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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 633: Tornado Emperor Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis quickly came closer to Aris’ place of confinement, but he couldn’t reach it since someone intercepted him.

“Die!” a powerful voice came, followed by a mighty and concentrated wind lance.

Gravis had been prepared for a fight ever since he had heard that his children were in confinement. Because of that, he had always been cautious about anyone attacking him. Additionally, he had seen how the attacker had readied themselves.

The sense of a beast could be likened to an echo of a bat. They could feel everything from a terrifying distance, but it wasn’t very clear. Meanwhile, the Spirit Sense of a human was incredibly detailed. Because of that, Gravis had been able to see the shifts of expression on the level three Emperor, which allowed him to react to the attack.

Yet, the wind lance had been terrifyingly fast. If Gravis hadn’t seen the beast before it actually launched its attack, Gravis would have been severely injured, even if he already wore his armor.


The will upon the wind lance was broken as a short burst of lightning allowed Gravis to sidestep the attack. Then, he looked at his attacker’s appearance.

It was a green, snake-like dragon. This dragon looked very similar to the Golden Dragon Gravis had fought in the past. Additionally, this dragon had seven eyes on his head. ‘Another beast that subconsciously emulates Heaven’s looks,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes.

The dragon was shocked when he saw Gravis evade his attack. Not only had Gravis sidestepped the attack, but he had also made it impossible for the dragon to control his attack. This couldn’t be Aris.

“Who are-“


Lightning exploded behind Gravis as he shot at the dragon. He used his entire speed with this acceleration, but thanks to his new Laws, he hadn’t spent much Energy on the acceleration.

The dragon’s eyes widened in shock as Gravis showed far more speed than he had expected. Not even Aris was as fast as this new beast, and Aris counted as a very fast beast! Was this one of Aris’ children?


Gravis immediately put as much lightning into his saber as possible, which was about 70% of his total storage. Thanks to the increased power of his lightning that he had received by understanding several lightning-related Laws, he only needed to use 70% of it to unleash a fully powered Lightning Crescent.

Usually, as a beast with a wind affinity, the Tornado Emperor should have been able to barely react to such an attack, but Gravis’ instantaneous actions without giving the Emperor any time to speak took him by surprise.


The Lightning Crescent exploded onto the Tornado Emperor’s body as a ton of beasts in the surrounding kilometers got consumed by the explosion. All the Energy of the dead beasts was gathered by Gravis, allowing him to reach his peak again.

“ARGH!” the Tornado Emperor shouted with pain and hate as most of his skin was turned to dust. He had wanted to talk to this beast, but this insane beast had immediately attacked him. He had to pay!

The scales of the Tornado Emperor started healing. Obviously, he had comprehended the Law of Skin Growth.


Yet, Gravis unleashed his Will-Aura and Law of Suppression. Together with these two things, he unleashed his Body Composition Law to destroy all the Life Energy that the Emperor used to heal his scales.

Sadly, this was a level three Emperor, someone that was four levels above Gravis. Even with Gravis’ mighty Will-Aura, he wasn’t able to stop the regeneration of the dragon’s scales. Yet, it also wasn’t ineffective. The Tornado Emperor had to use triple the amount of Life Energy he would have normally needed.

Gravis had decided to attack immediately because of the Tornado Emperor’s attack. The whole thing regarding his children was irrelevant to this decision. When someone with the power to kill him attacked him, even if it was by mistake, this someone was an enemy.

Obviously, the Tornado Emperor had confused Gravis with Aris, but that didn’t matter. If Gravis hadn’t been powerful enough, he would have died.

Panic broke out among the beasts. Such a powerful attack had been unleashed in the middle of their region? Such powerful battles were forbidden! This could only mean one thing.

An enemy was invading their region!

A ton of Emperors assembled as they all shot at Gravis.


Yet, their bodies all started to turn to dust as they came closer.

“If you involve yourself in this fight, you will die,” Gravis transmitted to all the gathered beasts. “This green snake-thing has attacked me first, and only he is my enemy. Keep yourselves out of this fight, and nothing will happen.”

Usually, these beasts wouldn’t believe something like this, but the fact that all their bodies were turning to dust convinced them that they maybe shouldn’t involve themselves. Instead, all the Emperors gathered the Kings and led them away from this area.

As soon as they retreated, all their bodies stopped turning into dust, which relieved them greatly. Such a death would be meaningless.

Meanwhile, the Tornado Emperor looked at Gravis with hatred. “Who are-“


Gravis immediately shot at the Tornado Emperor again as he loaded his saber with another Lightning Crescent. Then, he unleashed it.


But this time, the Tornado Emperor had been prepared. His body quickly transformed into a thin string, which curled around the area where the Lightning Crescent would hit.

Yet, Gravis was not so stupid that he would use the same tactic twice. This had only been a feint from him, and he hadn’t unloaded his Lightning Crescent.

Instead, he held his hand towards the thin string.


Gravis immediately unleashed his Law of Heat with as much power as he could muster. Such a thin string had a terrifying amount of surface area, and the more surface area there was, the more effective temperature became.

The string immediately turned into a ball as it rapidly began spinning.


A terrifying wind picked up in the surroundings to push Gravis away. Right now, the Tornado Emperor was at a disadvantage since Gravis had taken the initiative. This meant that he had to reset the current fight and gain some space.

The brief run-in with the Law of Heat had injured his scales, but he could quickly heal this minor damage, even if he had to use a lot of Life Energy to do so.


Yet, against all expectations, Gravis seemed to not be affected by this wind. This attack had been far too hasty and too dispersed, which allowed Gravis to completely destroy the wind with his Law of Wind Composition.

Gravis’ eyes shone as he saw his opportunity, and he slashed downward with his Lightning Crescent.

Suddenly, a thin and sharp tail came out of the ball. Behind the tail, a storm exploded as it shot at Gravis with unreal speed. One had to remember that this was an Emperor four levels above Gravis. His speed far outclassed Gravis’ speed. Because of that, the tail hit first, breaking Gravis’ attack.


The tail hit Gravis at the waist, creating a powerful cut in his armor. Yet, as soon as the outer armor was penetrated, a terrifying amount of freezing, pressured gas shot out of the cut. As a lost minute resort, Gravis had influenced the gas inside his armor with the Law of Cold. The pressurized gas came out and froze the entire tail.

As the tail froze, it died, and with it, the will upon the tail. With Gravis’ Law of Composition, he turned the frozen tail into dust. All of this played out in a split second. Even if Gravis managed to destroy the Tornado Emperor’s tail, the force behind the attack still broke his entire waist and shot him into the distance until he hit a mountain, which his body quickly destroyed.

Gravis had to spit out some blood as some of his organs nearly got crushed into nothingness. If he hadn’t had his armor, he would have died immediately.

This was the power of a beast four levels above him. Even a single, casual, physical attack could end him.

The Tornado Emperor gnashed his teeth as he regrew his tail. Yet, he didn’t know the Law of Muscle Growth, which only allowed him to regrow the tail as a blade. Of course, that was still better than nothing.

But now, the Tornado Emperor finally had space and could reinitiate the fight.

With a powerful explosion of wind, the Tornado Emperor shot at Gravis again, who was still reeling from the attack.


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