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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 792: Close Bahasa Indonesia

After around half a day of just lying down and thinking, Gravis decided to leave his Life Ring. There was no sense in remaining here. He couldn’t comprehend any Laws in his Life Ring since the Laws could not be felt inside it.

‘Father told me that this idea to get a Life Ring was a good one and that it would work, but he should have known that I can’t learn Weapon Techniques,’ Gravis thought. ‘So, maybe there is a way for me to learn them in the future.’

‘Maybe there is a way to cultivate Weapon Techniques after dealing with the issue with my lightning. However, I can’t be sure until the issue is resolved.’

‘For now, I should just wait for the inevitable attack.’

Gravis’ body in the higher world opened its eyes as he stood up. This body was now in the Early Major Circulation Immortal Realm. Gravis had simply pushed some of his power into this body, increasing his Realm. He wanted to make any enemy believe that he might be a danger to a Peak Immortal so that they would commission an Immortal King to attack.

The future attackers wouldn’t come here because of tempering. They would be on a mission, not tempering. This meant that they would attack with an overwhelming force that would make defense impossible. Sending a Peak Immortal would be a bit too risky.

Then, when the enemy attacked, Gravis would get out his other body and enter the fight. Weak cultivation could also be used as a lure.

After standing up, Gravis searched for Stella and found her quickly. He teleported to her and told her that he was done for now.

Stella asked him about his success, but Gravis only said that Weapon Cultivation didn’t work for him. Stella was quite surprised when she heard that, but Gravis told her that he couldn’t give her the reason for it.

After a while, they fell into a conversation again and just talked without any goals.

Gravis was not interested in comprehending any Laws right now, which was why he went to Stella. The Major Law of the Elements was an incredibly difficult level four Law to comprehend since it was one of the most powerful ones. The High-Tier Hard Pure Law was a joke compared to it.

Gravis’ fight with Stella had probably pushed his comprehension of the Major Law of the Elements forward by several hundred years, but there were probably still several hundred years left.

When one wanted revenge, even a day already felt like a lifetime. Arthur wouldn’t wait for hundreds of years to take his revenge against Liran. At most, it would be ten years, and ten years was basically nothing in regards to Law Comprehension for Immortals.

Gravis would just be able to get used to learning Laws again before Liran would contact him that the enemy had arrived. There was no sense in trying to comprehend it for these few years.

Other Laws?

Even less relevant.

Gravis had no insight into any other level four Laws, and he couldn’t easily come into contact with level one, two, or three Laws anymore. Gravis was still missing a chunk of Low-Tier Life Laws, but Gravis had an Immortal Body. Comprehending them now was basically impossible unless he started hunting weaker humans and beasts to experiment on them.

Not only would this take up a lot of time, but Gravis also wasn’t the biggest fan of doing something like this.

The only remaining Low-Tier Laws would be the Emotional Laws, but due to Gravis’ issue with his lightning, this was also an impossibility.

So, in short, Gravis was stuck with comprehending High-Tier Laws for the foreseeable future, and these Laws needed a lot of time.

After Gravis dealt with the next attack, he would probably wait for the inevitable follow-up. After that, he would have his peace.

This would be the time when he would spend thousands of years on comprehending new Laws.

Gravis had already had several good fights since arriving in this world, and two more were around the corner. After those, there wouldn’t be any relevant enemies remaining in this area, which created a perfect opportunity for him to concentrate on his Laws.

So, Gravis spent his time just talking to Stella and getting to know her.

As soon as they started a conversation, it was like there was no stopping. They both had thousands of years of experiences that they shared with each other and a wide variety of knowledge.

For days and weeks on end, they simply talked and talked, not doing anything else. There was no need for food, water, or air. There were no obligations for both of them. They had thousands of years of longevity remaining.

There was no hurry and no deadlines they had to meet.

Just calm and peace.

The days passed as they sat before each other, entranced in conversation.

Flowers and trees lost their leaves as winter came, but the two of them only sat in front of each other, talking.

Flowers and trees regained new life as spring came, but the two of them only talked.

New flowers were born, and old flowers died.

New animals were born, and old animals died.

The two of them just continued talking.

Sometimes, the sun shone from one direction, and other times it shone from a different one.

Gravis’ mindset and personality influenced Stella, and Stella’s personality and mindset influenced Gravis. Their actions and mannerisms became similar as their minds connected.

After a while, Gravis no longer looked away from Stella when she chuckled or became embarrassed because of something Gravis had said. He only continued looking into her eyes with a smile as his heart fell into a strange sensation of calm.

As time passed, Stella became the one that started to look away more and more. She also became more and more embarrassed by different things as her cheeks reddened.

Gravis was entranced as he continued looking into her eyes with a peaceful smile.

As the years passed, the distance between their positions decreased. They hadn’t moved on their own accord, but subconsciously, their Laws were transforming their surroundings in such a way that the gap of land seemingly closed on its own.

After seven years, they sat directly opposite of each other, their legs just inches apart.

The several meters of distance had seemingly vanished into nothingness, leaving behind only closeness.

Gravis had never been so entranced in a conversation. He was unsure how he felt right now since he had never felt anything like it.

Back in the lower world, Gravis hadn’t been in tune with his emotions, which created a violent storm inside of him. He had loved Joyce back then, but the constant conflict inside of him made it nearly impossible to fully let himself go.

Now, Gravis was in tune with his emotions. The only issue was still with his lightning, but right now, his freedom was more powerful, banishing his lightning from his thoughts.

Gravis was himself, and he enjoyed every moment he spent with Stella.

Both of them wanted this moment to never end.

Meanwhile, somewhere else.

“When was the last time I felt love?” the Black Magnate said with melancholy in front of the Opposer. They had been watching Gravis this entire time.

“Does it matter?” the Opposer asked.

The Black Magnate sighed but smiled a little bit. “I guess not. I just need to change my outlook on life.”

“Just look to the future,” Gravis’ mother said from beside her husband. Currently, the Opposer showed what was happening to his wife. He wasn’t a big fan of showing his wife the times when Gravis was in mortal danger, but he wanted to share these moments.

Right now, Gravis’ mother laid her head on the Opposer’s shoulder in peace as she watched Gravis with a kind smile.

The Opposer didn’t say it but seeing Gravis like this made him yearn for his wife, and like something had summoned her, his wife had arrived and also joined in watching Gravis some days ago.

The Opposer put his hand around the shoulders of his wife and continued watching Gravis and Stella.

After a while, the Opposer looked at his wife. “I think I don’t say often enough that I love you,” he said.

The smile of his wife brightened as he looked into the Opposer’s eyes. “It’s been over two billion years,” she said.

The Opposer sighed. “I know, sorry,” he said weakly.

The Black Magnate saw this, rolled his eyes, and left. Staying here was a bit too frustrating right now.

The two didn’t mind and simply continued watching their son find love.

They were so incredibly happy for Gravis.


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