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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 599: Life Energy and Microorganisms Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He knew a lot about Composition and about living and dead matter. Someone that didn’t know as much wouldn’t be as surprised about this development. Yet, to Gravis, it appeared magical that something dead could become something living.

When the microorganisms fused together, they not only created a will but also a soul! How was it possible that they created a soul? Gravis had always thought that a soul was something magical that entered a body via Heaven or something similar. A lot of people believed in reincarnation and that the souls of dead beings could enter new bodies.

Yet, this revelation showed him that this was not the case. The soul was being created by a fusion of microorganisms. This meant a completely new soul that had never seen the world before had been created. There was no such thing as reincarnation in this cosmos.

“Shocking, isn’t it?” Sary asked with a smirk. “When I’ve noticed this for the first time, I was also shocked. You should know that Azure’s technique of understanding the Life Laws came from me. I have always comprehended the Life Laws via creating new children and watching them. The microorganisms are obviously not alive, yet they contribute immensely to living beings.”

Gravis nodded. “It truly is shocking. I guess Azure has already comprehended the Law of Microorganisms, right?”

“Probably,” Sary answered. “I don’t know for sure, but she had comprehended at least one level two Law in regards to the body. So, the chances that she has already realized the workings of the microorganisms is quite high.”

Gravis thought back to how he had watched his children being created. He had kept watch over the entire thing, but his knowledge regarding the Composition of the Body was not high enough to notice how special something like this was. His children had also once been microorganisms, but Gravis hadn’t noticed this peculiarity.

The egg, which demonstrated the microorganisms, turned back to its old form after creating life, and Gravis continued looking at it. With this new knowledge, he should be able to look at the microorganisms from a different point of view.

Two years passed. Eight years until the time was up.

By now, the microorganisms made a lot more sense to Gravis. He still had no idea how the microorganisms created souls, Life Energy, or a will, but their actions made more sense. Microorganisms had no kind of Life Energy inside them. If they had, Gravis should have been able to feel it.

Yet, Gravis hit a roadblock again. There had to be some use that these microorganisms had that Gravis still didn’t know about. Creating life was impressive, but there had to be more.

During that time, Gravis also observed his own body, but he found no microorganisms inside it. There was just lightning that had manifested inside him. Yet, he noticed one thing.

‘I think my Life Energy is a bit different from the Life Energy of other living beings,’ Gravis thought. ‘I use Life Energy to heal my body without transforming into lightning, but it may not be the typical Life Energy of other beasts. Most of the Laws regarding the Body still work on me, but not all of them. Maybe this is one of those Laws?’

Gravis thought about this and glanced at Sary subconsciously. ‘Sary is healing herself continually to demonstrate her Law of Energy Healing. This Law is obviously far too advanced for me, but maybe I can learn something.’

Thus, Gravis looked at Sary’s body, which was breaking down and healing at a terrifying rate. Gravis’ Spirit Sense couldn’t enter into her body, but he could see how the surface wounds healed. With his new knowledge, he looked at the healing body of Sary from a different viewpoint. Instead of looking at the result, Gravis looked at the process of healing.

After a while, Gravis noticed something quite peculiar. There were a lot of microorganisms in Sary’s body. When he realized that, his eyes narrowed. ‘Sure enough, there is a difference in our bodies that goes beyond the simple Law of Body Composition. She has microorganisms roaming around in her body, while I don’t.’

Gravis continued watching and managed to understand more about the process of healing. ‘Interesting. When Sary’s scales get injured, these microorganisms appear and fuse with the healthy scales. This means that the microorganisms are responsible for healing her body. Yet, wasn’t Life Energy supposed to be responsible for that?’

Gravis continued watching Sary for over a day.

‘There are so many microorganisms. By now, the number of microorganisms that had been used up would already reach several times her body weight. They just don’t end. It’s like she has an infinite amount of microorganisms that keep healing her body. Is this the Law of Energy Healing?’ Gravis thought to himself.

“Hey, Sary,” Gravis said. “Where do you get this incredible amount of microorganisms from? All of these microorganisms have mass, and their combined mass would be far, far higher than your body’s mass.”

Sary chuckled a bit. “That’s my Law of Energy Healing,” she said like it was obvious. “As the name implies, I transform Energy into microorganisms that heal my body. As long as the destroyed tissue doesn’t leave my body, I use the level two Law of Life Energy Conservation to break it down again to reuse it.”

“Of course, the Law of Life Energy Conservation isn’t perfect, and I can’t get the full amount of Life Energy back. That’s when my Law of Energy Healing comes into play. I use Energy to create Life Energy,” Sary said.

Gravis wasn’t fine with that answer. “Sure, but where do these microorganisms come from? Do you split up the destroyed tissue and create more of them?”

Now, it was Sary’s time to become confused. “I don’t get your question. Isn’t it obvious where the microorganisms come from?” she asked.

Gravis furrowed his brows. “I don’t have microorganisms inside my body due to its peculiar makeup. That’s why I don’t know.”

Now, Sary became shocked. “Are you trying to tell me that you don’t have Life Energy?” she asked.

Gravis grimaced as he became more confused. “I do have Life Energy, but I think my Life Energy is different from your Life Energy. My body simply grows by absorbing the saved-up Energy inside it. It’s weird and complicated.”

Sary hummed for a bit. “So, you don’t have our Life Energy, but your own kind of Life Energy. That’s fascinating.”

“Sary,” Gravis said, “how were you so sure that I don’t have Life Energy?”

“You just said it yourself,” Sary asked, surprised at the question. “You said you don’t have microorganisms, and every Emperor knows that the microorganisms are Life Energy.”

Gravis completely stopped moving. “What?” he asked after some seconds of silence.

“You really didn’t know?” Sary asked in surprise. “Everybody knows that microorganisms are literally just Life Energy. Our organs produce them, and they heal our injuries.”

Gravis’ mind was going wild. He most certainly hadn’t known that!

“But Life Energy has the word Energy in it, and Energy doesn’t have a mass since it’s not matter! It can transform into matter, but it is not matter itself! So, how come something that has Energy in its name can have mass!?” Gravis asked fervently.

Sary scratched her face with her tail. “No, it doesn’t,” Sary said. “These two concepts are related, but Energy is not inside Life Energy.”

These words confused Gravis fully now. What did she mean that the word Energy was not in Life Energy!? It was obviously in it!

Suddenly, Gravis’ eyes widened in realization. ‘No wonder! We are always communicating with our Spirits! Even if we say something, it’s more of a thought or concept that is being transmitted over a wide area instead of actual language spoken via our voice.’

‘My Spirit receives these signals and puts them into words that I am familiar with. So, it’s very possible that Sary’s word for Life Energy doesn’t have the concept of Energy inside it. To her, it might actually be possible that the word for microorganisms and Life Energy is the same word.’

‘The concept of Life Energy simply becomes the word Life Energy inside my mind since I have learned about Life Energy already in the lower world. Yet, the word Life Energy might not be appropriate,’ Gravis thought.

‘This means that Life Energy is not part of Energy, but something that Energy transforms into. Life Energy is not a force, but matter!’


Immediately, Gravis comprehended the Composition Law of Microorganisms. Microorganisms were Life Energy. In normal beasts, their organs produced microorganisms by using Energy as fuel. Then, the blood would store these microorganisms, and if something gets injured, their will will send the microorganisms to the injured area.

‘Finally! I got it!’ Gravis thought. ‘Now I know what Sary meant with that it would be worth it to spend a lot of time to understand microorganisms. Microorganisms are Life Energy, and Life Energy is the base of all Life Laws. Without this Law, I can’t go far in the Life Law category.’

Gravis scratched his chin as Sary looked at him with confusion. ‘Yet, this means that microorganisms are also part of the Composition of Bodies and Plants. This means the Composition of these two things wasn’t complete before. Every part on its own made sense, but without microorganisms, there wasn’t a way to truly combine everything.’

Gravis smiled. ‘Well, now it makes sense.’



Gravis was shocked when he realized what he had just comprehended. It was this simple? All he had needed was knowledge about microorganisms?

Gravis had just comprehended the level two Law of Body Composition and the level two Law of Plant Composition!


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