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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 729: Arrival in the Higher World Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis’ vacation in the highest world was over, and it was time to return to his cultivation. He already missed his family, but he only needed to become more powerful to see them again, and when he ascended one more time, he would be able to stay with them all the time. This would be the last time he was away from his family for an extended period of time.

Gravis stepped out of the portal and appeared in a gigantic, grey hall. He looked around, surprised that he appeared in a man-made structure immediately instead of in the wilds. On the walls, Gravis could see a ton of different weapons hanging there.

Gravis quickly checked out the weapons and realized that they had all been crafted with the High-Tier Hard Pure Law, which meant that they had the power of a level four Law. This would be quite impressive for any new Ascender since no Ascender knew level four Laws.

On top of that, the weapons were crafted really well. As Gravis looked at them, he could even envision what kind of Cultivator would use these weapons.

“Greetings, Ascender,” a voice came from Gravis’ left, from the entrance of the hall. Gravis was currently looking at the weapons but hadn’t dropped his guard. He had noticed this person from the beginning, but the person didn’t seem to have any hostile intent towards Gravis.

“Hello,” Gravis answered without looking at the person. He didn’t mean to be rude, but he was just too interested in the weapons.

The man didn’t take it to heart and came closer. Gravis turned his gaze to the man and noticed several things. He was wearing light armor, grey in color. On his back, Gravis could see a rather long spear.

‘Sure enough, he carries his weapon on his back,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is probably a Weapon Cultivator.’

“These are symbols of power from the different Sects,” the man said as he stopped beside Gravis. “As you can see, there are over a hundred of them, each one representing one Sect. They serve as a demonstration of the Sects’ ways.”

Gravis nodded. “I can feel different elements in different weapons. I can also feel Laws like Heat, Cold, and several others. I can even sense some mixed elements. Yet, the surprising thing is that nearly half of them have no element at all.”

The man, a guard probably, had a shocked look on his face. “You can feel all these Laws?” he asked.

Gravis nodded. “I know a lot about the elements, and I’m pretty good at forging. That’s why I can tell,” Gravis said.

“You are no Purist then, I presume?” the guard asked.

Gravis furrowed his brows. “What’s a Purist?” he asked.

The guard looked surprised since he hadn’t expected that question. “How do you not know that?” he asked. “Are you joking with me?”

Gravis scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. “Does it have something to do with Weapon Cultivation?” he asked.

The guard narrowed his eyes in uncertainty as he tried to evaluate Gravis. “You talk like you know nothing about the Path of Weapons.” Then, he looked Gravis up and down. “I also don’t see any weapon on you,” he added.

Gravis nodded. “I’m not a Weapon Cultivator,” Gravis said.

“Not a Weapon Cultivator?” the guard asked in shock, but then his friendly attitude immediately vanished. “Please tell me that you’re joking.”

Gravis looked at the guard with interest. ‘As I’ve expected. This is a Battle World, and the Weapon Laws reign supreme. Anyone that does not follow the Weapon Laws is seen as inferior,’ Gravis thought.

“I’m not joking,” Gravis said.

Then, the guard harrumphed in disdain. “Then leave this place, servant. You do not deserve to gaze upon the Sects’ glory.”

Gravis raised an eyebrow. “Servant? That’s a new one. Why do you call me a servant?” he asked.


The guard pulled out his spear. “Silence, servant! Leave or feel my spear!” he shouted.

Gravis didn’t take the threat seriously. This guy was a Mid Early Circulation Immortal, nothing dangerous to Gravis. Yet, of course, this guard wasn’t alone. Several other guards looked in from outside. There were over a hundred of them, and Gravis noticed that their number was the same as the number of weapons in the hall. On top of that, they all held different weapons and armor.

“So you are an envoy of one of the Sects, I presume,” Gravis said calmly.


The guard pointed his spear at Gravis. “This is my last warning! Leave!” he shouted.

Gravis only smirked.


Gravis moved so fast that the guard couldn’t even react. What was up with that ridiculous speed!? Gravis didn’t even use anything, but his speed was absolutely abnormal!

How was Gravis so much faster than someone an entire level higher than him without using any Law?

The answer was his body.

For over a thousand years, Gravis had lived among beasts with monstrous bodies. All of them had such powerful bodies that Gravis’ body only counted as average. The power of Gravis’ body had even become irrelevant in the middle world.

But now, Gravis was among humans again, and humans were not known for their physical power.

Gravis grabbed the shaft of the spear with one hand and looked at the guard’s shocked expression. At the same time, Gravis also looked at how the other guards reacted. Sure enough, none of them intervened. They were rather shocked about Gravis’ speed, but none of them even made an attempt to save the grey guard.

‘As I’ve thought. They’re in competition or at war. I’m not sure how this world tempers itself, so I can’t be sure about their relationship,’ Gravis thought.

“You dare touch my weapon!?” the guard shouted angrily.


A wave of earth came out of the spear’s shaft as spikes tried to impale Gravis’ hand.

Gravis wanted to use his Composition Law of Core to destroy the earth, but he decided to stop.


The spikes hit Gravis’ hand but broke. Meanwhile, Gravis’ hand was not even injured. Even though Gravis was in his human form, the ridiculous defense of his scales still worked.

On top of that, this wasn’t even Core. This was the basic earth element with the help of a level two Law. Additionally, this was not an attack created by the actually dangerous part of the spear. This was simply a makeshift attack to push Gravis away.

The eyes of the guard nearly fell out. Why was this new Ascender so strange!?


Gravis pulled the spear to him but pulled the guard with it. Gravis was a bit surprised that the guard didn’t let go of his weapon. It seemed like he would first need to lose his arms before he let his weapon go.


And that was exactly what the guard did. Gravis cut off both of the guard’s arms with a chop and pointed the guard’s spear at him.

The guard looked like doomsday had arrived. It was like his closest companion had been killed.

“Servant, eh?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

As soon as Gravis took the spear away from the guard, the entire atmosphere changed. The guards on the outside no longer looked gloating into the hall. Instead, they narrowed their eyes in fury. Gravis noticed this and raised an eyebrow.

‘So they are not at war. It’s probably a form of competition,’ he thought. ‘Well, that’s why I didn’t kill the guy. As long as I don’t kill him, nothing bad will happen.’


The guard fell to his knees in despair.


And then, he exploded.


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