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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1252: – Evil Manipulator Bahasa Indonesia

Zero’s Essence’s mind went through an unimaginable number of thoughts in just an instance.

She had just saved this Ancestral God’s life, and instead of thanking her, he had acted like all of this was only natural.

It was like he knew exactly that she would get involved.

Didn’t the guy know that if she hadn’t reacted in an instant, he would be dead right now!?

And now, he was grandly talking about control again!?

For the first time, she actually honestly thought about killing Gravis.

It had been an eternity since someone had managed to infuriate her to such a degree!

“If you can’t see through an incomparably complex situation, does it mean that no one else can?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

These words irked Zero’s Essence even more.

“You are a level one Ancestral God. Your Spirit and your perception are thousands of times weaker than mine,” she commented with an icy tone.

“Yet, I know things you don’t,” Gravis said. “For example, I know that you still haven’t realized where my power stems from, which is very unexpected.”

“I don’t try to comprehend how the minds of insane people work,” Zero’s Essence scoffed.

Gravis only chuckled. “Have you still not realized your own blindness? All the information is in front of you, but you still haven’t managed to combine them into a full picture.”

“I can ignore your Will-Aura, which is on the level of a Heaven’s Magnate. The level nine Law of Freedom isn’t enough. By now, you should also be sure that no one else is helping me.”

“Meaning, for some reason, I am able to escape your Will-Aura with my own power. My own Will-Aura obviously isn’t as strong as yours.”

“So, what can allow me to ignore the suppression of something the True Law of Freedom can’t even escape from?”

Zero’s Essence only scoffed again. “What? Are you trying to tell me that you know the True Law of Perceived Reality?” she asked. “You are very talented, but you’re also only a level one Ancestral God.”

Gravis only grinned. “You saw me use the True Law of Freedom when I escaped your cage. You even commented on it.”

“Additionally, I’ve constantly been alluding to the fact that I’m the one in control. I know freedom, but I also know control and suppression. Control alone can’t bind someone that knows freedom since control doesn’t know freedom. Yet, if you know freedom and control, control knows what freedom does and wants, allowing it to take control over freedom.”

“Freedom is relative according to your perception,” Gravis added. “You are free in your perception since you can do whatever you want, but I know that, as long as I don’t step into the path of your desire, you won’t see me as an obstacle.”

“After all, I’m not standing in your way.”

“I know what you want, which allows me to evade all the directions you might want to go.”

Gravis slowly flew towards Zero’s Essence. Due to her shock, she hadn’t kept up the space expansion.

Gravis slowly circled her.

“You want to learn more about me, and you want to watch me since I’m the only interesting thing in forever. A major part of your path doesn’t want to kill me. So, as long as I don’t step into your path, you won’t attack me.”

“Even more, you want to comprehend the True Law of Control more than anything. You have heard how others managed to comprehend it, and you’re trying to learn it the same way. You feel like I am angering you, and in a sense, you might even feel a slight desire to kill me.”

Gravis appeared on her left side. “You don’t want to kill me because I’m interesting.”

Then, Gravis appeared on her right side. “You want to kill me because I’m angering you.”

“What to do… what…”

Gravis’ voice slowly took on a weird tone.

It was like he was suppressing something, which made Zero’s Essence furrow her brows.

She had already felt that Gravis’ current actions were so dramatic that they were ridiculous.

“Ahahahaha!” Gravis suddenly burst out into laughter.

It wasn’t some kind of evil laughter as she would have expected, but honest laughter.

It was the typical laughter someone would have when they heard a hilarious joke.

“Ah, sorry, sorry,” Gravis said slowly as he stopped laughing. “I can’t keep it up anymore.”

Zero’s Essence lifted an eyebrow.

“I always wanted to act like some textbook villain. You know, like a snake in your ear that tries to pull you to the dark side or something. Holy shit, it’s too funny!”

Zero’s Essence wasn’t certain about anything right now.

The conduct of this Ancestral God was beyond all reason.

He might actually be insane.

“Anyway,” Gravis said as he slowly flew away from her. “Enough playing around.”

Then, Gravis turned around and threw something at her.

Zero’s Essence easily caught it and looked at it.

Then, her entire mind stopped working.

Obsidian Ring!

Only her family had these rings, and no one would dare to create an imitation!

Even more, she felt her father’s power on it!

Gravis grinned widely.

“Hey! My name’s Gravis, and I’m your little brother!” Gravis said with a wink.

Zero’s Essence couldn’t wrap her mind around the current situation.

Little brother?


Zero’s Essence had had plenty of little brothers, but she hadn’t talked with many of them. Additionally, most of them had been very mediocre, in her opinion. On top of that, she hadn’t even heard of Gravis before.

“Wait, Gravis!” Zero’s Essence suddenly said as a light of recognition appeared in her eyes.

“You were the reason why father killed all the Star Gods around 1.7 million years ago,” she said with surprise.

“Yep,” Gravis said with a smile. “I’ve become quite powerful in 1.7 million years, huh?”

Zero’s Essence still couldn’t get over the shock she had received.

“I’ve seen you once,” she said. “Back then, you were only a little kid.”

“Time sure passes fast, huh?” Gravis commented.

For some time, the two only looked at each other.

“You’re so powerful,” Zero’s Essence said with a calm voice. Apparently, she had accepted her new circumstances.

“I didn’t want to admit it, but one of the reasons why I couldn’t accept that you have comprehended the True Law of Perceived Reality was because I felt inferior in some way to you,” she said in a voice that made it appear like she talked to herself.

“I couldn’t accept that some random Ancestral God already comprehended the very Law I couldn’t comprehend.”

Gravis nodded. “I actually only messed with you earlier. No one would believe that I know the True Law of Perceived Reality. After all, that Law is way too hard to comprehend, especially for a level one Ancestral God.”

“However, you should keep in mind what the world must sacrifice to create an outstanding Cultivator. The most talented level one Ancestral Gods have been gathered, and they got reduced to around ten or so level one Ancestral Gods that could jump three levels.”

“I can jump six levels, maybe even seven with my new Laws, and you should know that I couldn’t have gotten there on my own. Without father and even Heaven, I would never have reached this kind of power. The opportunities they have granted me made it possible for me to reach such powerful Battle-Strength.”

“For example,” Gravis said.


Mortis appeared beside Gravis, surprising Zero’s Essence.

Where had he come from!?

Additionally, how was it possible that he felt just as powerful as Gravis!?

“A lot of stuff happened on my journey,” Gravis said. “I don’t think that anyone is searching for me down here. So, we have some time.”

“You wanna hear about my life so far?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

Zero’s Essence had come here to interact with the strange Ancestral God.

She wanted to see what else he could do, and apparently, he could do way more than she had expected.

Gravis had shocked her again and again.

Zero’s Essence had never really cared about a family, and she still didn’t. She talked with her father and mother some time, but that was it. Every other member of her family was practically irrelevant.

As a family member, Gravis also didn’t matter to her.

However, as a Cultivator, Gravis interested her quite a bit.

Gravis had shown that he definitely wasn’t mediocre.

“I’m interested,” she said.

Why would she decline?

Hadn’t her entire reason for coming here been to learn more about this Ancestral God?

Their status as family broke down the distant barrier between them, making it far easier to share secrets.

“Sure,” Gravis nodded with a grin.

Mortis took out a can of coffee.

And then, the three of them talked for a long time.


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