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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 634: Experienced Opponent Bahasa Indonesia

The Tornado Emperor shot at Gravis with unreal speed, who had barely any time to react. Even with his new speed-related Laws, the speed difference between him and his opponent was just far too difficult to overcome.

Gravis immediately replaced his current suit of armor with a new one. If he got hit without having the gas between his armor pieces, he would get destroyed.


A powerful wind blade was unleashed by the Tornado Emperor, which destroyed his suit of armor too. Even with the Law of Wind Composition weakening the attack, the attack was still terrifying, and Gravis’ entire right side got decimated.


A lightning net appeared in the air, which Gravis used to pull himself away. With his level two Law of Lightning Manipulation, he could finely control this entire net, and with his Law of Magnetism, he could pull himself to wherever he wanted. Because of this, the next follow-up attack of the Tornado Emperor missed.

Gravis immediately got another suit of armor and healed his body. Then, he used his speed in tandem with the Law of Magnetism to shoot at the Tornado Emperor. He had to go all-in since a re-initiation of his part would end badly. He had to immediately turn it around.


A concentrated explosion of wind pushed Gravis away as the Tornado Emperor shot another wind blade at Gravis. Gravis’ Will-Aura wasn’t powerful enough to destroy this attack with the Composition Law of Wind, but it could weaken the attack quite a bit.


Yet, Gravis’ lower body was turned to mincemeat again as he healed himself and summoned a new armor. If this continued, he would run out of Life Energy very soon. He had to do something!

A ton of rocks suddenly appeared as Gravis shot all of them at the Tornado Emperor. The Tornado Emperor only sneered as he charged at Gravis again. He wouldn’t be fooled by these rocks.


Yet, one of the rocks exploded with lightning, which shocked him for a short moment. This was one of the rocks created with the Law of Loaded Earth. It wasn’t there to hurt the Tornado Emperor but to take him by surprise and shake his mental state.


Gravis’ saber hit the tail-blade of the Tornado Emperor, barely breaking the skin and touching the bone. Unleashing a Lightning Crescent at this tail would be a waste of lightning. Instead, Gravis had other plans.


With the skin broken, Gravis could unleash his Body Composition Law on the bone of the tail, which quickly turned it brittle. Then, Gravis switched his saber out for a new one. Such a switch came instantaneous thanks to his Spirit Space.


The bone in the tail froze as Gravis loaded his new saber with his Law of Cold. He had prepared a lot of different sabers for different Laws. This one was attuned to the Law of Cold, which allowed him to use this saber as a proxy to influence the bone of the Tornado Emperor. Another explosion with lightning arrived, and the tail of the Tornado Emperor was cut off again.

The Tornado Emperor felt the pain and attacked Gravis with his maw, but his Law of Danger quickly made him abort. The Tornado Emperor had also comprehended the Law of Danger, and he felt that if he went through with this bite, he would die right now. So he attacked with one of his claws instead.

Yet, this short moment of indecisiveness gave Gravis enough time to realign himself and summon his shield. Additionally, Gravis even had enough time to parry the attack instead of blocking it.

The force of the attack made Gravis’ body spin around as he replaced his saber with another one. Using the force of the spin, Gravis unloaded a Lightning Crescent at the widely open Tornado Emperor.


The Lightning Crescent hit, and the Tornado Emperor lost all his scales again. Additionally, since his tail had been cut off, the Lightning Crescent also managed to destroy a lot of muscles at the tail end. By now, the total length of the Tornado Emperor had been cut down by 20%.

Gravis’ lightning storage had fallen to about 25%, but he had also damaged his enemy. But this time, he wouldn’t let up.

The Tornado Emperor was a mess of blood as he tried to gain some distance to regenerate again.


Yet, as he shot into the distance, he was surrounded by intensely cold air. If one stayed still inside the domain of the Law of Cold, one wouldn’t have as many issues, but if one moved rapidly through the cold, it would become fatal. All the oozing blood of the Tornado Emperor froze as the microorganisms inside him couldn’t break through the ice to regrow his scales.

Sadly, this also ate up a terrifying amount of Gravis’ lightning. Freezing the outside of such a powerful Emperor was terrifyingly Energy consuming.

The Tornado Emperor was very experienced, and he quickly found a way out of this situation.

Instead of wasting more Life Energy to regenerate himself, the Tornado Emperor made bones break out of his right claw, which quickly extended. Additionally, these bones were shaped like blades. The Tornado Emperor now had a massive claw of bone blades.

So, instead of retreating, he swiped this claw at Gravis.


Yet, the Lightning Net around Gravis used its magnetism to pull these bone blades apart, barely allowing Gravis to squeeze through them. With that, the Tornado Emperor was open again.

Seeing that Gravis was about to attack him again, the Tornado Emperor decided to sacrifice one of his trump cards.


A new arm suddenly appeared at the Tornado Emperor’s side as it punched through Gravis’ torso. Gravis had already realized that the Tornado Emperor knew the Law of Disguise, which he had used to change his body shape, but Gravis still wasn’t fast enough to react to this arm. The arm punched a hole through Gravis’ torso.

Yet, the arm was not big enough to kill Gravis in one strike. The Tornado Emperor had seen Gravis’ defensive capabilities and used a smaller version of his arm. If he had used one that was big enough to instantly kill Gravis, he would also hit a bigger area of Gravis’ armor, which would injure Gravis even less.

The Tornado Emperor smirked victoriously as he unleashed his Body Composition Law to turn Gravis into dust.

Yet, nothing happened.

Instead, Gravis quickly retrieved his ice saber again and cut off the arm that penetrated his torso.


The cut-off arm turned into dust as Gravis absorbed it, regaining about half of his lightning.

The Tornado Emperor became enraged.


He instantly increased the size of his body as he hit the entire Lightning Net surrounding them. He had to get rid of this Lightning Net first!


Additionally, the heat of the lightning hitting his body melted the frozen blood, which quickly allowed him to regrow his scales. Yet, instead of regrowing his tail, he decided to simply close it off with scales. Regrowing the tail would cost far too much Life Energy, and he was already running low.

Gravis hadn’t expected this move, which allowed the Tornado Emperor to rebuild his defense and weapons.

Then, the Tornado Emperor summoned more bone blades as he charged at Gravis without any hesitation.

‘This will become troublesome now,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes.


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