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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 626: Gravity Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis needed to use all of his Energy to resist the heat. If he also had to resist the gravity, he would waste far more Energy. Because of that reason, Gravis told Morus to stop. This depth was perfect for him.

“Remain like this and tell me if it becomes difficult for you to keep me from falling,” Gravis said.

“Yes, Master,” Morus answered.

With that said, Gravis closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of gravity.

Right now, the gravity was so terrifyingly powerful that some muscles and organs even ruptured from time to time. His tail especially was tearing a lot since it held Gravis’ entire weight. Thankfully, Gravis knew several Life Laws, which made it possible for him to remain in this state indefinitely without running out of Life Energy.

‘Gravity penetrates everything,’ Gravis thought. ‘With my Body Composition Laws, I can only influence the outside of a being. Everything else is blocked by the will. Yet, gravity goes through everything. Even my will is not able to influence the gravity at all.’

Gravis had already tried to use his Will-Aura to resist the gravity, but it had zero effect. It was like his will couldn’t interact with gravity at all.

Gravis narrowed his eyes as he hung upside down. Then, he scratched his chin. Anyone seeing this would think the image to be quite funny and embarrassing. It looked like Morus had caught a ponderous fish.

‘I think this is the first force I have truly experienced that isn’t influenced by a will,’ Gravis thought. ‘My Will-Aura can weaken the elements, influence the body, and can even impact the soul. The matter in the surroundings can also be crushed with my Will-Aura. Yet, gravity doesn’t interact with my will at all. This is truly wondrous,’ Gravis thought.

This was a completely new experience for Gravis. Up to now, he could influence everything with his Will-Aura. This was the first time when his Will-Aura didn’t work at all.

‘That’s valuable knowledge,’ Gravis thought. ‘I mostly rely on my Will-Aura in combat. Without it, someone can scatter my body with the Punishment Lightning Law. Additionally, they could fight me with their full power.’

‘Yet, if my enemy knows the Law of Gravity, I wouldn’t even be able to resist. My most powerful weapon, my Will-Aura, would be completely useless. Additionally, my armor, which counts for most of my defense, would even become a burden in this scenario. After all, my armor weighs quite a bit.’

‘Huh. That would almost be like fighting against someone with a more powerful Will-Aura than me. I guess that the Law of Gravity is some kind of counter to Will-Auras. I didn’t even know that such a thing existed.’

‘Though, I wonder, is this a level two or level three Law?’ Gravis thought. ‘I’m pretty sure it’s a level three Law, but I have been mistaken before. I’m also pretty sure that this is only the Mid-Tier form of the Gravity Law.’

‘I’m also quite certain that I need it to continue on the Composition Law. After all, if I know everything about Composition, I know how the entire world is made. Yet, what is a world without gravity?’

‘Anyway, I should get to comprehending.’

Thus began another long time of Gravis trying to comprehend a Law.

After 20 years, Gravis still felt that the Law of Gravity was wondrous.

After 50 years, Gravis managed to understand some scattered bits of knowledge.

After 80 years, Gravis managed to create some disjointed concepts about how gravity influenced different things.

After 120 years, Gravis managed to combine some of those.

‘Man, this is harder than I thought,’ Gravis thought. ‘Additionally, I don’t have a good base for understanding gravity. The Composition Laws of Metal and Wood are kind of related to gravity, but they are definitely not prerequisites. At least I’m 100% certain now that this is a level three Law. Additionally, it’s a level three Law that needs to be understood in one go. It’s like Punishment Lightning.’

After 160 years, Gravis saw a lot of concepts.

‘Understanding a level three Law in one go is far more difficult than understanding one that’s reliant on a base. I’m using up a terrifying amount of time, but I would need to understand it in the future either way. It doesn’t make a difference if I understand it now or later. At least, right now, I have the opportunity to concentrate on this Law.’

After 200 years, Gravis felt that he managed to understand most of the Law. Now, he only needed to find the last bits.

After 240 years, Gravis was sure that he was nearly there.

After 250 years, Gravis managed to reach the threshold. Yet, instead of trying to break through it, Gravis stopped. He already knew that he couldn’t understand a level three Law without tempering himself. Trying to comprehend it fully now would be a waste of time.

“Morus, bring us up,” Gravis ordered.

“Yes, Master,” Morus said as he pulled Gravis upward. In the beginning, Gravis had to use a terrifying amount of Life Energy to keep his tail in one piece since they were rising, but the more they rose, the easier it became.

After around 4.000 kilometers, Gravis ordered Morus to release him. From this height, Gravis didn’t need any help to control himself. Gravis righted himself for the first time in 250 years, and it felt weird to be upright again.

‘Man, I have been upside down for 250 years. It even feels weird to be upright now. Time really has a weird effect on perception,’ Gravis thought. ‘I need to get used to standing upright again.’

“Morus, have you learned something?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, Master. I have not comprehended another Law, but the terrifying heat down here has given me more insights into fire and the Law of Heat,” Morus answered respectfully.

Gravis smirked. “That’s good. Now, let’s return to the surface.”

“Yes, Master,” Morus said.

Then, Gravis and Morus rose upwards again. By now, the hole had closed up again with dried magma, but it wasn’t difficult for them to break through it.


Suddenly, Gravis and Morus felt water assaulting them. It wasn’t some kind of attack, but simply natural water.

“Huh?” Gravis said. “I don’t remember digging inside water. Did we make a wrong turn?” Gravis asked Morus.

“No, Master. I am certain that this is the place where we have entered,” Morus said.

Gravis scratched his chin in thought. ‘This can only mean that there is now water where there has been no water. I’m guessing that the sea beasts have made quite some victories if even the core of the continent is affected.’

Gravis rubbed the back of his neck. ‘I guess 250 years is a long time. I have been in seclusion for 650 years by now. The world is probably no longer the same as it has been.’

The two of them shot past the seabed and fully entered the water.

“Intruders!” a mighty wave of Beast Sense washed over everything.

‘Sure enough, we’re inside sea beast territory now,’ Gravis thought.

In a matter of seconds, a level three Emperor and several level two Emperors arrived and surrounded Gravis and Morus.

Gravis only looked at the gathered forces without any nervousness.

Morus had an above-average Battle-Strength, and Gravis could turn all the other Emperors into dust.

This was not a force that could threaten them.

Yet, Gravis wanted to see how they would react.


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