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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 819: All Lightning Battle Laws Bahasa Indonesia


Gravis appeared close to his next Law Comprehension Area, the Law Comprehension Area for the Major Law of Lightning’s Power. Gravis hadn’t entered yet, but he could already see it.

Gravis saw a calm, gigantic storm cloud, which floated above some craters. No lightning bolts left the cloud, and everything was silent.

However, Gravis felt the enormous power inside the storm cloud. It wasn’t that the storm cloud didn’t have enough power to strike the ground, but that the power had been so incredibly concentrated that it didn’t touch anything. It was like all the power had been condensed on a single point, and the power even grew as time passed.

Gravis looked at the craters and could guess what happened here. The storm cloud would continue to gather more power until the power became so enormous that everything would unload in a single lightning bolt, which would create another crater.

Now that Gravis thought about it, he also realized that this entire crater area before him was already inside a far bigger crater. The Law Comprehension Area probably moved around and only struck the closest thing to the clouds. The crater below the storm cloud had probably been the most recent.

‘The next lightning bolt will hit one of the edges of the crater,’ Gravis thought. ‘The lightning bolt will then pull the storm cloud to the side slightly, moving it in the process. This storm cloud has probably traveled in circles for millions of years, slowly creating a bigger and bigger crater.’

Gravis stretched his Spirit Sense as far as he could. ‘I haven’t even noticed it, but I have been continually moving downward for several teleportations. In the grand scheme of things, this storm cloud is probably already below sea level, but from down here, it still looks like it’s high in the sky. That’s quite a lot of destruction.’

Creating such a huge crater that stretched for over a million kilometers in radius would even take Gravis an incredibly long time.

Gravis entered the Formation Array and saw two people cultivating in the deepest crater. They probably sat there since this was the safest spot. The power of the eventual lightning bolt would be so great that even Sect Masters would be turned into nothingness.

“Hello, my name is Gravis. Please inform your Sect Master that I will be staying here for about five years,” Gravis transmitted to the two disciples.

The two disciples opened their eyes in surprise as they looked at the newcomer.

Who was that?

Was he new?

Why should they inform their Sect Master?


However, their eyes immediately widened in shock when they saw Gravis entering the storm cloud.

Was he suicidal!?

After that display, they both contacted their respective elders to inform them, who, in turn, informed the Sect Master. The Sect Master moved the black pin on the map and told them to ignore the guy.

Gravis quickly arrived in the storm cloud and sat down.

However, something else happened that Gravis hadn’t seen before.

Gravis felt his body being pulled to the core of the cloud. It was like the concentrated power of lightning was pulling him towards its center.

‘It wants to swallow me!?’ Gravis thought with shock.

Gravis used his Spirit and body to resist the pull. The lightning bolt had incomparable power, but its power lay in destruction, not in gravity or magnetism. Because of that, although the lightning bolt was more powerful than Gravis, Gravis managed to resist the pull.

‘The Law of Lightning’s Power is simply the concentration of even more lightning into a smaller area, increasing its density,’ Gravis thought. ‘I know that since I know the level one Law variant. It’s actually rather logical that I would be pulled to its center since it simply wants to increase its density with more lightning.’

‘But it’s still a surprising turn of events.’

Gravis continued resisting the pull and closed his eyes to comprehend the Law. In the beginning, Gravis couldn’t let himself go in comprehension since resisting the pull required some of his focus, but after a couple of hours, Gravis got used to it.

Some days later, Gravis lost his focus again as he felt his Spirit straining. ‘What’s going on? Why am I suddenly so exhausted? My passive Spirit Regeneration should be faster than my expenditure.’

So, Gravis opened his eyes.


A small ball of lightning floated in front of Gravis, just two meters away from him.

This was the core of the storm cloud.

All the power of the entire storm cloud was gathered in this tiny ball of lightning.

Gravis’ eyes widened in shock, and he used his full power to pull away from it. However, just using his Spirit and body was not enough anymore. The core of the storm cloud was too close to him, which increased its pull even more.

“Tch!” Gravis spat.


Violent wind suddenly appeared between the core of the storm cloud and Gravis, pushing both of them away from each other. Gravis had used the Storm Element as support.

However, this was just enough to resist the pull. He needed more.


White flames came out of Gravis’ feet as he used the Inferno Element to push himself even further away. This was finally enough force to push them away from each other.

And some seconds later, there was a significant distance between the two of them again. With such a distance between them, the pull almost became insignificant.

Gravis released a breath of relief. ‘That was close.’

What would have happened if the two of them touched?

The core of the storm cloud wanted to absorb Gravis since he was just more lightning. Its power was definitely far greater than Gravis’ power, which meant that it would have succeeded. The core of the storm cloud and Gravis would become one.

However, since the core didn’t have a will, but Gravis did, Gravis’ will would have taken control over the entire thing. So, in essence, Gravis would have absorbed the core of the storm.

What would that mean?

This meant that the Law Comprehension Area would have stopped existing. Gravis would have essentially destroyed the entire thing. This was one of the reasons why Gravis didn’t want to absorb the core. Gravis didn’t like destroying Law Comprehension Areas.

However, that reason was only secondary.

The main reason was the eventual increase in Gravis’ Cultivation Realm. Gravis would have become a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King, at least! This was bad for several reasons, which Gravis had already thought about after his fight with the Sect Masters. These reasons wouldn’t need explaining.

‘I think I get it,’ Gravis thought as he furrowed his brows. ‘The Laws of Gravity and Magnetism both have a counterforce, which means that when one thing pulls on another, the other thing will also be pulled to the first thing. I was under the pull but resisted, resulting in me slowly pulling the core towards me.’

Gravis sighed. ‘Originally, I wanted to feel its power, which was why I didn’t use my Laws to resist the pull, but my Spirit. However, if this continues, the same situation will appear again. I should just use my Laws.’

Gravis first activated his Law of Magnetism but realized that he wasn’t pulled towards the core because of magnetism.

Then, he tried to Law of Gravity, and lo and behold, it worked.

Gravis used the Law of Gravity to resist the gravity of the storm core. Now, they didn’t pull at each other anymore, which meant that the storm core would remain at its old position.

After that, Gravis closed his eyes again and went back to comprehending.

And five years later…


‘And with that, all lightning-related Battle Laws are done!’ Gravis thought with a smirk.

Gravis left the storm cloud and informed the disciples that he would be leaving.

After that, he teleported a couple of times but stopped suddenly.

Gravis’ eyes narrowed.

‘He’s also here.’


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