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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 664: Killed Them Bahasa Indonesia

Orthar told his story.

He had only been an insignificant octopus at the edges of the world, but when he became a Spirit Beast, he had believed that he had reached the peak of the world. Because of that, he had fathered a ton of children and simply decided to watch other beasts.

This life had dragged on until Gravis arrived one day and opened his eyes to the wider world. After that, Orthar told everyone about the River Tribe and how the Tribe grew with incredible speed until it eventually collapsed into itself. It had grown too quickly.

Then, he told his story about the time between the River Tribe and the death of his backer. Gravis’ three kids hadn’t really talked much with Orthar inside the Life Ring. Because of that, his story was also a new one for them.

They felt like Orthar’s methods were cowardly since he mainly relied on his intellect and scheming, but they also realized that their impression might be misplaced. After all, Orthar was more powerful than them. Power was most important, and since Orthar’s path had brought him to his current power, they couldn’t doubt it. Yet, it just felt alien to them.

The rest of Orthar’s story went over very quickly since he had only stayed in his abyss from then on.

After that, it was Aris’ turn.

He told his story very honestly, even insulting his past, arrogant self for his stupidity. The descriptions of his fights were especially detailed.

After Gravis had heard Heaven talk about saving his children’s life, Gravis could now see Heaven’s hand in some of these fights. For example, Aris once had a feeling about an ambush that he couldn’t explain. He just felt like he was in danger even though he hadn’t comprehended the Law of Danger at that point. This was one of Heaven’s helping hands.

When he became an Emperor, Punishment Lightning came nearly naturally to him. He had decided to visit a Law Comprehension Area for Punishment Lightning out of curiosity but had managed to understand it in only twenty years.

Obviously, the three of them knew why Punishment Lightning came so easily to them.

It was Gravis.

His body was comprised of Punishment Lightning, and since they were his children, Punishment Lightning came very naturally. One could say they were part lightning.

His story also ended when Gravis killed the Tornado Emperor. After that, he and his siblings only comprehended some Laws.

Cera also told her story, but since she had mostly remained with Aris and Yersi, there was not much more for her to add. Her story didn’t take up much time.

Yersi’s story also didn’t need much time. Aris and Cera had already told nearly everything. The only thing to add had been her time when she had been forced to kill weaker beasts, but that was basically it.

After that, everyone looked at the Opposer.

“I don’t want to bore you with my entire life story, so I will just tell you about some interesting events before I became an Immortal,” the Opposer said.

Then, the Opposer simply summarized some events he had been in. He didn’t include much detail, and especially the fights were very brisk. Nearly all of them were described the same way.

“I have been attacked by this person, so I killed them.”

“I needed his treasure, so I killed him.”

“He insulted me, so I killed him.”

“He tried to scam me, so I killed him.”

“He tried to order me around, so I killed him.”

“She thought she could slap me just because she was a woman, so I killed her.”

“He looked at me funnily, so I killed him.”

“An elder of his clan came to kill me, so I killed him.”

“The Clan has sent someone to kill me, so I killed them.”

“The teacher didn’t like me, so I killed her.”

“The school wanted to execute me, so I killed the headmaster.”

This was how most of the Opposer’s story went. Someone did something, and the Opposer killed them. It was rather straightforward and simple, but it showed his mindset.

Yet, the listeners noticed several nuanced details. The Opposer never fought anyone that he couldn’t kill. Sure, his Battle-Strength was absolutely unreal, but he still couldn’t jump an entire Realm. Additionally, when he offended some big organization, he always became just powerful enough to resist the incoming attackers.

That was not a coincidence.

By now, everyone was sure that the Opposer made as many enemies as possible to put himself under more pressure. This increased his comprehension of Laws and expedited the growth of his Will-Aura immensely. He was under a constant threat for his life for nearly all his time.

It even went so far that he had been branded as a crazy mass murderer by a ton of organizations, which wasn’t inaccurate. After all, he had killed a lot of people for unsavory reasons. He definitely wasn’t a good guy.

Yet, before he became an Immortal, he stopped his insane behavior. He had noticed that his opponents had known increasingly more Laws. He had also noticed that his Battle-Strength had fallen.

That was when he decided to just spend over 9,000 years with nothing else but comprehending Laws. This was the perfect situation since he had just killed the most powerful organizations in this area.

His reasoning for comprehending Laws for such a long time was that he really disliked comprehending Laws. It felt like work to him. So, he decided to finish his work first and then go crazy again.

After comprehending Laws for so long, he basically shot through the Realms in an insanely short amount of time until he realized that his Battle-Strength was becoming dissatisfactory again. So, he went back to comprehending Laws.

And that was where he ended his story.

Obviously, there was far more to tell, but talking about the Immortal Realms and God Realms was irrelevant right now. After all, from the five listeners, only one had reached the first Realm of Immortality.

“You’re really very straightforward, father,” Gravis said after his father stopped talking.

“Yes,” his father said.

“So,” Gravis said again. “To summarize your story: You offend as many people and organizations as possible and then just have to survive. Like this, you will naturally become more powerful.”

“Yes,” the Opposer said.

Gravis still remembered the high praises that Heaven had given the Opposer. After listening to his father’s story, these praises felt misplaced, but Gravis wasn’t so stupid as to think that. It was just that his father simply skipped the parts he deemed as dull or unnecessary. Yet, these details were probably what allowed him to survive these dangers.

After all, judging by what his father just said, Gravis had thought more than once that his father should have died. Some of these situations sounded impossible to escape from or survive, but then the Opposer simply said his trademarked “Killed them”.

“You’re boring,” Gravis’ mother said to her husband.

“No,” Gravis’ father said.

Gravis’ mother groaned while Gravis had to laugh at the irony. Saying no to the claim that he was boring in the most boring way possible just sounded way too funny to him.

After that, everyone talked about some random things for several hours.

When some seconds of silence appeared, the Opposer talked again.

“It is time to talk about your futures, Aris, Cera, Yersi, Orthar,” he said.

The four of them perked up with interest.


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