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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1300: Everyone Bahasa Indonesia

Before Gravis went to talk to his remaining loved ones, he thought about everyone that had died early on.

There had been so many.

Gorn, the Guild Master of the Lightning Guild in the lower world. He had helped Gravis with everything he had, and he died to Gravis’ carelessness.

Aion, the leader of one of the branches of the Heaven Sect in the lower world. Aion had always been a lazy but honest person.

Lazar, the Sect Master of the Lightning Sect in the lower world. He had also been an honest and direct person, and he had supported Gravis back then.

Nero, the unassuming Darkness Cultivator Gravis had met in the Heaven’s Trial in the lower world. Nero had been the person that showed Gravis that not all Darkness Cultivators were greedy backstabbers.

Silva, the loyal snake in the middle world. Silva had only wanted to build an amazing Tribe, and he didn’t want anyone to sacrifice themselves. Sadly, Gravis had pushed him forward, and Silva eventually died to being involved in the race war.

Liam, Stella’s brother. In the beginning, Liam and Gravis hadn’t seen eye to eye, but that animosity had vanished as more time passed.

Styr, the white and wise ape from the Icy Pride Empire in the middle world. Gravis had feared Styr because of their complex relationship back then, but Styr had shown that all of Gravis’ fears didn’t matter. Even though Gravis had had the ability to kill Styr, Styr had not gone against Gravis. He had even helped Gravis in tempering his Will-Aura later.

Sary, the Life Ultimate in the middle world. Gravis hadn’t been in contact with her a lot, but the short moments they had known each other had been pleasant.

Skye, Gravis’ first real friend. They had gone through the Energy Gathering Realm together. Gravis still remembered riding on Skye’s back through the middle continent of the lower world.

Yi Lu, Gravis’ disciple. Gravis hadn’t interacted with Yi Lu very much, but Yi Lu had still supported Gravis with everything he had. Gravis didn’t see Yi Lu as his disciple, but Yi Lu saw Gravis as his master.

Siral, the Darkness Cultivator who tried to assassinate Gravis in the higher world. Yet, after repaying his debt by being Gravis’ servant for a long time, Siral had become a friend.

Joyce, Gravis’ first love. In the lower world, the two of them had basically confessed their love for each other, but Gravis couldn’t accept a romantic relationship at that part of his life. So, they had promised to meet each other again in the highest world. Sadly, Joyce had changed too much. In the end, she was unrecognizable.

Broad Walker, the slow but honest Cultivator. Gravis and Broad Walker had started out as enemies, but Broad Walker eventually helped Gravis after realizing that Silent Walker was betraying the Sect.

Cera, Gravis’ daughter. He had never been able to repair the rift between them before it was too late.

Dorian, Old Man Lightning. Dorian had helped Gravis a lot in the lower world, and he had been the most important person in Gravis’ development in the lower world. Without him, Gravis would have almost certainly died to the Heaven Sect.

Ferris, the upbeat Elder of the Icy Pride Empire. When Gravis and Ferris had just met, Ferris seemed to be like any other Elder, but after warming up to Gravis, Ferris had been a loyal companion.

Exar, the Ancestor of the Purity Sect and the Keeper of Underworld. Exar had given Gravis the invitation to see Arc, and they had only seen each other again much later. In the higher world, the two of them hadn’t really been in contact, but in the highest world, Exar had supported everyone in Gravis’ circle of friends. Sadly, Exar had never been a person that allowed other people to truly become close with him.

Jake, Yersi’s husband. Gravis had met Jake when he had requested an affinity scanning for Yersi. Back then, Jake had been an Immortal Emperor, and he had directly hit on Yersi after the interview was finished. Jake had been a responsible person through and through, and he had been an amazing husband to Yersi.

Aris, Gravis’ son…

19 friends and loved ones.

So many people had come and gone from Gravis’ life.

Gravis still remembered all their personalities.

Sadly, he would never see them again. In fact, even if he could see them again, a lot of them had been friends from when Gravis had been younger. If he met them again today, he might even view them as children he couldn’t relate to.

Yet, while they had been alive, they had been a great source of joy for Gravis.

In the lower world, Gravis had believed that he would be alone forever. The lower Heaven had stopped Gravis from getting close to anyone. Back then, Gravis had been in a dark place, and he had shut off his emotions to cope with the loneliness.

But when looking back at his life from the present, Gravis realized that he had met a ton of amazing people. He had also met a lot of scumbags, but that was normal.

Gravis’ journey had appeared isolated and lonely from time to time, but he had never truly been alone after reaching the Energy Gathering Realm.

There had been a lot of death, but there were also many friends that were still alive, and they would probably continue to be alive for a very long time.

Manuel, the Ascender’s Talent from the Wind Sect in the lower world. Gravis had met Manuel when he wanted to kill him while being under Byron’s illusion. Gravis had nearly killed Manuel, but the Sect Master got involved and got killed by Byron.

After that, Manuel and Gravis became close friends, and Manuel had even helped Gravis in confronting his emotions. Manuel had always been wise above his age, and he was still going strong in the Divine God Realm.

Manuel would almost certainly reach the level of an Ancestor of the Peak Sects. Sadly, there was basically zero chance of him ever comprehending the Law of Freedom.

Manuel would stop at the Divine God Realm.

Azure, the Empress of the Icy Pride Empire and the mother to Gravis’ children. Azure had always been a very simple woman. She wasn’t stupid, but she disliked complex situations. That was why Styr had basically led the Icy Pride Empire in her stead.

Today, Azure was Mortis’ wife, and the two of them were happy together. Azure’s curiosity and direct approach had worked wonders on Mortis, and the two of them were practically made for each other.

Meadow, the Plant Ultimate from the middle world. Gravis had always found Meadow to be quite funny, and he loved bantering with her. They had never truly had a close moment, but they always enjoyed being around each other.

Narcissus, the most powerful Ancestor of the beasts in the higher world. Gravis and Narcissus had never truly been friends, but they respected each other. Narcissus had helped Gravis, and Gravis had helped Narcissus. Today, he was dealing with Meadow.

Yersi, Gravis’ second daughter. She had been the one that matured the earliest among Gravis’ three children, and she had basically always been the big sister of the group. She had also remained in the highest world while the other two went to higher worlds.

Gravis’ relationship with Yersi was probably the closest one out of his three children.

Arc, the higher Heaven. Gravis had been thrown into the world to kill Arc, but in the end, he managed to convince Orthar that fighting Arc was senseless. Today, Arc was basically just doing whatever he wanted. He knew so many Laws and had such an incredible experience with life that the entire highest world basically danced in the palm of his hand.

Arc wasn’t fighting others for a spot at the top. He was basically strolling to the top in a relaxed manner.

Orpheus, Gravis’ brother. Their relationship had become a bit more distant after Orpheus unveiled the truth between them, but Gravis still saw Orpheus as his brother. Even more, Orpheus had killed Lina and her entire Sect for Gravis. Not everyone would have done such a favor to Gravis.

And lastly, Stella, Gravis’ wife.

Out of everyone, Stella was probably the only one that could reach the Heaven’s Magnate Realm with a high level of confidence. Everyone else had some problems in relation to Laws, but Stella didn’t. In a way, that was thanks to Gravis.

Stella had a great affinity for the Law of Control, but Gravis had basically forced the Law of Freedom on her back then. By doing that, Gravis had basically taken care of the hardest part of becoming a Heaven’s Magnate.

Even Azure had issues with the Law of Control.

Gravis had met a lot of people, and a lot of them had died.

However, a lot of them were also still alive.

And Gravis wanted to speak with them.


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