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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 801: Liran Returns Bahasa Indonesia

While Surem broke down over the death of everything he loved, Gravis simply looked to the sky and took in the feeling of having grown more powerful yet again.

When he arrived in this world, all these Sects had been far too powerful for him. Just the arrival of Arthur’s son, someone in the Mid Major Circulation Immortal Realm, had nearly resulted in Gravis’ death. However, such a weak Cultivator couldn’t even have held one of the weaker resource points.

And now, not even the entire Sect Alliance was a danger to Gravis anymore.

Several hours passed until…


Someone appeared above the former Unrestrained Sect.

“Weren’t you supposed to be away for several days?” Gravis asked without turning to the person.

However, Liran didn’t answer him. Instead, he only looked with shock and horror at the ground below him.

This was his Sect?

This was the Unrestrained Sect?

But it couldn’t be! He must have teleported to an incorrect position! This couldn’t possibly be the Unrestrained Sect!

Gravis noticed Liran’s expression and snorted to himself. ‘Idiot. You probably thought that just because everything else has worked out up to now that it would continue to do so. Couldn’t accept that you could lose everything you had, eh?’

Liran’s reaction didn’t surprise Gravis at all. The Sect had probably gone through several crises, and it had always managed to come out ahead.

Hey, it had all worked out up to now, right?

I’m sure it would work out this time as well, eh?

Sadly, it only needed a single bad flip of a coin to destroy everything.

Liran had been running away from his problems, and this had been the result. When the Sect needed him most, he left, leaving the problems for the Sect to deal with. This might have worked previously, but without the most powerful person of the Sect present, saving the Sect from such a force had been an impossibility.

Could Gravis have saved the Sect?

No, at least not without sacrificing his tempering.

Gravis could have absorbed his remaining wealth and could have become an Immortal King. At that point, probably not a single person of the Sect would have died since Gravis would have stopped every attack.

But why should he do that?

Gravis had repaid Surem by saving his life, and he had repaid Liran by giving them an incredibly valuable resource point. Additionally, Gravis had tried several times to teach Liran the Law of Freedom.

All his debts had been repaid.

However, that didn’t mean that new debts hadn’t been created. Sadly, these new debts weren’t debts that Gravis had to repay but debts that the Unrestrained Sect had to repay.

Gravis had trusted Liran, and Liran had forsaken him.

One could say that Liran’s actions after Gravis’ fight with Samantha were one of the biggest reasons why everything had turned out as it did. If Liran had involved himself back then, Gravis would have, at least, shared his thoughts with Liran. Then, Liran could have decided not to go to the Sect Alliance meeting or pay an external party to protect the Sect. Just a temporary relocation or fortification would have also done wonders.

Sadly, Liran’s pathetic conduct made all of this impossible.

Half a minute of silence passed as Liran only looked at the destroyed ground. It was like he couldn’t comprehend that this had been the Unrestrained Sect.

“How many survived?” Liran asked with a quiet voice.

“All survivors stand in front of you,” Gravis answered.

Surem’s expression had changed from heartache to seething rage. His father’s arrival had transformed all of Surem’s pain into hatred.

Surem didn’t have the power to protect the Sect, but his father did! Surem had heard from Gravis that the attackers had been six Early Minor Circulation Immortal Kings. Fighting all six of them alone might not have been possible for Liran, but he wouldn’t have been alone!

The Vice Sect Masters could have dealt with two of them, leaving the other four to Liran. This would have been an even fight! Even if Liran didn’t win, he could have easily bought enough time for the Unrestrained Sect to retreat. The majority of the disciples would have survived! Additionally, Liran could have fled after buying some time!

And all of this was not even including Gravis! Gravis could have taken another Immortal King, leaving Liran with only three to fight. Liran would have definitely emerged victoriously! Their Sect might not have taken even a single casualty like this!

Surem had had enough time to formulate all these thoughts in the last couple of hours. He had replayed every eventuality in his mind and had tried to find a way to save the Sect. What could he have done better?

Sadly, the only conclusion Surem came to was that he couldn’t have changed anything. He had already tried to convince everyone, but they hadn’t listened to him. There was nothing he could have done!

However, his father could have done so many things to prevent this tragedy!

This was why Surem absolutely hated his father right now. Liran’s weakness as the Sect Master had resulted in the death of every friend and loved one Surem had had.

Nothing remained!

When Liran heard that Surem and Gravis were the only survivors, he received another shock.

Everyone was dead?

How could everyone die?

Why couldn’t his Sect have been stronger!?

Had his Sect truly been this weak that some random bandit group could annihilate them?

He had worked himself to the bone for this Sect!

He had given them everything he had!

He gave them resources and taught them so many lessons!

And now, all of them died!?

Liran released a shaky breath. So many years, for nothing.

Slowly, Liran turned to Surem and flew closer.

Surem was just barely able to keep his rage in check. He wanted to lash out so bad. He wanted to shout at his father that all of this had been his fault.

However, losing control over his emotions now wouldn’t be the best course of action. They had to plan a new course, and being emotional now wouldn’t help. As soon as everything was resolved, Surem could unload everything he held inside.

“Surem,” Liran said with a shaky voice.

His father’s emotional voice showed Surem that his father wasn’t beyond saving. His father was regretting his actions.

“I’m so sorry,” Liran said as he looked down at the lowered head of his son.

“I should have chosen stronger Vice Sect Masters.”


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