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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 459: Complex Threat Bahasa Indonesia

The beasts still weren’t able to come to terms with the current situation. A normal level three Lord had easily won against two of the most outstanding level five Lords in existence. Those were beasts that could fight two levels above themselves!

“Move your ore away from the arena,” the Empress commanded.

Gravis sighed in relief when he heard that. He was afraid that he wouldn’t get another opponent after this last fight. In truth, Gravis even felt a bit guilty. He asked for two opponents, got two, and then messed up the fights. It was like he was a kid that had gotten two toys and quickly broke both of them.

Actually, he even felt a bit embarrassed by asking for a third one. He wasn’t even sure if he had the shamelessness to ask for a fourth one if he broke this one too.

Only an insane person like Gravis could look at life and death battles like they were toys. Even the craziest beast would act superior and arrogant after finishing these two fights like this. Then, the beast would shout arrogantly into the surroundings and challenge every other beast for a fight. That’s how the opponents were normally chosen.

Yet, Gravis looked at this whole thing differently. An enemy wasn’t really an enemy to him. It was more like a beast that offered up their life to help him increase his power. That’s why he felt bad about “wasting” two such opponents.

Gravis quickly flew out of the arena and summoned all his ore around 100 kilometers away from the arena. He needed the ore to be outside his Spirit Sense so that he wouldn’t be able to get it while fighting.


One huge chunk of ore after the other fell to the ground until there was a pile nearly 20-kilometers-tall. The sheer amount of ore stunned every beast present. How did he have so much ore!? Where did he even keep such a large amount?

Many of the beasts had already realized that Gravis could store stuff in some kind of separate space, but this was just way more than they had ever thought. How big does a separate space have to be to store that much stuff? Also, wasn’t all this ore incredibly heavy?

Even the Red King was a bit surprised. He knew that Gravis had taken a lot of ore from his Kingdom, but he hadn’t expected it to be that much. This was way more than he had anticipated.

He hadn’t been there when Cynthia had followed Gravis to get his ore. After all, this so-called ore was only some kind of hard stone. For all he cared, Gravis could take as much as he wanted.

Gravis had so much ore due to the eventuality that his body could become way bigger in the future. He had no idea how much his body would grow while he went through the Nascent Nourishing Realm. So, to be on the safe side, Gravis had taken a lot of ore. After all, maybe he would become several-kilometers-tall in the future.

After seeing the mountain of ore and how Gravis had used some ore in his last fight, the beasts quickly realized something terrifying. Gravis might even be able to kill Kings with the help of so much powerful ore! He could simply drop these huge chunks onto their bodies. What could they even do against that?

‘This is unfair,’ many of the beasts thought in frustration. They could accept Gravis’ weird abilities, but to use some kind of storage space like this just seemed to make any fights meaningless.

A situation like this never happened, no matter in which world one was. Natural worlds didn’t have humans, which made the appearance of such a situation impossible since beasts didn’t have a Spirit Space.

Worlds with humans in them also wouldn’t have such a situation appear. That was because ore was a precious commodity, and without enough power, one wouldn’t even be able to get their hands on such powerful ore, and if they somehow did, it wouldn’t be that much.

Gravis had gotten his hand on ore that was way beyond his current level, and a huge amount at that, which broke the whole concept of balance in fights. One could debate if something like this could be considered as Gravis’ personal power or external power.

On the one hand, he was only using his abilities to the maximum effect, which could be considered as his personal power. Yet, on the other hand, such a situation could only happen in these circumstances.

In the future, the circumstances would change, and Gravis would no longer have access to such powerful ore. After all, the next world wouldn’t be another natural world. This meant that, in the next world, Gravis would lose this advantage.

If Gravis relied on that power right now, he would waste a ton of genuine tempering. Also, at some point, there simply wouldn’t be any way to gather enough ore to kill his opponents. Could he kill the highest Heaven by dropping ore on it? That was very doubtful.

This meant that this whole ore-thing was a short-term, overpowered ability. One could also call it a cheat. By relying on it, Gravis could quickly reach higher Realms in no time at all, but he wouldn’t have gotten the understanding and tempering during that time. So, relying on the ore was more damaging than helpful to Gravis, in his case.

Due to all these reasons, Gravis decided to keep his ore away from him while fighting.

“Grand Elder,” Gravis transmitted as he looked at the Mountain of Pride.

The white ape was a bit surprised that Gravis talked to him. “Yes?” he asked.

“I would like to request something from you. It might seem senseless in the beginning, but it’s very important to me,” Gravis transmitted slowly and politely.

The white ape raised an eyebrow. “Go ahead,” he answered.

“I would like you to promise me that if I take any of these ore-chunks in a fight, you will send an incredibly powerful beast to kill me directly,” Gravis transmitted. Others shouldn’t hear something like this.

The white ape was quite surprised about this request. This request raised multiple questions in the white ape’s head. “Why would I need to send another beast?” he asked.

Gravis sighed when he heard that. This was the question that he dreaded. Obviously, the reason for that was that Gravis could kill the white ape with merely a thought. Yet, if Gravis exposed this power, the white ape might lose his rationality in fear and might kill him directly with a slap. After all, if the white ape took the initiative to attack, Gravis would die before he could even formulate a thought.

The reason why Gravis had asked the white ape and not the Empress was because of the white ape’s lightning element. He had no idea if the Empress would go through with killing him if she made such a promise, but he could trust the white ape due to the lightning element.

Yet, the problem was the white ape’s complex threat. It was like both of them had a bomb in their heads that could go off instantly if the other so chose to trigger it. Both of them could kill the other one before they could react. Whoever pulled the trigger first would kill the other person without them having a chance to react.

Gravis could kill the white ape with a thought, but the white ape could kill Gravis without him even being able to react due to the speed difference. So, Gravis was not entirely safe from the white ape, even if he had the ability to kill him in less than a second.

And what if Gravis killed the white ape? Then, the Empress would probably kill him. After all, this white ape was the Grand Elder and probably also had quite a good relationship with the Empress. If those two had a fair fight, she probably wouldn’t mind, but a Lord killing an Emperor like this couldn’t be considered fair.

This whole thing was way too complicated for Gravis’ liking. The end goal was to make it impossible for him to access the ore, even if he desperately wanted to.

Gravis thought for a bit, and the white ape got confused due to Gravis’ sudden silence. His question seemed to have thrown Gravis into some distress. Yet, why would such a question throw Gravis into distress? It was his request, after all.

Gravis was unsure how to accomplish his goal right now.


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