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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 431: The Fight Is Over Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis had to find a solution to this beam, fast! His shield could only block regular attacks of level five Lords, which would be a little bit stronger than the full-power attack of a level four Lord. Yet, this beam was about as powerful as the trump card of a level five Lord! As soon as he felt the power of the beam, Gravis knew that his shield wouldn’t be able to survive that.

Gravis also couldn’t evade to the side since the beam was barreling towards him with insane speeds. It was also rather wide, which surprised him even more. The beam’s power was spread over such a wide area, yet, it still was so powerful. Usually, no level four Lord should be able to unleash such a powerful attack.

Nevertheless, Gravis had to find a way out.


Gravis transformed into lightning and shot backward while leaving his shield there. It would buy him, at least, some time. After the blink of an eye, the beam destroyed the shield and closed in on Gravis.


When Gravis saw that the shield was about to collapse, he transformed back into his body and immediately summoned all the ore inside his Spirit Space to block the beam. He needed to exhaust the beam’s power as much as possible.

The beam rapidly ate through the ore like it didn’t even exist. Yet, the ore weakened the beam even further. If Gravis had the time, he would have forged the ore into shields. Sadly, he didn’t have such a luxury.


The beam hit Gravis’ feet since Gravis had angled his body so that his feet pointed towards the beam. The beam ate quickly through the boots, but…


A Lightning Blast came out of his boots, which pushed the middle of the beam back. Gravis couldn’t evade to the side since most of the beam’s power was shooting past him.


Yet, the Lightning Blast wasn’t enough to stop the beam entirely, and it quickly attacked his boots again. After another blink of an eye, his boots broke apart, and the beam started destroying his legs. It quickly traveled up towards Gravis’ torso, but Gravis quickly curled his tail so that it was between the beam and his torso.

Then, the beam started destroying the tail, but before the tail was completely incinerated, the beam weakened and eventually stopped. Gravis took a deep breath of relief. He managed to survive. That had been close.

Yet, he was still shocked about the power of the beam. It had destroyed his shield, all his ore, his boots, his legs, and half his tail. This power was incredible. On top of that, Gravis had wasted around 50% of his regenerated power in the Lightning Blast.

Sadly, Gravis couldn’t transform into lightning right now to heal his body. If he did, all his wasted power would throw him back into the Initial Unity Realm. Then, he wouldn’t even be able to put up a fight anymore.

All of these thoughts shot through Gravis’ head in less than a second, and he quickly narrowed his eyes and looked back at the Golden Dragon. Yet, he was shocked by what he saw.

The Golden Dragon looked incredibly weak. It took deep and rapid breaths, and the golden luster of its scales had dimmed severely. On top of that, Gravis saw something that made him release another sigh of relief.

The Golden Dragon had fallen to the Middle Unity Realm, also called a level three Lord.

‘No wonder this attack was so powerful. The Golden Dragon literally unleashed all its power and even Realm to kill me,’ Gravis thought. ‘Well, I would have done the same thing, only earlier.’

If Gravis were the Golden Dragon, he would have used that beam after seeing that his attacks weren’t as effective anymore with the new addition of the shield. At that point, his enemy still hadn’t recovered at all. The Golden Dragon had committed a mistake by waiting this long.

Yet, this was the Golden Dragon’s weakness. It had disregarded Gravis from the beginning, and that disregard only became stronger as Gravis helplessly evaded the onslaught of spears. Even when Gravis hit it with his Lightning Crescent, the Golden Dragon still viewed that as a last-ditch effort of an ant.

So, when this ant suddenly became able to block its physical attack, the Golden Dragon became increasingly angry, which clouded its judgment. It refused to believe that this ant could hold out in front of it! That’s why it hadn’t even thought about using this attack until the moment when it saw Gravis slowly gaining the upper hand.

The Golden Dragon was incredibly shocked when it saw that Gravis had survived. Yes, he lost his equipment and legs, but something like that wasn’t life-threatening to Lords. Even a normal Lord would be able to regrow their legs in a day or so.

The Golden Dragon couldn’t believe that this ant had managed to survive its most powerful attack. How was this possible!? How did such an easy fight suddenly become so hard!?

“RAAAAAAHHH!” the Golden Dragon screamed in rage as it shot at Gravis. Yet, it had fallen by an entire level, which reduced its speed by a huge margin. On top of that…


Gravis had continuously used his Will-Aura, and the Golden Dragon had grown used to this kind of pressure. After all, this pressure had only lowered its speed by about 10% previously. But now, this pressure felt many times more powerful.

One shouldn’t forget that by falling an entire level, the level suppression towards Gravis’ Will-Aura had also become way weaker. Right now, the Golden Dragon was only a single level higher than him. Usually, Gravis didn’t even consider beasts at that level as food.

The Will-Aura’s suppression increased immensely. Earlier, the Golden Dragon was only slowed by 10%, but now, its speed got reduced by 70%! This meant its already lowered speed got lowered even more.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The Golden Dragon unleashed multiple attacks, but Gravis easily evaded them by moving his body with his Spirit. Now, Gravis was faster than the Golden Dragon. This was no longer a fight.

The Golden Dragon kept on attacking, but Gravis easily evaded every single attack. Comparing its current speed to its old speed only showed how laughably slow it was now.

If one assigned a value of 100 points to the unsuppressed peak speed of the earlier Golden Dragon, it would have fallen to 90 points with Gravis’ Will-Aura. Yet, by falling an entire level, the 100 unsuppressed points became 25. Then, if one factored in Gravis’ stronger Will-Aura, it would fall to about seven points.

Seven points compared to 100 points, that was the ridiculous difference in speed. Yet, the Golden Dragon never stopped attacking. It refused to believe that it had lost!


They had fought all over the place, and Gravis found more ore with his Spirit. He quickly summoned that ore into his Spirit Space and then resummoned it before him. After that, he created a new saber with a hardened edge. Gravis had used up all his sabers while defending from the beam, so he needed a new one.

Gravis evaded the attacks while he finished the saber in around two seconds. After that, he charged at the Golden Dragon while easily evading the attacks.


A deep and long wound appeared at the Golden Dragon’s neck, but the Golden Dragon was just too big. Even with Gravis’ ten-meter-long saber, he could barely reach the muscles beneath. That was the advantage of having a colossal body. Getting to the vital points was difficult.

Yet, the disadvantage was also there. By having its whole power spread over such a gigantic body, it wasn’t nearly as hard as it could be. Gravis actually had no problems in injuring the Golden Dragon like this.

“RAAHHH!” the Golden Dragon shouted in rage as it continued attacking.


Meanwhile, Gravis just evaded the attacks and created wound after wound. After some seconds, Gravis managed to create a circular cut, going all around the Golden Dragon’s neck.

“It was a good fight. Thank you,” Gravis said.

Suddenly, the rationality of the Golden Dragon reappeared, and it realized its situation.



It wanted to say something, but Gravis didn’t care. He pushed the meat to the side with his Spirit and unleashed a Lightning Crescent with about half his power into the cut. It easily hit its target, and the violent explosion severed the Golden Dragon’s head from its body.


The head and the body fell to the ground, and their weight created several craters. The Golden Dragon still managed to live for a couple of seconds, but that was it. After these seconds, the Golden Dragon died.

The fight was over.


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