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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 769: Stella’s Reason Bahasa Indonesia

“You can’t possibly mean this!” Liam shouted at Stella.

Gravis also looked at Stella with surprise. In his mind, Stella was a proud but kind Cultivator. She was definitely confident in her power, and the fact that this interference had damaged her path showed how much she valued her own power.

So, where did this sudden acceptance of asking for help come from?

“Liam,” Stella said with a sigh. “My path has been damaged. This is an undeniable truth. What do you think would allow me to get out of this situation?”

Liam was still riled up, but he found an answer he didn’t like. “You would have to enter the Valley of Silent Death,” he said.

“What’s that?” Gravis asked.

Liam gritted his teeth and didn’t look at Gravis.

Instead, it was Stella that turned to Gravis. “The Valley of Silent Death is a kind of prison from our Sect,” she explained. “In there, death is at every corner, and no one is allowed to enter or look at it, not even the upper echelon.”

“The valley is filled with hidden dangers. You will find nearly no opponents there but many traps and beasts that strike from the shadows. Elements, natural disasters, Cultivation Diseases, and several other things run rampant in there.”

“Only disciples that have broken primary rules and disciples that need to fix their Will-Auras will enter. The only way to fix my current situation is to be subjected to an extended period of constant danger,” she said.

“The death rate is 98%.”

“Battle-Strength seemingly doesn’t make a difference.”

Gravis nodded. This made sense.

The issue with interference was that the Cultivator’s feeling of danger would lessen since there had been a precedence case of someone saving their life. This would unconsciously make it harder to feel death, decreasing the growth of the Will-Aura massively. If the Will-Aura can’t grow anymore, any attempt to increase one’s power would only be a dream.

However, there was also another method.

“You didn’t speak of the second method,” Gravis said.

Stella gritted her teeth, frustration and anger ravaging her insides. She didn’t even want to think of this method! She already felt ashamed that she even thought of it!

Liam was confused when he saw his sister’s reaction. What method?

Only when someone wanted to become more powerful with all their will would they even be able to think of something like this.

Eradicate the cause of the interference.

Their teacher already knew of this. Even if she didn’t die today, she would probably still kill herself to secure her disciple’s path.

However, she was only part of the interference.

The other part was Liam.

Killing Liam and her teacher would help a lot in fixing Stella’s path.

Gravis knew this very well since he went through the same thing in the past.

“I won’t even consider that!” Stella said through clenched teeth.

“Understandable,” Gravis said with a nod. “So, you are actually willing to ask for assistance?”

Stella nodded with a determined expression.

“He nearly killed you!” Liam shouted at Stella. “He’s the reason why you are in this situation in the first place!”

“So?” Stella asked bluntly as she looked at her brother. “This was a fight we both agreed to. Yes, he challenged me, but I could have also just left. This resource point means nothing to us. The Seething Inferno Sect is only a temporary training ground for us.”

“We both agreed,” Stella said. “Do you think he doesn’t have any loved ones? Do you think his loved ones wouldn’t grieve for him and hate me if our situations were reversed?”

“Liam, we are not living in some village!” Stella said with frustration. “There is no good or evil! We are all just people that have the same dream! You should know that! You’re an Immortal, for Heaven’s sake!”

Liam clenched his fists in rage. “So what?” he asked aggressively, gesturing widely. “He nearly killed you, and that’s a fact! Just because he had a good reason doesn’t change the fact that you nearly died! Am I just supposed to swallow this rage!?”

“Yes, you are,” Stella said, “because this has nothing to do with you.”

Liam’s anger nearly exploded when he heard that.

“He nearly killed me, not you, Liam,” Stella said with narrowed eyes. “Do you believe I am so weak that I can’t make my own decisions? I forgive teacher for intervening, but that doesn’t mean that I will allow just anyone to overrule my decision and intervene in my personal freedom!”

Their teacher watched with pain. She didn’t enjoy that the two loving siblings fought with each other, but she also knew that it was necessary. If Liam wanted to help his sister, he had to keep himself out of this.

In Liam’s mind, he was helping his sister. However, ironically, helping his sister required not helping her.

“Fine!” Liam shouted as he stepped back. “You want to chase your own death? Fine!”

Then, Liam returned to his teacher’s side as he looked away from his sister.

Obviously, he was mad that his sister decided to go through with such a stupid decision.

Stella took a deep breath. “Thanks, Liam,” she said.

Liam’s heart shook, but he didn’t let it show.

Then, Stella turned to Gravis again. “As for your question, yes, I am willing to ask for help,” she said. “Your ability to ignore something as significant as this is a power I don’t have.”

Stella took a deep breath and looked to the side.

“Honestly, I don’t want to follow you,” she said, “and if it were only this one time, I would rather enter the Valley of Silent Death.”

Then, she turned to Gravis again. “However, I can’t guarantee that something like this doesn’t happen again. As long as I have family and friends, one of them will sooner or later interfere to save me. When that happens, even the Valley of Silent Death wouldn’t be able to save me anymore.”

Stella took a deep breath and sighed. “That would only leave the second option.”

Then, she looked at Gravis again with determined eyes, “but that is something that I will never do!”

“Therefore, I need this ability of yours. If I have to swallow my pride right now to gain it, then so be it!” Stella shouted.

Liam’s expression changed to a pained one. His anger had already mostly vanished as he listened to his sister.

Yes, what of the future?

Would something like this never happen again?

“You can ask for anything in return,” Stella said. “I’m not someone that will accept a favor without repayment.”

Gravis remained silent for a couple of seconds as he listened to her words.

Then, he sighed.

‘Damn,’ he thought. ‘She’s making it real hard to dislike her.’

Gravis also looked at their teacher, who only smiled at Gravis encouragingly.

‘Well, she did save my life, and I have received some good tempering. Additionally, this is her dying wish,’ Gravis thought as he glanced at Stella. ‘Also, her personality is to my liking. Lastly, in some couple of years, I will probably feel lonely again since I don’t have a deep connection with Liran or Surem.’

‘Might as well make some friends.’

“Fine,” Gravis said.


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