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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1272: – Present Bahasa Indonesia

The different Peak Divine Gods surrounded Zero’s Essence. If Zero’s Essence could fight without inhibition, she would have a chance at victory, but with the four people of the Mortal Sect, that became impossible.

“You shouldn’t have accepted Silver Seer’s favor,” the Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect said.

Then, everyone unleashed their attack.

Zero’s Essence was flung away, and she barely managed to survive the first wave, but the second wave immediately followed.

Zero’s Essence knew that she would die if things remained this way.

She needed control!

Her entire mind focused on the concept of control, but no matter what she thought of, everything didn’t work.

No matter what she did, it was impossible for her to gain control.

Shortly before her death, her conversation with Gravis replayed.

Acknowledging that one couldn’t attain control was also an integral concept regarding control.

Back then, she hadn’t fully comprehended it, but now, she did.


The world became silent.

The attacks paused in the air.

Shocked expressions appeared on everyone’s face.

What was going on!?

They knew that Zero’s Essence was incredibly powerful, but they didn’t know which Laws she was missing to become a Heaven’s Magnate. After all, she had always kept her Laws a secret.

Because of that, they hadn’t even thought of the possibility that she might become a Heaven’s Magnate during the battle.

After all, how many Heaven’s Magnates appeared in the world?

There was like one every ten million years.

What were the chances of a Heaven’s Magnate being born during these couple of minutes?

Yet, exactly that had happened.

Zero’s Essence had comprehended the True Law of Control!

Her True Law of Control combined with the True Law of Suppression, Freedom, Danger, and Safety to create the True Law of Perceived Reality.

At this very moment, Zero’s Essence saw the world in a different light.

She saw Energy in a different light.

And exactly that new perception allowed her to see how she had to combine her Laws.

Her True Law of the Complex Living World combined with the True Law of Perceived Reality to create the True Law of the True World.

The Law of the True World was a level twelve Law, and it strengthened all other Laws.

It became impossible to suppress her.

It became impossible to injure her.

It became impossible to stop her.

Her power had undergone a world-shaking transformation!

The members of the Dusk Wind Sect, the Eternity Sect, and the Mortal Sect looked with fear at Zero’s Essence.

This wasn’t possible!

At the same time, deep underground, Gravis had felt the change in reality, and Heavenly Senior had appeared at the same time.

This had been Heavenly Senior’s present.

He was going to make Gravis’ sister into a Heaven’s Magnate!

Usually, the Heaven’s Magnates wouldn’t get involved in the creation of another Heaven’s Magnate, but this time, everything was just too perfectly laid out.

Zero’s Essence had received an integral piece of knowledge regarding the concept of control from Gravis.

Gravis had killed the Core Plant of the Lightning Peak Sect.

These two things already resulted in the perfect opportunity to create a Heaven’s Magnate.

It only needed a slight push in the right direction.

Originally, the Heaven’s Magnates still wouldn’t have gotten involved. However, when Gravis had given them another Heaven’s Magnate, they felt like they should do something for him.

And wasn’t it just perfect that his sister was exactly the person that could become the next Heaven’s Magnate?

So, in the end, Heavenly Senior talked with the others about the specifics.

He had been the one to kickstart this entire thing, and he wanted to know what everyone else was thinking.

The three old foggies had been members of the Twilight Council, the Eternity Sect, and the Lightning Peak Sect before.

The three of them didn’t want to talk to Heavenly Senior. They hated him for killing their friend.

So, Heavenly Senior ignored them.

The Black Magnate had once been a member of the Lost Wind Sect. Heavenly Senior asked him what he thought about the plan.

The Black Magnate simply said that the Lost Wind Sect had nothing to do with him anymore. It had been too long since he had been a member, and the Sect no longer was the same.

Heavenly Senior could do with the Lost Wind Sect whatever he wanted.

Happy Springs had been a member of the True Life Sect, and when Heavenly Senior asked her, she only said that she didn’t want her old Sect to be involved. However, she also wouldn’t interfere.

End of Light had been the member of a Peak Sect that had already been lost to time, and she had no opinion on it.

Peaceful Serenity, the most powerful Heaven’s Magnate except for Child of Heaven had once been the member of the Mortal Sect.

However, that had been a very long time ago.

When Heavenly Senior asked her, she only said that there was no reason for her to say anything. The world moved forward, and destiny would happen, no matter what she did.

Her intervention would only cloud the path of fate.

She knew what her destiny was. She knew the role she had to fulfill in this life.

Everything else wasn’t relevant to her destiny, and she wouldn’t force it to be relevant.

In essence, this meant that she wouldn’t get involved.

That only left the Child of Heaven.

Heavenly Senior visited Child of Heaven to ask for his permission.

Child of Heaven was essentially Heaven’s avatar, voice, and will. He represented Heaven.

Heaven discouraged Heaven’s Magnates from getting involved in the Cosmos, and creating another Heaven’s Magnate and destroying a Peak Sect could definitely be called getting involved.

Child of Heaven had only given a single condition.

Zero’s Essence felt her newfound power, and she looked with a cold gaze at everyone around her.

All the members of the attacking Sects fell into an abyss of terror.

They were going to die!

Zero’s Essence extended her right hand.

And then, a storm of Heavenly Zero enveloped everyone.

In an instant, every Peak Divine God had been frozen.

The Sect Master of the Dusk Wind Sect had been killed.

The two Vice-Sect Masters, the Sect Master, and the Ancestor of the Mortal Sect, had been killed.

The single present Vice-Sect Master of the Eternity Sect had been killed.

Zero’s Essence hadn’t even become a Heaven’s Magnate yet. At the moment, she was still a Peak Divine God.

Yet, by just comprehending a single Law, she had become unparalleled.

The Law of the True World was simply too powerful.

The Peak Divine Gods had all perished in a single instance.

They had gone against Zero’s Essence with the intention of killing her, and she wouldn’t let them go for that.

However, just when she had killed everyone, her eyes narrowed.

She had intended to kill everyone present, but for some reason, everyone below the Peak Divine God Realm was still alive.

It was like an incredible power was protecting them.

“Sorry, that’s the deal.”


Heavenly Senior appeared before her with a smile. “We helped you become a Heaven’s Magnate, but in return, you’re not allowed to kill anyone below the Peak Divine God Realm.”

Heavenly Senior shot Child of Heaven, who had acted as a Judge, a polite smile.

Child of Heaven only nodded.

This had been Child of Heaven’s condition.

Zero’s Essence was forbidden from killing anyone below the Peak Divine God Realm after she had comprehended the Law of the True World.

Zero’s Essence only narrowed her eyes.

“They are allowed to attack me, but I’m not allowed to attack them just because they are weak?” she said with a cold voice.

Heavenly Senior only had an awkward smile on his face.


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