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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 252: The Priest vs. Old Man Lightning Bahasa Indonesia


Old Man Lightning blocked the chop with his cane. It wasn’t hard to block such a telegraphed attack made out of rage. Both of them had a body at the peak of Spirit Forming, so their bodies had the same power. The surroundings exploded, and the body of Old Man Lightning sunk as a crater appeared. Surprisingly, the cane was still in one piece.

Old Man Lightning pulled his left arm back as lightning started crackling on it.

“Lightning Punch!” he screamed with enthusiasm, as the priest quickly changed his attack into a block to stop the punch.


The face of the priest froze in pain as a leg had just kicked him between the legs. He felt an unreal amount of pain that completely stopped him in his tracks.


The fist of lightning exploded onto the priest’s chest, and he got shot away into the distance again. “How did you not block my Lightning Punch? I even announced it! Are you actually really retarded?” Old Man Lightning shouted in shock.

The priest shot out of the forest again, but this time, his eyes were icy instead of furious. He had realized that he shouldn’t have gotten angry. Yet, the damage had already been done. His chest bled profusely, and a lot of ribs were broken. The priest channeled his rage into cold hatred.

“You’ll regret-“


Old Man Lightning attacked the priest with his cane, but the priest blocked it without a problem.

“Shut up and square up,” Old Man Lightning shouted, but then looked like he remembered something. “By the way, that means you should attack. Not sure if you got that.”

The priest gritted his teeth but said nothing more. He had to remain calm, or he would die today.


A small explosion appeared beneath one foot of the priest. It wasn’t really powerful since he wasn’t immune to his own element, like Gravis. Therefore, he could only create a small explosion. Yet, the explosion did the trick and accelerated his kick. Old Man Lightning quickly lifted his knee to block.


The kick had been too fast to evade, and Old Man Lightning was thrown back as another small explosion came out of the foot of the priest. The flesh above Old Man Lightning’s knee was destroyed, and his visible kneecap had some cracks on it.


An indescribable pressure hit everything in the surroundings as the priest activated his Heavenly Pressure. Old Man Lightning also activated his Will-Aura, but it was obviously weaker than the Heavenly Pressure. After all, Heavenborn borrowed their Will-Aura from Heaven, which was always as much as they could handle. Right now, the priest was exhibiting the pressure of a level two Unity Will.

Old Man Lightning felt himself slow down as his Will-Aura couldn’t compete while the priest summoned a one-meter-long nail before himself. Behind the nail, an explosion happened that shot it forward with incredible speed.


Old Man Lightning barely deflected the nail, but the nail’s head took his cane with him. Not willing to lose his cane, he kept holding it and barely managed to stop his cane from leaving his hands. Though, not without some damage. Some of his muscles tore due to the stress, making it harder for him to move his arms.


The priest appeared directly before Old Man Lightning, stabbing him with his saber.


The saber went through Old Man Lightning’s thigh, as he barely jumped upward a little. The current posture of his body made it impossible to evade.


Before the priest could do anything else, the cane shot at the priest and hit him in the shoulder. The priest had barely lifted his shoulder to block the attack. If he hadn’t, it would’ve hit his head, completely destroying it. Blocking the nail had left Old Man Lightning open, but it had also put him into a position that was perfect for putting all his power into an attack with his cane. The cane exploded with lightning as the priest’s shoulder and many more ribs broke.

Old Man Lightning shot after the priest, but he couldn’t reach his top speed with the Heavenly Pressure and his injured legs. Yet, Old Man Lightning still managed to close in quickly. He raised his cane high, ready to strike down with all his power. The priest, barely managing to regain his balance yet still staying at a diagonal angle, lifted his saber to block the attack. Old Man Lightning smirked.


The cane disappeared and was replaced by a nearly three-meter-long, incredibly thick, and heavy club made of hardened Balzar. Formation Arrays completely filled the club, leaving nearly no spot empty. A thick cloud of lightning surrounded the club as it shot down with incredible power.


The blocking saber was annihilated instantly, yet, as soon as the priest saw the club, he had retrieved a jade token from his Spirit Space. After destroying the saber, the club hit the Jade Token, stopping for a moment as the token shone, yet the token was also destroyed in the process. With those two things weakening the attack, the priest lifted his leg and kicked the club away.

Old Man Lightning hadn’t expected that his attack would be blocked, which left him wide open now. Another nail appeared directly between them, pointing right at Old Man Lightning’s chest. The fire was already building and was about to explode.


Lightning appeared on the lifted club, pulling the nail slightly upward. The fire exploded, but due to the nail’s changed angle, it missed its target and barely flew past Old Man Lightning’s head. However, the nail’s broad head hit Old Man Lightning’s face, destroying his eyes, some teeth, and pulling him slightly back.

The priest quickly recovered from his nearly falling position and now stood straight again. Yet, his eyes widened at what he saw. Old Man Lightning didn’t stop the nail’s force and kept himself straight with all his power. Nearly half his face was missing due to resisting the nail, revealing some destroyed teeth and part of his skull that imitated a smile. The lifted club was already slamming down at the priest again.

BOOM! BOOM! Clank!

The priest summoned another saber and another Jade Token. Like the last time, both got destroyed by the strike. Like last time, the priest kicked the club, but he felt nearly no resistance from the club. The club got shot into the distance with incredible speed. This hadn’t happened last time.


The priest felt his lifted leg and torso being grabbed by two arms. Old Man Lightning bearhugged the priest with a smirk.


Everything exploded in lightning. The clouds in the sky were destroyed. The surrounding 200 meters were destroyed. An impossibly powerful shockwave made the walls of the Sect crumble, and an unreal thunder destroyed everyone’s eardrums. This had been a lightning explosion with 70% of Old Man Lightning’s lightning. Such a vast amount of lightning created a force of annihilation that hadn’t been seen in centuries.

Only people at the Seed-Stage and higher could resist the incredible shockwave, even though they were hundreds of meters away. The newly rebuild buildings crumbled under the force, and if the more powerful cultivators didn’t block the attack, everyone at the Energy Gathering Realm and below would have been reduced to chunks.


Sounds of vomiting appeared as the people in the initial stage of Spirit Forming puked a mouthful of blood since the shockwave had been incredibly powerful! They stood still with their eyes wide open in shock. Was Old Man Lightning still alive?


Lasar ran to the fighting area, jumping into the colossal crater, quickly followed by Gravis. The explosion temporarily blinded everyone, and the lingering shockwaves blocked their Spirits. They had no idea what was going on.


The disciples heard some lightning, and quickly after that, Lasar returned with… something. It was a mass of blood and bone. There was only something that appeared like half a torso with no skin and flayed muscle. One could also see a part of skull above the torso, but if one didn’t know that this… thing… had been a human, no one would believe that.

Lasar immediately shot into the Lightning Sect and threw Old Man Lightning at the tree.


A lot of lightning was released by the tree and hit Old Man Lightning. Gravis and Lasar gritted their teeth in nervousness. They had no idea if Old Man Lightning was still alive.

After some seconds of bathing in Life Lightning, Old Man Lightning’s body started to regrow with incredible speed. Lasar and Gravis released a sigh of relief. If he were dead, his body wouldn’t have been able to recover. Some seconds and a lot of Life Lightning later, Old Man Lightning fell to the ground, landing on his feet.


Old Man Lightning puked up a massive mouthful of damaged tissue. After that, he took a deep breath, as if it was the first breath he had ever taken.

“I WIN!” He shouted.


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