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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 771: Power Revealed Bahasa Indonesia

The teacher gave Gravis the location of his next opponent, and Gravis thanked her again. After that, he talked with Stella for a little bit and gave her a spot where they would meet again. It was just a bit outside the Unrestrained Sect.

Gravis would probably be busy for an entire day or so since he had to conquer multiple resource points.

When everything was done, Gravis left the three of them alone. He wasn’t close to any of them, so he didn’t really care about the teacher’s death.

After teleporting once, Gravis arrived at a new Formation Array. This was probably the Formation Array that the teacher set up. Gravis simply flew through it, and, sure enough, the Formation Array didn’t stop him.


‘Of course,’ Gravis thought as he heard the voice of a middle-aged man.


Three Immortal Kings appeared before Gravis.

“Report! What has happened in there?” one of them ordered.

Obviously, all three of them were Sect Masters from neutral Sects. They had probably overseen the fight and became concerned when their Formation Array broke down.

“An Immortal Emperor intervened in the fight, and the fight ended undecided. Neither of us won,” Gravis said.

“An Immortal Emperor?” one of them said with shock and reverence. “Do you speak the truth? These are bold claims.”

“Yes, I am,” Gravis said, activating his Law of Honesty.

The three of them looked at Gravis with furrowed brows. Apparently, they were not sure if they should believe him or not.

Gravis was a bit surprised by their reaction until he realized something. His Will-Aura had become more powerful and was now equal to the power of a Mid Minor Circulation Immortal King. This meant that Sect Masters were no longer able to see if he was using the Law of Honesty, Deceit, or Lies.

“Who else would be able to stop you from entering?” Gravis said calmly.

Gravis’ words made sense, and the three of them looked at each other in uncertainty. “Who is this Immortal Emperor?” they asked.

“The teacher of my previous opponent,” Gravis said. “Go ask the Seething Inferno Sect. Apparently, she is a guest there. They should know who that person is.”

The three Sect Masters looked at each other and nodded. “We will verify if that’s true.”

“Cool, so can I go now?” Gravis asked. “If I lied, I wouldn’t be able to escape from you anyway. Might as well continue.”

The central one of the three furrowed his brows at Gravis. “Are you saying that you will attack another resource point?” he asked.

“Yes,” Gravis answered.

The three of them looked intensely at Gravis but nodded after a while. “That’s a formidable mindset you have there, young man,” the right one said. “Please be careful about which opponent you choose. You are very talented, and we don’t want to see someone like you dying because you overestimated your abilities.”

“I already know my opponent,” Gravis said. “So, can I go now?”

“You may pass,” the left one said as they stepped to the side.

Gravis nodded and teleported away.

“I’ll verify his claims,” the right one said as he teleported away.

The other two just waited.

Half an hour later, the third Sect Master returned again with a complex expression. The other two looked at him with raised brows. “Did he speak the truth?” one of them asked.

“Yes, he did,” the third one said with a shaky voice, but before he actually reported his findings, he wanted to confirm something. “He said that his fight ended undecided, right?”

“Are you already getting old?” one of them asked. “Yes, he said so.”

The third Sect Master released a shaky breath, surprising the other two. What was up with him?

“The person that he had fought was the personal disciple of the ancestor of the Nine Elements Sect,” he said directly.



The atmosphere seemingly froze as the two of them felt that time stopped.

The Nine Elements Sect?

The Ancestor?

The personal disciple?

This… this…

In their minds, a mighty castle on top of an unclimbable mountain appeared. Below the mountain were rivers of blood that flowed around the mountain.

One of the most powerful Sects in the entire world, the Nine Elements Sect.

And above this castle floated a beautiful woman, radiating supreme power.

The ancestor.

In their minds, they could see Gravis’ earlier opponent, Stella, standing right behind this godly existence, overlooking the entire Sect as the entire world bowed before them.

And this seemingly weak and unimportant Late Minor Circulation Immortal managed to fight to a draw with such a person?

For several seconds, no one spoke a word.

“Hey, guys! You have to see this!” a laughing voice appeared as another Sect Master teleported in front of them. “Quick, you have to return, or you’re going to miss it!”

One of the three shook his head and turned to the new arrival. “What? We’re talking about something important here!”

“Trust me, your talk can wait,” he said with a laugh. “You know that one guy that just fought with that one girl over there?” he said as he pointed to the Formation Array beside them. “He just challenged his next opponent and man, did he choose a good one.”

“He chose his next opponent?” One of them asked with some nervousness.

“Yeah, you’ll never guess who,” the fourth Sect Master said with a laugh. Then, he looked at one of them in particular. This one wore a whitish-blue robe. “Seems like your Sect’s about to kill this so-called Supreme Ascender.”

The Sect Master in blue became nervous. “Whom did he choose?” he asked with a frantic voice.

The fourth Sect Master became a bit confused about the frantic tone of the other Sect Master. However, his jolly demeanor returned quickly. “He chose your personal disciple, Samantha!”

“Sa-Samantha?” he asked in shock and terror.

The other two Sect Masters looked at him and then at each other with narrowed eyes.


The Sect Master wanted to teleport, but the other two broke the space to stop him from going.

Then, they took out their weapons and looked at the Sect Master with narrowed eyes. “You are not allowed to intervene in the fight!” they ordered.

“Let me go!” he shouted with hysterical fury as he pulled out his own weapon.

“I won’t let him kill my daughter!”


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