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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1322: Primordial Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

When Gravis and Mortis were finally done with condensing their Cosmoses, the Energy of the highest world had dropped by over 90%!

This wasn’t even enough to create another Heaven’s Magnate!

The powerful Cultivators fell into a panic!

Their Energy!

Their God Stones!

Their God Crystals!

Their Law Comprehension Areas!

Everything had been weakened to an insane degree!

What… what were they supposed to do!?

As the highest world fell into a panic, Orthar looked at Gravis and Mortis, who had just opened their eyes.

“Throw your Cosmoses into the Primordial Chaos,” Orthar said.

Gravis and Mortis did just that. Just like Peaceful Serenity’s Cosmos, their Cosmoses flew into the distance and seemingly vanished.

They had left the reality in Orthar’s Cosmos.

Gravis’ and Mortis’ eyes closed as they fully concentrated on their Cosmoses.

Their perception entered their Cosmoses, and it would remain there.

These were their new bodies.

Their old bodies were only extensions of their selves.

For the first time, Gravis and Mortis managed to see the Primordial Chaos in its full glory without anyone interfering.


It was grey.

Everything was grey.

Nothing moved.

It was all just lifeless and silent.

However, just like the snowfield made of Zeroblaze, the silence hid a great danger.

Gravis and Mortis could feel three kinds of forces.



And something else.

Normally, as soon as Energy and Death came into contact with each other, they would cancel each other out in a violent explosion of Brutality.

However, inside the Primordial Chaos, Energy and Death didn’t truly interact with each other.


It was the third force.

Gravis and Mortis didn’t know this third force, but based on what it was doing, the name Balance would be appropriate.

Balance was the bridge between Death and Energy.

Death couldn’t interact with Energy peacefully.

Death could interact with Balance peacefully.

Energy could interact with Balance peacefully.

So, as long as Death and Energy only interacted with Balance, they wouldn’t come into contact with each other.

Balance was the force that allowed the Primordial Chaos to exist. Without Balance, at least one of the two forces would completely vanish from existence.

However, there was no inherent power in the Primordial Chaos. As long as it remained balanced, it was harmless.

So, why was Primordial Chaos so dangerous to every living being?

Well, if Primordial Chaos came into contact with pure Energy, which was basically everything inside a Cosmos, the balance would tilt.

There wouldn’t be enough Balance to isolate all that additional Energy.

The additional Energy would touch Death, and both of them would explode into Brutality.

So, if Primordial Chaos managed to seep into a Cosmos, all the Death inside it would react with the Energy in the Cosmos, creating an explosion of Brutality.

That left the remaining Energy, which had previously balanced the Death inside the Primordial Chaos. That remaining Energy would be transformed by Brutality and would violently tear everything apart around it.

In summary, if Primordial Chaos came inside a Cosmos, this would happen:

Energy of Cosmos touches Primordial Chaos.

Energy of Cosmos and Death of Primordial Chaos would explode into Brutality, destroying a vast space of reality.

The remaining Energy of the Primordial Chaos would violently extend outward, throwing the Laws and other parts of the Cosmos into disarray.

Lastly, the explosion of Primordial Chaos could start a chain reaction, which would expand out of the Cosmos, creating more explosions of Brutality around the Cosmos until it eventually stabilized again.

The same would be true if a Heaven’s Magnate entered the Primordial Chaos. Since they were still made of Energy, they would provoke the same reaction.

So, how could Cosmoses survive in the Primordial Chaos?


The filter that isolated the Primordial Chaos from a Cosmos was made of Balance.

That’s right. Comprehending the Law of the Cosmos meant comprehending Balance.

That was also why it had been so easy to comprehend the Law of the Cosmos for Gravis.

Gravis knew what Death was.

Gravis knew what Energy was.

He only had to find a way to keep them apart.

Now, with that knowledge in mind, a particular question would pop up.

Was it possible to make a Cosmos with all three forces?


The property of Energy was the very thing that allowed life to flourish. Since Primordial Chaos also involved Death, it became impossible to reliably transform it into a solid and permanent state.

Additionally, as said previously, Balance had no inherent power.

Because of that, the most powerful Cosmos one could create was the very Cosmos the Opposer had.

A Cosmos involving Energy and Death but no Balance.

When Gravis saw the Primordial Chaos, he was surprised.

It was so simple!

Gravis had expected to gain many more insights as soon as he laid eyes upon the Primordial Chaos. After all, it was the Primordial Chaos! It was the very basis for everything!

Yet, it was so simple.

There were just three components.

That was it.

And Gravis already knew all three of them.

After looking at the Primordial Chaos for a while, Gravis focused on his Cosmos, or more accurately, himself.

Gravis was now his Cosmos.

They were the same thing.

His Cosmos was his new body.

What did his new body look like?

At the moment, Gravis was a black sphere with only an incomparably minuscule spot of light. That spot of light was Gravis’ first world.

It was his embryo.

It was his seed.

This was the blueprint for all of Gravis’ future worlds.

What did it look like?

It was identical to Orthar’s world.

Gravis had comprehended all the Laws in Orthar’s world, and all these Laws had been incorporated into his Cosmos. Therefore, Gravis’ first world was identical to Orthar’s worlds.

“Focus on the world you want to create,” Orthar told Gravis’ and Mortis’ human bodies. “When you have created the embryo on which you will base your entire future Cosmos, we will begin the strengthening process.”

Gravis and Mortis heard Orthar.

Out of habit, Gravis looked at Mortis, and Mortis did the same.

However, they could only see each other’s human bodies.

They couldn’t feel the other’s Cosmos.

Gravis didn’t know what kind of world Mortis was creating, and Mortis didn’t know what kind of world Gravis was creating.

And they would keep it a secret from each other.

After looking away again, Gravis closed his eyes and focused on his Cosmos.

He began to change the Laws inside his new Cosmos.

Gravis didn’t look forward to this process.


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