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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1266: – Invitation Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis looked at the other Heaven’s Magnates.

Surprisingly, there were only four others.

“Who are they?” Gravis asked the Black Magnate.

“See those three? Those three know the True Law of Energy,” the Black Magnate said as he pushed Gravis’ perception to three of them.

One of them was a young girl with green hair and a bright smile. She almost seemed like a cute and playful fairy.

“That’s Happy Springs,” the Black Magnate said. “She likes watching all the Cultivators and mortals, and she likes influencing their lives for the worse or for the better as entertainment. She essentially views the world as a show or play. She’s like Sinister Sally, but not as sinister. Her playing around is more innocent but still causes some death here and there.”

Gravis looked at the next person. It was a man with a proud smirk. His body was big and wide, and he felt exactly like an affectionate older brother would feel.

“That’s Heavenly Senior,” the Black Magnate said. “His name has gotten him into a lot of trouble, but he and his junior brother have always managed to come out on top.”

“In fact, you have met his junior brother. His junior brother is Divine Junior. Matching names, right? Heavenly Senior and Divine Junior. Can you guess what they made?” the Black Magnate asked with a smirk.

“The Heavenly Divine Sect?” Gravis asked.

The Black Magnate nodded. “Right. Divine Junior is the current Sect Master of the Heavenly Divine Sect, and Heavenly Senior is a powerful Heaven’s Magnate. Funnily enough, he’s the newest and youngest Heaven’s Magnate. He has only been one for a little more than seven million years.”

“When I saw him back then, I was still part of the three old foggies. We four bombarded him with depression, nihilism, and pessimism. Yet, he only smiled at us and told us that he had different plans.”

“He randomly challenged one of our group to a life and death battle when he had just reached the Heaven’s Magnate Realm.”

“Back then, our group had consisted of five people.”

“After the fight, we were four, and he comprehended the Law of Energy.”

“He is actually one of the main reasons why I decided to talk to you. His actions have shaken my belief, and I started to waver. That’s why I got interested in you.”

Gravis was quite surprised when he heard that.

Heavenly Senior had to be really powerful if he directly managed to defeat a Heaven’s Magnate that had been in the Realm for many more years than him.

Then, Gravis looked at the next person.

It was a woman with black hair and an icy expression. She didn’t even look at Master Linus with interest. Instead, she looked at Heavenly Senior with annoyance.

Obviously, she didn’t want to be here, and she had only been dragged along.

“That’s End of Light,” the Black Magnate said. “In a way, she’s similar to your big sister. She’s very cold, and she only focuses her gaze on true power. She avoids contact with anyone, and she thinks that talking with others is only a distraction.”

Then, the Black Magnate snickered a bit. “However, for some reason, Heavenly Senior managed to just string her along. She always complains, but she follows him anyway. I think she doesn’t know it yet, but she’s probably interested in Heavenly Senior.”

At this moment, End of Light turned her head and looked at the Black Magnate with an intense gaze.

Apparently, she had heard him, and she didn’t like what she had just heard.

Gravis felt an incredible feeling of pressure pressing down on him. He wasn’t the focus of it, and the pressure also wasn’t a Will-Aura, but it still felt scary. It was like a powerful beast had just taken note of him.

The Black Magnate only moved his brows a couple of times in a provocative manner.

End of Light only kept looking at him with an icy gaze.

“She will probably be the one that pushes me to comprehend the Law of the Cosmos,” the Black Magnate commented leisurely. “Heavenly Senior is too mysterious, and he feels too powerful. Happy Springs is just a nice girl, and I like her joy in life.”

“So, I’m only left with her.”

Just when the Black Magnate finished his words, End of Light’s body shuddered.


Because Heavenly Senior had just moved his finger across her cheek with a smile.

End of Light quickly jumped to the side, looking at Heavenly Senior with hatred.

Heavenly Senior only chuckled a bit.

Then, Heavenly Senior looked at Gravis with a smirk and winked.

“You better join us soon, Gravis,” he said.

Gravis was shocked that Heavenly Senior not only knew of him but spoke to him.

“You know me?” Gravis asked.

Heavenly Senior only chuckled. “We all know of you. That guy has told us to watch your adventures in the middle world.”

“And, sure enough, your adventures were quite humorous.”

Gravis blinked a couple of times in surprise and looked at the Black Magnate.

The Black Magnate only looked to the side. “I was bored and lonely, okay?” he muttered.

Gravis only sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

It was already awkward enough to have his father and the Black Magnate watch everything he did, but now, several more people had watched him the entire time?

It almost felt ridiculous.

He wasn’t some main character in some piece of entertainment!

Suddenly, Gravis felt his perception move to the last person.

It was a young woman with dark-green hair, and she looked expressionlessly at Master Linus. It was like all of this didn’t have anything to do with her.

“That’s Peaceful Serenity,” the Black Magnate said. “She’s the only Heaven’s Magnate that knows the Law of the Cosmos except for the Child of Heaven. It’s easy to talk to her, but she also doesn’t get close to many people.”

“She’s only interested in taking the first place.”

“She will be the next enemy of the Child of Heaven.”

“Honestly, I want her to win. I don’t like that guy.”

The other Heaven’s Magnates had obviously heard the words that the Black Magnate had said, which meant that she probably also heard them.

Yet, she didn’t react.

It was like she wasn’t actually present.

Gravis looked at the seven Heaven’s Magnates with interest. “Is that all of them?”

“Yep,” the Black Magnate said. “We are ten Heaven’s Magnates. There’s me, the Child of Heaven, these seven, and that Linus fella.”


At that moment, Master Linus’ black hole exploded.


An unending torrent of Energy rushed towards Opposer City from all around the world.

The Peak Sects all looked with shock and confusion towards the direction of Opposer City.

What was going on!?

Only the most powerful and ancient members of the Peak Sects knew what this meant.

A new Heaven’s Magnate had been born!

That was bad!

The Sects immediately isolated their God Stone storages, but it was too late. Their God Stones had been reduced by nearly 10%!

Everyone in the world lost 10% of their money.

Everyone except the Economistress.

The Opposer blocked the absorption of Energy for his wife. The last time, he had allowed it to go through since he knew that the God Stones would grow explosively after that, but not this time. This time, the God Stones would reduce in number permanently.

Then, something appeared behind Master Linus.

A small planet took form, and when Gravis saw it, his eyes widened.



This small world… it was an actual world!

It exhibited its own Laws, and it produced its own unique kind of Energy!

It was like there was a second, small Cosmos behind Master Linus!

Master Linus took a deep breath with closed eyes, just feeling the power coming from his own small Cosmos.

There was so much power!

This couldn’t be compared to the Peak Divine God Realm in any way!

Clap, clap, clap!

Suddenly, loud clapping could be heard, and Master Linus looked over.

Heavenly Senior was clapping politely and happily for Master Linus. “Congratulations, Linus! Welcome to the Heaven’s Magnate Realm!”

The others didn’t clap alongside Heavenly Senior.

Master Linus looked at the people beside him with interest.

He couldn’t read their Law fragments, and it was very hard for him to judge their personalities.

He immediately knew that these were the other Heaven’s Magnates.

“I’m Heavenly Senior,” he said with a bright smile. “Let’s grab a drink later! I’ll introduce you to everyone!”

Master Linus looked around with a complicated expression.

Everything had changed.

He didn’t know any of these people, but he felt like he finally found a group of people on his level.

It was like all of these people were only visitors to this world.

“Okay,” Master Linus said after some seconds.

“Great!” Heavenly Senior said with a wide smile.

Then, he turned towards the Opposer’s home.

“What about you? You’ve been inside this castle for long enough. Do you want to accompany us? There’s no reason to exclude you!” Heavenly Senior said.

Gravis knew that Heavenly Senior didn’t mean him, so he looked at the Black Magnate.

However, the Black Magnate had a very awkward expression on his face as he looked to his side…

At the Opposer.

The world fell into silence.

Heavenly Senior had just asked the Opposer out to a drink.

Everyone else remained deathly silent.

When Gravis realized what had happened, he also had an awkward expression on his face.

Gravis had been pretty sure that the Black Magnate and his father would get along, but that wasn’t the case for Heavenly Senior and his father.

Heavenly Senior felt very different from the Opposer.

The Opposer looked at Heavenly Senior with an emotionless look.



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