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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1227: – Profound Happiness Bahasa Indonesia

After spending a couple of years together, Stella suddenly got an idea.

She told Gravis to wait for her and that she would have a surprise for him.

Gravis only lifted an eyebrow, but he complied.

Stella left for some hours, and when she returned, Gravis’ eyes widened.

Stella had just become an Ancestral God!

“Surprise!” Stella said with a bright smile. “Our tribulations are now synchronized! We never have to worry alone. Now, we can worry about each other at the same time!”

Gravis wasn’t sure what he should feel right now.

Stella had just gone through her tribulation, and she had thrown away a million years of her longevity for this.

Stella noticed Gravis’ expression, and she immediately knew what he was thinking about. “Oh, come on. Longevity is irrelevant when your goal is supreme power. These one million years don’t matter. Additionally, I can comprehend Laws faster by being an Ancestral God.”

However, Gravis only silently went to her and pulled her close to him.

Yes, it wasn’t very relevant to them, but Stella had still thrown a million years away just so that they didn’t need to worry about each other separately.

Who would do that for their partner?

When Stella saw Gravis’ emotional expression, she only giggled. “Silly, it really wasn’t much.”

“I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you,” Gravis said quietly.

“Hey! I should be the one saying that!” Stella shouted with a pout.

The two of them continued joking around for some time, but eventually, all the jokes transformed into tenderness.

They were so happy with each other.

Even more, they had so much time now. Both of them had a full three million years of longevity now.

So what if they spent a hundred thousand years together?

That wasn’t even so much time anymore.

Whenever the two of them were together, the days seemed to stretch into infinity, but at the same time, a lot of time would pass in an instant.

At this moment, everything was perfect.

Stella was here.

Mortis was here.

Aris and Yersi were here.

All his friends were here.

No tribulation would take place anytime soon.

Manuel’s faction was powerful enough to resist basically everyone in the Eternal Fire Sect.

Everything was quiet and calm.

Gravis had absolutely no worries.

Gravis was happy.

In quiet moments, Gravis thought about what it would be like to just live like this forever.

That wouldn’t be so bad.

However, Gravis also knew that this was only an unrealistic dream. Even if Orthar’s dream of how it would be to stop cultivating hadn’t had much effect on Gravis, he still remembered how he would feel.

Everything would be fine for three million years.

Then, it would be fine for another three million years.

But then, the two of them would need to become Divine Gods, and at that point, it would basically be impossible to ever return to cultivating.

At the moment, everything felt serene and great, but that was because Gravis still had options.

If he wanted, he could continue cultivating, and that was exactly how he could be so happy.

Yet, if he couldn’t continue anymore, he would feel stifled.

The feeling of approaching death was horrible, and Gravis didn’t want to feel like he was approaching death without a chance to fight against it.

Living for a finite number of years without a way to extend his life terrified Gravis.

Gravis wanted to feel like this for an eternity, and even if ten million years felt like an eternity at this moment, an eternity would eventually pass.

When Gravis had started his Cultivation journey, it had also felt like the Star God Realm was an eternity away from him.

And now?

Now, Gravis was an Ancestral God.

The “eternity” it took to become a Star God had only been a bit more than 200,000 years for Gravis.

What were 200,000 years to Gravis now?

That was one session of Law Comprehension.

It felt like nothing.

Because of that, Gravis knew that the eternity that was over ten million years would also start to feel like nothing eventually.

He couldn’t stop.

He didn’t want to stop.


As Gravis looked at Stella, who was currently working on some armor, he realized that there was always a way out of Cultivation.

If Gravis wanted to stop cultivating, he could.

If Gravis wanted to continue cultivating, he could.

He wasn’t restrained.

Because of that, it wasn’t necessary to worry about the future.

With that realization, Gravis truly lost himself in his time with Stella.

He could lose himself because he knew that he could always return.

He could jump to and from these two worlds whenever he wanted.

His future was open, and his present was secure for the time being.

Gravis could do whatever he wanted, and he loved that.

Stella didn’t notice Gravis’ thoughts as she was fully focused on creating Formation Arrays.

She didn’t even notice that Gravis was watching her with a peaceful smile.

Only the muffled sound of Energy being infused into armor could be heard in the room, and Gravis felt at peace.

For some reason, Gravis believed that this moment was special.

This was what he had worked so hard for.

This was the reason why he had always put himself in danger.

He had come home, and now, he could live his life however he wanted.

This was freedom.

However, freedom was also happiness to Gravis.

At that moment, Gravis felt like nothing could destroy his happiness.

Gravis’ eyes didn’t even widen when he suddenly comprehended a new Law.

He only found it natural to comprehend this Law.

After all, wasn’t everything Gravis was feeling at this moment not built upon this very concept?

Living beings always feared for their life, and they wanted to fight against death until it no longer was a danger.

As long as one’s life was still in danger, one couldn’t be truly happy.

However, Gravis wasn’t in danger at this moment, which was one of the primary reasons for how he could feel so happy at this moment.

So, when Gravis wasn’t in danger, what remained?


Gravis didn’t need to fear anything at the moment.

Everything was open to him, and the world practically waited for his actions.

No one would come to threaten him, and he could do whatever he wanted.

This was safety.

And that was also how Gravis had comprehended the level nine True Law of Safety just now.

Gravis only smiled happily as he continued watching Stella.

He didn’t even tell her since he found it to only be a natural consequence of his current life.

This was the seventh level nine Law Gravis had comprehended, but he wasn’t very surprised.

Ancestral Gods already came into contact with level nine Laws. After all, they needed to comprehend one to become a Divine God.

So, in a sense, comprehending level nine Laws as an Ancestral God was normal.

Gravis checked his Spirit Space and looked at the five grey fruits.

These were the Law Comprehension Life Fruits for the True Law of Suppression.

Gravis only needed to comprehend a couple of level eight Laws, and then he could eat these fruits without any worry.

‘Only the Law of Danger remains, and after I comprehend that, I can get the True Law of Suppression.’

‘At that point, I can condense my first level ten Law, the True Law of Perceived Reality.’

Gravis only grinned widely.

‘I’m nearly done with a quarter of what I need to become a Heaven’s Magnate.’

‘But for now, that doesn’t matter.’

‘I wonder what Formation Array Stella is making at the moment?’


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