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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 243: Meeting With the Sect Master Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as Gravis entered, he and Lasar locked eyes. Gravis felt Lasar’s powerful lightning, and he was sure that it was even a little bit stronger than natural lightning. Lasar’s lightning was maybe at around 55% of Destruction Energy, but of course, Gravis couldn’t be completely sure.

Lasar sat on a black, imposing throne. The throne itself was over five meters tall and also very wide. Yet, with Lasar’s sizable and powerful body, it seemed just right for him. Lasar was over two meters tall with long silver hair that went down to his waist. In actuality, his hair and Gravis’ hair had nearly the same color. Gravis’ hair was just a little bit darker, going more towards black. Lasar kept an even look as he gazed into Gravis’ eyes.

Meanwhile, Lasar was overwhelmed with one surprise after another, though nothing of that showed on his expression. Gravis stood just a couple of meters before him, yet he felt only a minuscule amount of Energy from him. Yet, there was an unreal amount of lightning inside Gravis’ body. Usually, the only lightning that lightning cultivators’ exuded was the Lightning Seed. Yet, Gravis had way too much. On top of it, Gravis’ lightning felt different. It felt… dangerous.

The next surprising thing was his Spirit. Lasar had felt a lot of Spirits, and Gravis’ Spirit felt utterly different. The Spirit’s quality was the same as someone at the initial stage of Spirit Forming would have, but its quantity felt multiple times bigger. He guessed that Gravis probably could see far further than someone else at his Realm.

The next surprise was the will that Lasar felt. He hadn’t really inspected Gravis much since he was busy with other things. On top of that, his grandfather kept a watch over the boy. Gravis didn’t release his Will-Aura, but Lasar still felt the sleeping, powerful will of Gravis. Its practical strength was equal to a slightly above average person at the Sapling Stage.

Normally, that wouldn’t be so surprising since Lasar had an above-average will for someone at the Tree-Stage, so there was still a whole level between them. Yet, the theoretical power of Gravis’ will was so powerful that it ignored two levels of suppression. Based on the theoretical power, Gravis’ will was probably even stronger than Old Man Lightning’s. This felt unreal to Lasar.

Lastly, Gravis’ eyes were different from a normal human’s. Of course, there were weird eye-colors and even forms, but nothing as ridiculous as a cross-shaped pupil that basically “cut” through the whole eyeball.

All in all, Gravis had so many contradictions to ordinary cultivators that he didn’t even seem to exist. He was basically a walking paradox that broke so many laws of how the world worked that it was difficult to believe he existed, even if he stood right in front of Lasar.

Gravis’ previous enemies couldn’t even feel half of his strangeness since they didn’t have much experience. The will of other people was difficult to calculate, and they weren’t able to feel the quality and quantity of his lightning. Lasar saw through all these things since he was a lightning cultivator and a very powerful one at that.

The only stronger known lightning cultivator was Old Man Lightning. There was a possibility that there was a priest of the Heaven Sect that also cultivated lightning, but Lasar didn’t know of one. If there were, that person would have to battle with Old Man Lightning to determine the most powerful lightning cultivator of the world.

While Lasar felt endless surprise when he looked at Gravis, Gravis only felt some respect for a more powerful person. There was no fear, anxiety, worship, or any of the sort. In his eyes, Lasar was only a person that was currently stronger. The important word being “currently”.


Without those two noticing, Old Man Lightning sat down at a throne beside Lasar. The throne was only second to Lasar’s throne, while the remaining ten thrones were all placed at the bottom. Gravis guessed that the second throne was probably meant for the Vice-Sect Master. Though, if he wanted, Old Man Lightning could probably sit in any seat he wanted. After all, he was, without a doubt, the most powerful person in the Lightning Sect.

“Stop looking at each other,” Old Man Lightning said and then summoned a chair in the middle of the room for Gravis. “Sit down. This will probably take a while.”

Gravis shrugged and sat down. Meanwhile, Lasar got another surprise. Someone at the initial stage of Spirit Forming would show fear or worship towards him, yet Gravis didn’t seem to be bothered. Of course, Lasar wasn’t so weak-willed that the lack of worship would anger him. It only surprised him.


Old Man Lightning hit Lasar on the head with his cane. “Stop looking at him like he’s a freak. It’s impolite!” Old Man Lightning said with authority. “Go introduce yourself!”

Lasar’s expression didn’t change even though he had been hit on the head by a cane. He was used to it by now, yet he still didn’t appreciate that the old man hit him in front of visitors. He felt a little embarrassed by this, but he realized that it really was strange that he hadn’t spoken a single word.

“Welcome, Gravis,” Lasar spoke with authority as if he hadn’t been hit on the head just now. His voice echoed throughout the empty, sizable hall. This was the Elder’s Hall. Every important decision regarding the Sect was made here, so it was rather big. With only three people currently being inside the hall, it felt desolate.

“Thank you, Sect Master,” Gravis said, standing up from his seat to perform a small, polite bow. Though, he quickly sat down again. It was only a formality, after all.

“Alright, enough with the formalities,” Old Man Lightning said with an annoyed tone. “Gravis, I think it’s best if you start with when you appeared in our world. I think a normal chronological recounting would answer most of our questions.”

Lasar showed his first reaction since Gravis entered, which was an open mouth as he looked at Old Man Lightning. “What do you mean with that?” he asked, incredulously.

Old Man Lightning looked like he remembered something. “Oh, right. I haven’t told you yet. Gravis is not from our world. He is from a higher one. I overheard him and that one youngster from the Darkness Sect talking about it. What was his name? Bryan or something.”

“Byron,” Lasar corrected unconsciously. “And what did you just say? He is not from our world? How is that even possible?”

Gravis sat in his seat with furrowed brows. “Even you know about this, old man?” Gravis asked and then sighed. “Byron knew, you know, everyone in the Heaven Sect knows, now the Sect Master of the Lightning Sect knows. Hell, probably the whole Wind Sect also knows by now since those two guys overheard me speaking with Byron. Is that common knowledge by now?” he asked with annoyance.

Old Man Lightning shrugged. “So what? Power is still everything. What does it matter if you come from here or from a higher world? Does it make a difference?” he asked.

Gravis sighed. “No, it doesn’t. It literally changes nothing,” Gravis conceded. “If you are more powerful, you don’t need to know all of this to kill me, and if you’re weaker, this fact won’t change anything either. At most, someone can plan for my hidden powers better, but I am confident enough in my adaptability that this fact wouldn’t change much in a fight.”

Gravis sighed again. “Also, the Heaven Sect is my biggest enemy, and if they already know, what’s the point of keeping it secret? I might as well tell you everything.”

Old Man Lightning’s eyes shone. “The Heaven Sect is your biggest enemy?”


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