned for his immediate future and then directly went to creating Weapon Techniques.

Gravis spent several years creating a ton of different Weapon Techniques, and even Mortis became impatient and urged him on.

However, after Gravis informed Mortis of his plan, Mortis nodded and started to help Gravis.


Well, Mortis left Arc’s clearing and traveled to the beast territory.

There, he would search for many different Soft Pure materials.

As long as Mortis comprehended the Soft Pure Law, Gravis would also comprehend it.

So, while Gravis was creating a ton of Weapon Techniques, Mortis was traveling the beast territory.

It sure was useful to have two Spirits and bodies.


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