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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 200: Repayment Bahasa Indonesia

The visiting Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild had watched everything go down with shock. Gravis had practically played those two people to death. He hadn’t used his Will-Aura and had used his weapon only once to parry an attack. Gravis’ strength made his heart beat faster in nervousness. Someone like this could do whatever he wanted in the Middle-Continent. Why was he still here?

The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild shook his head and quickly went over to the two heavily injured people. “Are you still alive?” he asked them.

“Barely,” sent the Guild Master with his Spirit. Meanwhile, he coughed some more blood. Some shrapnel had pierced his lungs. After he said that, he retrieved some healing pills from his Spirit Space and ate them, also swallowing a lot of blood. The Vice-Guild Master of the Earth Guild did the same thing.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Fragments of his shield got pulled out of the Guild Master’s body as he used his Spirit to remove them. More blood flowed, but the pill had enough nutrients and Life Energy to heal this. Slowly, his injured body started healing.

If he hadn’t had some Spirit left over from the fight, he wouldn’t even have been able to do that. His Energy, though, had been completely exhausted. The shield had absorbed all his Energy before it broke. If it hadn’t, his body would have been distributed onto the surrounding kilometers.

The Vice-Guild Master was better off. He didn’t have any shrapnel inside his body and had less broken bones. Yet, he was still in no condition to fight. In comparison to the Guild Master, though, he still had Energy left. He had used a lot to support his Guild Master, but everything had been over too fast.

The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild nodded. “Alright,” he said, “I’ll go to the Earth Guild and look at what he is going to do.”

“Go ahead,” sent the Guild Master.

The Vice-Guild Master nodded and left for the Earth Guild. By now, he had decided that he wouldn’t get involved with Gravis anymore, even if Gravis decided to massacre the whole guild. There was a difference between a life and death battle and suicide. When he had first seen Gravis, he still held a glimmer of hope. He thought that if they all fought him together, they could win. Now, he didn’t think that anymore.

Meanwhile, Gravis had already arrived at the Earth Guild’s entrance. Many disciples gathered at the entrance. They had noticed that their Guild Master and Vice-Guild Master had left the guild, but they hadn’t seen Gravis since he hadn’t appeared in public. He had, after all, only been speaking to the experts via his Spirit.

The disciples saw Gravis appearing and narrowed their eyes. Their leaders had just left the guild, and now an unknown person had arrived. Though, the new arrival only radiated Energy equivalent to the seventh level of Energy Gathering. His arrival was probably only coincidence.

Gravis came closer and was stopped by the guards as they pointed their weapons at him. The weapons of the guards were mostly spears or lances. “Halt! State your purpose!” shouted one of them, imposingly.

Gravis smirked and didn’t stop walking, completely ignoring the weapons.

Clank Clank!

The two weapons hit Gravis’ chest, destroying parts of his shirt by doing that, but nothing more. As Gravis continued walking, he automatically pushed the weapons to the side. None of the weapons or bodies of the people could injure him. One guard froze in shock, while the other one immediately acted. He narrowed his eyes and stabbed his weapon forward.

The added power of the disciple made his spear bend. It couldn’t penetrate Gravis’ chest, which made it bend more and more the further he walked until eventually…


The shaft of the spear broke in two, not able to stay in one piece anymore. The surrounding disciples jumped back, startled by the sound of the spear breaking. They opened their eyes in shock, watching Gravis apprehensively. What was going on?

“Enemy invasion!” shouted the leader of the guards. “Ready your weapons!”

“Halt!” a loud and imposing shout reverberated throughout their minds. The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild had arrived. “Don’t attack him! He won’t kill anyone.”

The leader of the guards snorted. “You’re not our Vice-Guild Master. We don’t have to follow you!” he shouted imposingly. “Ready your weapons!”


The Vice-Guild Master activated his Will-Aura in their vicinity, making a lot of people lose their consciousness. “I’m sorry, but I am doing this for the wellbeing of our guild!” he transmitted to everyone again. “You can’t fight him!”

Gravis acted like none of this was his concern. It didn’t matter if they retreated or attacked. He came here to annoy them back, and he would do just that!

Gravis continued walking as everyone who attacked him, including several people around them, lost consciousness. The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild was doing his best to protect their lives. If Gravis wanted, he could release his lightning into the surroundings, incinerating everyone present. Provoking Gravis was a bad idea.

The watching disciples noticed what had happened and created some space between them and Gravis. Yet, they still followed him from a distance. The only thing they could do was hope that Gravis wasn’t here to kill them.

Gravis walked through the cave and arrived at the true Earth Guild after some minutes of walking. He was taking his time. When Gravis arrived, he looked around at the guild again. All the public buildings were built in the middle of the gigantic cave, while the disciples’ homes were carved into the walls. The disciples of the Earth Guild lived in these small caves.

Gravis smirked. “Disciples of the Earth Guild,” he transmitted into everyone’s mind. The fear of the ones knowing about Gravis increased, while the oblivious disciples inside the guild felt surprised. “A little more than a week ago, I came with a peaceful visit to you. Yet, you have done your very best to annoy me as much as possible. Today, I will ‘repay’ you.”


A lot of lightning appeared around Gravis, and everyone’s faces went white. Would he kill them over something as minor as that? The lightning split, and thousands of smaller lightning bolts flew to the smaller caves at the walls. Yet, the lightning bolts didn’t enter the caves.


Thousands of bangs reverberated simultaneously as the lightning bolts hit the walls above the caves.


The entrances to the caves collapsed as a mighty rumble echoed throughout the guild. After several seconds, the sound stopped. The entrance to their homes had been buried. The actual homes behind the entrances were undamaged, Gravis made sure of that. The disciples only had to re-dig their caves. It was not really damaging to the guild, and no possessions were lost. It was just annoying to free their homes of rubble.

“Alright,” Gravis sent to everyone again with a satisfied smile, “I’m done! Have fun digging!”

The Earth Guild had only annoyed him, and his goal had always been to annoy them back. Killing them? Injuring them? Those possibilities didn’t even cross his mind. He was no psycho. After finishing his work, Gravis looked around the guild with a smile and nodded. Then, he turned around and left the Earth Guild. ‘Job well done!’ he thought.

Most of the disciples had recovered by now. Most of them sighed in relief. Yes, getting to their caves required some work, but no one had been injured. This whole thing could have gone way worse.

Did they regret their previous actions? No, of course not! Their temperament and attitudes were stalwart and unbendable. They never committed mistakes! That was just how the temperament of earth was.

Gravis left the Earth Guild under the watchful eyes of the disciples. No one tried to stop him.

When Gravis felt the sunlight hitting his body again, he stretched casually. ‘Alright, now I only need to wait for the Fire Guild to finish my board.’

The Vice-Guild Master of the Fire Guild stood beside the entrance, smiling bitterly at Gravis.

“Was that all that you wanted to do?” he asked.

Gravis continued smiling. “Yep!”

“Are you done now?”



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