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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 476: Gravis Becomes Active Bahasa Indonesia


Suddenly, the steam parted below Gravis and the others. The reason for that was apparent. The cheetah had revealed her true size, which was an impressive ten kilometers. The rapid expansion of her body had pushed all the steam to the side for a while.


Below the cheetah, more steam parted as the enemy King also revealed their size. It was a moray eel, nearly 30-kilometers-long. Gravis was a bit surprised that this moray eel had no additions to its body.

Kings had another opportunity to evolve, and they had enough battle experience to see the imperfections in their bodies. Normally, a King should have a more combat-oriented body than that. Eels were not really designed for combat. That was why Gravis was surprised by the enemy King’s appearance.

Meanwhile, Gravis also noticed that the cheetah looked a bit different. Her tail was incredibly long and thin, nearly double as long as her whole body. Gravis realized the utility that such a long and flexible tail brought. She could use this tail as another weapon or defense.

Gravis turned away from the battle as he looked down into the Abyss. For a short moment, when the steam had parted, he had been able to see the level five Lords behind it. Surprisingly, they didn’t charge into the battle. They probably hoped for the enemy’s level five Lords to get injured in the chaotic battle.

Such a decision had advantages and disadvantages. The advantage quickly showed itself as some of the level five Lords, currently charging through the chaotic battle, received some minor injuries from some stray attacks.

Yet, the disadvantage also showed itself. Around ten level four Lords died as the level five Lords casually attacked them in their charge. Such a devastating strike had already decided the victor for the battle of the level four Lords. The land beasts had a numerical advantage now.

After some seconds, the level five Lords of the land beasts and Gravis exited the steam tornado above them. Now, the enemy could finally see their forces, and with that came surprise.

The enemy only saw ten level five Lords while they had 20. Usually, the forces of both sides were equally powerful to allow the armies to receive some tempering. Yet, the land beasts had only arrived with half the level five Lords. What was going on?

The level five Lords of the sea beasts looked at each other and then charged violently forward. They had to take advantage of such an opportunity!


Several beasts immediately clashed as an insane amount of steam also appeared here now. As soon as Gravis counted that a little more than half of their level five Lords had already found their opponents, Gravis decided to become active.


Gravis immediately transformed into lightning, which made his speed climb to ridiculous degrees. None of the enemies saw his transformation since he was surrounded by steam right now. This was the perfect opportunity for him.

He charged forward violently as he passed the currently fighting beasts. Then, he immediately moved from side to side in an effort to find some enemies. The beasts had issues seeing their surroundings due to the chaos, and the same thing was true for Gravis.

After around a second, Gravis found a level five Lord charging forward, and Gravis shot right at him. The Lord noticed a lightning bolt coming towards him and felt the power of the lightning. Immediately, the level five Lord dodged to the side to evade.


Yet, Gravis immediately changed his trajectory and charged at the new position of the Lord. In no time at all, Gravis charged right through the head of the level five Lord, still inside his Lightning Transformation.

The head of the Lord exploded as Gravis felt his Realm become weaker. Yet, not even a second later, the whole body of his enemy had been consumed by lightning. Due to that, Gravis felt his Realm increase even further than it had fallen just now.

‘As I expected,’ Gravis thought. ‘This is a bit of a waste. I should have gotten four units of power equivalent to level four Lords, but I’ve only gotten two. If I kill level five Lords like this, my Realm will only increase half as quickly.’

Gravis immediately searched for his next opponent and quickly found another one. Gravis charged at him violently, and just like the last Lord, this one tried to evade. Yet, Gravis simply transformed back into his body when he arrived beside the beast.


An unreal pressure pressed into the Lord, making it nearly impossible for him to move. Gravis retrieved his saber and slashed downward. As soon as he performed this action, he moved all his power into his body.


Gravis’ timing had been perfect. By moving all his power into his body, his body was 75% as powerful as the enemy’s body. Together with his powerful weapon, it was enough to behead the enemy without needing to waste any lightning.


Gravis transformed back into lightning and moved through the corpse, absorbing it instantly. His Realm increased by the expected four power units, and he continued on his search for more enemies.

He found three at once and closed in on them. They tried to evade, but Gravis materialized in the middle of the three.


He activated his Will-Aura, suppressing all three of them. Then, he summoned a small Lightning Bomb and let it explode between them.


The three Lords couldn’t even react as they were consumed by lightning. All the lightning gathered and shot back into Gravis, increasing his lightning’s power by a lot.

Gravis killed another three Lords after this, bringing his kill-count to eight. After searching for some more seconds, Gravis found no more enemies in the backlines. This meant that all level five Lords were currently fighting.


Gravis immediately turned around and shot into the chaotic battle. He searched for some shockwaves and charged in the direction they came from. After a second, he found a one-on-one duel between two Lords.


Gravis immediately killed the Lord, surprising the land beast that had just fought the now-dead sea beast.

“I can’t search for the two-on-one battles,” Gravis transmitted to the level five Lord. “It’s easier this way. Sorry for your food. Try to find a two-on-one battle and grab one of the opponents.”

The level five Lord wasn’t really happy about that. He had already used quite some resources to fight his current opponent, and if he searched for a new one, he might have a disadvantage. Yet, there was nothing he could do. Without saying anything to Gravis, the level five Lord left.

Gravis also searched some more and luckily found a two-on-one battle. He also noticed that his comrade was already quite a bit injured.


Gravis activated his Will-Aura, killed one of them, and created a gigantic gash in the second opponent’s body. “This should make it fair,” Gravis transmitted to both of them. Then, he left again.

The second level five Lord sea beast was in fear as it hadn’t been able to defend against such an attack. Additionally, a huge gash had opened at the side of its body, making it feel incredible pain.


The land beast managed to land a powerful hit on the sea beast. The land beasts had already seen Gravis’ strength, which was why this land beast wasn’t surprised. When it had noticed that its opponent had let their guard down, it had taken advantage of this opportunity.

Meanwhile, Gravis swam upwards and left the steam tornado. His work was done, and the number of the level five Lords should be equal now. Everything else depended on them.

Gravis was close to reaching the next level, but he was just short. He probably only needed one more level five Lord to become a level five Lord himself.

After leaving the steam tornado, Gravis paid special attention to the fight between the Kings. They were fighting outside the steam tornado, and since they didn’t use as many attacks as the level four Lords, their surroundings were still visible. Additionally, their bodies were rather big.

The cheetah moved around with incredible speed, and Gravis also noticed that she had the wind affinity. ‘A cheetah with wind affinity? No wonder she’s so fast,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis also noticed that she used her tail and claws to create wind blades, which shot at her opponent. Gravis had a lot of experience with cultivators and beasts with the wind affinity, and he was sure that the cheetah had comprehended a Law, which allowed her to fight like that.

Normally, wind cultivators needed to gather a lot of Energy and then shoot such a wind blade out. These wind blades would, therefore, also be made out of Energy. Yet, the wind blades that the cheetah used didn’t use any Energy whatsoever.

Her wind blades acted like extensions for her attack. They simply transformed her physical attacks into a shockwave that traveled forwards without losing any of the power. This allowed her to attack from range without needing to consume any Energy, quite a powerful weapon.

Meanwhile, the moray eel blocked these wind blades with mud. Apparently, it had comprehended a Law that allowed it to summon the mud and control it. This was very similar to the Law that the Golden Dragon had comprehended.

The mud concentrated on different spots and became dense enough to block the wind blades. Yet, the cheetah obviously had the speed advantage, and Gravis noticed that the moray eel found it harder and harder to block the wind blades in time.

The fight continued for half a minute, and Gravis saw that the end of the fight was approaching. By now, the mud shields lacked behind the wind blades, and the moray eel only barely managed to block them.


Suddenly, the cheetah’s speed exploded to a ridiculous degree as wind Energy gathered around her. ‘Such an insane acceleration probably ate up around 50% of her entire reserves,’ Gravis thought with narrowed eyes.

The moray eel couldn’t even react as the cheetah arrived directly in front of it. Then, the cheetah performed a somersault as her tail accumulated a ridiculous amount of Energy.


And the head of the moray eel got severed by the tail.


Yet, in an instant, a second head grew out of the moray eel. The cheetah was wide open, and the second head bit into the cheetah’s neck as she passed it. The bite crushed her entire neck and half her head.


Then, the moray eel pulled its head away and tore the head off the cheetah.

Gravis watched this with narrowed eyes. ‘The Law of Disguise, same as Orthar. It kept its second head hidden with that, making us believe that it only had one,’ Gravis thought.

‘This King knows two Laws!’

The moray eel didn’t waste any time and turned to the steam tornado, but not before noticing the lone Gravis standing outside it.

Then, the moray eel looked at Gravis with cold eyes.


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