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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 169: Goodbye, Skye Bahasa Indonesia

It took four full hours until Gravis was able to teach Skye about its current situation. Thinking and planning far into the future was something incredibly difficult for beasts, yet Skye managed to understand. It might actually be the only beast that knew about such concepts in this lower world.

After Gravis finished explaining, he just looked at Skye with sad eyes. After understanding its situation, Skye looked back at Gravis, unsure what to think. After some seconds, it just rubbed its head on Gravis.

Gravis scratched Skye with a bitter smile. “I know that it’s difficult to accept, but I know that you want to become strong,” he said. “I know that you wouldn’t be happy like this. Don’t think about me, but about yourself.”

Skye didn’t react much. Gravis and Skye had been together for multiple months by now, and it understood Gravis’ emotions. It might not have the mental faculties to plan far into the future, but beasts were good at feeling the emotions of others.

It knew how lonely Gravis was. It always felt happy when Gravis smiled at it with a pure, innocent smile, and it was the only living being in this lower world that knew this side of Gravis. It understood that it couldn’t rise to power while following Gravis, but it didn’t want Gravis to feel lonely.

Beasts were simple. When they saw one of their companions being sad, they tried their best to comfort them. Skye was no different. It wanted to comfort and help Gravis through those tough times.

Gravis gently pushed Skye’s head away. “I know that you want to stay and that you don’t want me to feel lonely, but is it worth it to sacrifice your future? You will forever regret it, and if I die, you will die too. I don’t want you to sacrifice yourself for me,” Gravis explained calmly.

Of course, he only tried to appear calm. In reality, he was hurting inside. Even though he knew that this was the best for Skye, it still hurt him inside. He didn’t want to say goodbye, but there was no other way. He didn’t want Skye to just be an accessory to him. It should be its own beast, with its own strength, and not a simple pet. Skye could only truly be happy if it were independent.

Gravis’ calm voice didn’t fool Skye. It knew Gravis well enough to know how he felt. Its instincts were telling it to help him, so it went closer to Gravis again.


Gravis jumped back from Skye. “Skye, you need to leave,” he said with seriousness. “By sticking with me, you won’t be able to truly be happy. You must leave!” Gravis’ voice was a little shaky when he said that, but he had to be the strong one now. If Skye didn’t have the willpower to leave due to emotions, then he had to force it, even if it hurt him immensely inside.

Skye looked at Gravis with sad eyes. It understood the implications of staying with Gravis, but it just couldn’t resist when it saw how hurt Gravis was. It felt the conflict and frustration inside Gravis. Gravis was its companion and best friend, so it didn’t want him to feel sad. Slowly, it walked closer again.


A violent lightning bolt hit the earth in front of Skye. It got frightened a little and took a step back. This lightning bolt was powerful enough to injure it severely. It looked at Gravis with shock and pain. Why was Gravis doing this? Wasn’t this its own decision to make?

“Skye, you need to leave!” Gravis shouted aggressively. “I won’t allow you to sacrifice your future for me!”

Skye shook a little when it saw that. It felt deep unwillingness inside, and it didn’t want to leave Gravis. Slowly, it walked towards Gravis again.


An apocalyptic pressure pressed into Skye, and it started fearing for its life. In the past, it had only passively been inside Gravis’ Will-Aura, but now, Gravis’ Will-Aura looked at Skye like an enemy. In Skye’s mind, a deathly iciness spread from Gravis into the surroundings. Its instincts were screaming at Skye to flee. Its instincts told it that it had to leave or it would die. Skye felt betrayed. Its closest companion was showing killing intent towards it.

“LEAVE!” Gravis shouted violently with all his power, and the surroundings shook even more. Skye’s body shook in fear. After breaking into the ninth level of Energy Gathering, Gravis’ Will-Aura had destroyed any level suppression. If Gravis released it fully, he would be able to knock Skye unconscious.

Of course, Gravis didn’t release his full power. He wanted Skye to leave by itself. He wanted it to realize how serious the situation was. It would feel regret for the rest of its life if it continued following him. He wouldn’t allow this to happen!

Skye looked at Gravis with a mixture of confusion, sadness, unwillingness, betrayal, and even some pity. Even though Gravis tried to appear as heartless and aggressive as possible, he couldn’t fool Skye. It knew him too well. It didn’t leave and only implored Gravis to reconsider with its eyes. “Please, don’t leave me!” it said with its eyes.

Gravis’ heart constricted when he looked into Skye’s eyes, but this was necessary. Even though Skye understood the situation it was in, it didn’t realize how long-lasting the consequences would be. Gravis was hurting immensely inside, but he had to do it! For Skye!


Skye’s eyes rolled back into its head as it lost consciousness. Gravis looked at Skye as it fell over to the ground, and he couldn’t keep his emotions in check anymore. Tears were building up in his eyes, but he still retained his stoic look. It was necessary.

He walked closer and gently patted Skye one last time. “I’m so sorry, Skye, but it’s for your best. I hope you can forgive me,” he uttered with a trembling voice. “I know that we will see each other again. I won’t leave this lower-world without seeing you again. I wish you all the best on your journey, Skye.”

Gravis sighed. “Is this how my father felt when he allowed me to cultivate?” he wondered. “He had to let me go so that I could walk my own path, and now I have to do the same thing for Skye.”

After some minutes of petting it, he stood up and walked off. Skye would wake up in about another two minutes. He shot one last look at Skye.

“Goodbye, Skye.”


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