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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 757: Focus Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ mind stopped. ‘What? Weapon Laws have nothing to do with weapons?’

“Ahahaha!” Arc laughed as he saw Gravis’ face. “Your face, man,” he shouted through hysterics.

Gravis wasn’t in the mood to laugh. Instead, he felt pretty frustrated.

Nothing to do with weapons?

Then why was it called a Weapon Law!?

Everyone would think that it has something to do with weapons. After all, it’s called a fucking Weapon Law!

“It’s the entire shit with Life Energy all over again,” Gravis grumbled with furrowed brows.

Arc still snickered a little. “Kind of, but not entirely. The Life Energy thing is just because of your personal definition of it while the Weapon Law thing is different.”

“You said I could find out what Weapon Laws are with that sentence, but you only confused me even more,” Gravis said with annoyance.

“You don’t get it?” Arc asked with a smirk. “Alright, let me give you a comparison.”

“Imagine you are in the wild, and a ton of wild and dangerous animals are around you. Yet, the only thing you have is a stick. This stick is the only thing you can use to defend yourself. Obviously, a stick is not enough to defend yourself. So, what do you do?” Arc asked as he raised a finger.

“Simple, you search for a stone and add it to the stick, creating a spear. So, do you still have your stick?”

Gravis furrowed his brows, but Arc continued talking. “You do, but you also don’t. Your stick is now part of the spear. Now, when everyone else is put in the same situation, all of them will convert their sticks into spears since they need a good weapon to defend themselves.”

“So, in the end, everyone won’t see the stick as a stick, but as an incomplete spear. Therefore, when you meet someone else with a spear while you only have a stick, they will ask you why your spear is damaged, even though it’s only a stick.”

“A stick inherently has nothing to do with a spear. It’s just a stick. However, since everyone else uses it for the same thing, it will only be seen as this one thing,” Arc explained.

“Do you understand now?”

Gravis’ made several connections. “I think I do.”

“The stick represents the Weapon Law while the spear represents the association with weapons. The stick has nothing to do with weapons, but everyone sees it as a weapon since everyone uses these as components of weapons.”

“That’s why you said that Surem was showing me the end product first. My end goal is to create this Weapon Law and then fuse it with an actual weapon.”

“According to your comparison, a stick can be used to create a weapon, but it can also be used to create a ton of different stuff. However, only a weapon is relevant since I can’t use any other kind of tool.”

“In short, a Weapon Law is some kind of Law that I can add to a weapon, but it doesn’t have to be added to a weapon, right?” Gravis asked.

“Correct,” Arc said with a nod. “To be precise, a Weapon Law is a kind of usage and refining of your being and Laws. When you use your Lightning Crescent, you fuse your Will-Aura, Spirit, and lightning into one attack. A Weapon Law is similar but more refined.”

“With your Lightning Crescent, you are adding Laws. You use the normal Lightning Laws and add your Laws of Lightning’s Explosiveness, Lightning’s Power, and Lightning’s Speed. You have a base Law, and you add three other Laws to increase its power.”

“However, you can’t use everything. You can only add the lightning-related Laws, but what about the others? Shouldn’t you also be able to add your Laws that increase the power of your Will-Aura since your Will-Aura is part of your Lightning Crescent’s power?”

“Remember the Sect Master of the Unrestrained Sect. Remember the arrows he used? He created these arrows with the Law of Suppression. Can you do that?” Arc asked.

Gravis frowned. “No, I can’t,” he said. “I can only use my Law of Suppression with my Will-Aura. I can’t transform it into a physical attack.”

Arc nodded. “Right! Liran took the ethereal power of something non-physical and made it physical, and as you know, as soon as something is physical, you can manipulate it with your body.”

“So, like this, Liran’s physical power could also be added to the attack. Now, imagine your Lightning Crescent. What if you could add the power of your physical body and Perceived Reality Laws to the attack?”

Gravis imagined this scenario, and what he imagined was scary. Such an attack would be far stronger. Even Mortality would count as a joke in comparison.

“That would be terrifying,” Gravis said.

Arc nodded. “Yes, and that’s what Weapon Laws are. They are simply a tool to fuse everything together, transforming the ethereal power into physical power. Right now, you can’t fuse ethereal power with physical power since they are on seemingly two different planes. Take them to the same plane so that they can interact.”

Gravis nodded. “Makes sense, but how?”

“First, you need to create a Focus, at least that’s what your homeworld calls it,” Arc said.

“Focus?” Gravis asked.

“The Focus is a Law, but not a traditional Law,” Arc answered.

Gravis furrowed his brows. “How?”

“All Laws in the world have been created by my creator. He can tweak them, change them, delete them, or add new ones,” Arc said. “Look at the world like it’s the mind of my creator. You are trying to understand all parts of his brain by comprehending Laws. You are never creating anything new. You are only copying.”

“A Focus is a kind of Law that you create yourself,” Arc said.

“A self-created Law!?” Gravis asked in shock. “I can do that!? I can create Laws!?”

“Yes,” Arc answered with a nod, smirking. “Even Unity Realm Cultivators can do that. The difference is that these Laws only exist inside you. They exist only in your body, mind, and reality. They are not present on the outside since the normal Laws will just destroy them.”

“You could liken it to perceived reality. In your world, you are able to use these powers. In your own mind, you are the most powerful. However, when you are able to create a Law powerful enough to gain the recognition of the other Laws, it will become reality.”

“Of course, this is your Law, and only you can use it.”

“This is what Weapon Laws are. You create your own Law and use it to fuse your other Laws. That’s why it’s also called a Focus. It serves to focus everything that you have on one point.”

“So, what would be the best use for such a Focus? Obviously, it’s to create a powerful attack. Fusing all of your powers into a singular attack is by far the most useful application. Obviously, the best spot to place and use that Focus would be your weapon.”

“Everyone uses their Focus with their weapon since this is their most offensive tool, and the Focus would be able to unleash its greatest potential with it.”

“So, since everyone uses it with their weapon, and since the Focus counts as a Law, everyone simply calls it a Weapon Law.”

“Even though it has nothing to do with weapons.”


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