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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1224: – Simple Bahasa Indonesia

So, Orpheus knew the Major Law of Perceived Reality, and he had always known it.

Gravis had believed that he had been one of the first people that had comprehended it very early on, but apparently, Orpheus had also been part of that club.

No wonder Orpheus had never shown his Avatar.

Additionally, Gravis’ Will-Aura had never been powerful enough to see through it, and even more, Gravis had never questioned his own perception while looking at Orpheus.

Sure, the Law of Perceived Reality allowed one to see through realities, but the Will-Auras had to be on a similar level, at least.

How powerful had Gravis’ Will-Aura when he had seen Orpheus the last time?

Level nine Star God.

Meanwhile, Orpheus’ Will-Aura had already been at the level of a level eight Ancestral God.

The difference was too massive for Gravis to notice the difference between Orpheus’ perceived reality and physical reality.

However, this also explained quite a bit. After all, jumping several levels in the Ancestral God Realm was already quite impressive.

Jumping two levels?

That probably wasn’t even difficult for Orpheus.

He could probably jump three levels comfortably, and he could even attempt to jump four levels.

At the moment, Orpheus was a level six Ancestral God, and he could probably attempt to fight a level nine Ancestral God.

His Will-Aura wouldn’t even be very relevant since he also had the Major Law of Freedom, which had been integrated into the Major Law of Perceived Reality and used as an Avatar. That pushed the power of the Major Law of Freedom to the power of a level eight Law, allowing him to ignore all suppression inside the Ancestral God Realm and lower.

“I thought I was the first one that went backward on Heaven’s path to power,” Gravis said with a sigh.

“Sorry,” Orpheus said with an embarrassed expression. “I also had that idea. Surprisingly, I comprehended the Law of Freedom in a similar way to you. Everyone was telling me to focus on the subsidiary Laws of the Law of the Dead World, but I didn’t want to do so. So, in an act of spite, I used the Law of Suppression as my Avatar.”

“How are we so similar?” Gravis asked.

“I mean, we’re brothers,” Orpheus said with a slight smile, “but I know what you mean. We both have quite a lot of things in common.”

For a while, Gravis and Orpheus only looked at each other awkwardly.


Why were they so related?

“You think there’s a reason behind this?” Gravis asked after a while.

“Honestly, I’m not sure,” Orpheus said with an uncertain expression.


“Is this another thing that has been planned by Heaven or something?” Gravis asked himself.


Gravis was taken aback as he suddenly heard the sound of his father.

“Not everything in the entire world that seems strange is due to the old bastard,” the Opposer told Gravis via voice transmission. “This similarity between you and your brother is mostly a coincidence.”

Gravis only lifted an eyebrow in skepticism.

“Mostly?” Gravis asked.

“Yes, the other part is the way your mother and I brought you up,” the Opposer said. “We allow you to build your own image of the world and think for yourself. We want you guys to be true to yourselves, and we want you guys to always know what you want.”

“Additionally, you two come from your mother and me. The way the Laws have created you has a higher chance of having a higher affinity with the path of power. Your mother knows the Law of Perceived Reality, and I obviously know it. We both know it, and to comprehend both of these Laws early, you need a special kind of mindset.”

“We know that, which is why we have brought you up the way we did. It’s still rare for someone to comprehend the Law of Perceived Reality very early, but the chances that this happens to a member of our family is magnitudes higher.”

“Don’t always assume that everything weird that’s happening is due to either the old bastard or me. We also weren’t responsible for you meeting Stella,” the Opposer finished.

Gravis was still a bit uncertain as he scratched the side of his head.

“I guess?” Gravis said with uncertainty.

Orpheus looked with confusion at Gravis.

Gravis noticed Orpheus’ expression and told him what their father had told him.

When Gravis was done, Orpheus also scratched the back of his head in uncertainty.

“So, that’s it?” he asked.

Gravis nodded. “I guess so. I mean, it makes sense. Upbringing has a huge effect on how the child develops.”


“But that’s so… simple… and normal,” Orpheus said.

Gravis nodded. “I know. It’s weird. Everything involving me is weird, but this thing is just so very normal.”

Eventually, the two accepted the truth.

There was no reason for the Opposer to lie to them, especially since the Opposer knew how much Gravis hated lies.

He wouldn’t lie to Gravis for an arrogant reason as protecting him from something.

“I mean, the Obsidian Ring has also been very normal,” Gravis said as he took out his Obsidian Ring. It was still the same Obsidian Ring, and he had owned it ever since he had been a child.

“For some time, I also believed that this ring had some special, hidden power, but that’s actually foolish to think,” Gravis said. “If father wanted to do something, he would do it himself. He wouldn’t need some ring to do that for him.”

“I guess, sometimes, simple things are just simple.”

When Orpheus heard that, he frowned as he fell into thought.

Then, Orpheus scratched the back of his head.

Two seconds later, Gravis’ eyes widened.

“Oh, come on. Fuck you!” Gravis shouted.

Orpheus only laughed loudly.

“That’s unfair!” Gravis said with annoyance. “How am I supposed to catch up to you when you keep comprehending Laws!”

Then, Gravis’ eyes widened.

“Is that how Stella feels?” he said.

“Hey, this is about me, not your partner,” Orpheus said with a laugh.

“Yes, yes, you’re great,” Gravis said.

Then, Gravis sarcastically lifted his arms and waved them around. “Weeee, Orpheus comprehended the True Law of Freedom. He’s sooo great!”

“You comprehend it before me, okay? Leave some of the comprehension for your dear brother!” Orpheus said with a smirk.

Gravis only snorted.

How had Orpheus comprehended the True Law of Freedom?

Well, first of all, Gravis had told Orpheus that he had comprehended the True Law of Freedom almost randomly. Of course, Gravis didn’t go into detail since he didn’t want to ruin Orpheus’ Law Comprehension.

When Orpheus had heard that Gravis had already comprehended the True Law of Freedom, he had become confused.

Wasn’t that Law supposed to be super hard to comprehend?

While they had been talking, Orpheus had thought of an insane number of ways to comprehend the True Law of Freedom.

Yet, none of them felt like the right way.

Then, Gravis said that, sometimes, simple stuff was just simple.

So, Orpheus just tried to force-comprehend the True Law of Freedom.

And it worked.

The mood between the two of them had improved, and the awkwardness vanished, and in no time at all, the two of them were back to talking like they had never been apart.

The two brothers were together again.


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