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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1165: More Laws Bahasa Indonesia

After a thousand years, Gravis and Mortis left Manuel’s faction again to comprehend their next Laws.

Gravis had already finished the Material Laws, which meant that he would now help Mortis with the Battle Laws for his new Form Law.

Mortis vanished and went to some random Law Comprehension Area of some random Sect, while Gravis went back to Opposer City.

“You’re back. How can I help you?” the manager of the Smart Cultivator asked.

“One Virtualization Array for the True Law of Zero’s Cutting,” Gravis said.

“Of course,” the manager answered with a wide smile. “For how long do you need it?”

“Until I comprehend it. Should take me about 80,000 years or so,” Gravis answered.

The manager was surprised that Gravis would only need about 80,000 years to comprehend a level seven Law, but he guessed that Gravis was probably a Cultivator with an Ice Affinity.

“Let’s go with 100,000 years. If you comprehend it earlier, you can simply bring it back, and I’ll give you back the money for the remaining time,” the manager said.

“Sure,” Gravis answered.

After paying 100 million God Stones, Gravis left the Smart Cultivator again under the shining eyes of the manager. The level seven Virtualization Arrays were at the highest tier of the wares they sold. There was nothing more expensive than them.

Level eight Virtualization Arrays basically didn’t exist.


Because only Ancestral Gods and very powerful Star Gods would be interested in them, and those Cultivators were always members of some Sect. They either led their own Sect, or they were members of Sects with Divine Gods. Those Sects had access to plenty of Law Comprehension Areas for level eight Laws.

Even more, the Smart Cultivator wasn’t some gigantic organization with lots of managers all over the world. Now, the manager Gravis always met was literally the owner of the Smart Cultivator.

The manager was one of the very few really powerful Ancestral Gods without any Sect backing them. The manager opened his shop to get enough money to comprehend a level nine Law without joining a Sect.

The Smart Cultivator was profitable, but the manager would need to earn about 1,000 God Crystals to buy some comprehension for a level nine Law. That number of God Crystals was enough to push a level one Star God to the level one Divine God Realm.

After getting his Virtualization Array, Gravis returned home. The Opposer’s castle didn’t have a slot that allowed Virtualization Arrays to work, but he simply created one. The Opposer had had enough time in the past to comprehend Formation Arrays.

Gravis sat in the room and activated the Virtualization Array.


Powerful and terrifyingly cold ice appeared all over the room, and Gravis felt the cold winds cutting his clothes and body. Sometimes, the icicles in the room broke off and entered a storm, which then began to cut the entire room with them.

Gravis had long since gotten used to such displays, and he immediately closed his eyes to enter a comprehension state.

While Gravis was comprehending the True Law of Zero’s Cutting, Mortis was focusing on the True Law of Hurricane’s Explosiveness.

And thus, another long time of comprehension began.

Mortis was the first to finish after 77,000 years. The True Law of Hurricane’s Explosiveness was done.

Gravis finished just 4,000 years later. The True Law of Zero’s Cutting was done.

‘Huh, a thousand years more than I had anticipated. Glad I accepted the manager’s offer, or I would have needed to visit the shop again,’ Gravis thought.

‘That’s eight out of fourteen Battle Laws done. Six more to go,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis scratched his chin as he fell into thought.

‘I think I can do one more. It doesn’t feel like much time has passed, and I don’t really want a break right now. Mortis wants to take one, but I don’t mind. He can take one if he wants,’ Gravis thought.

Gravis went over to the Smart Cultivator and got another Virtualization Array.

This one was for the True Law of Zero’s Explosiveness.

Gravis activated it and quickly went to work.

75,000 years later, he comprehended the True Law of Zero’s Explosiveness.

Mortis was about to finish with the True Law of Ancestral Wood’s Cutting, but it would take about 10,000 years more.

Gravis brought the Virtualization Array back and hurried to the Eternal Fire Sect. He wanted to take a break again.

In just a couple of hours, Gravis arrived at Manuel’s faction again, and his eyes widened when he saw it.


A gigantic castle pierced through the sky with millions of valuable houses around it. It was like the city of an emperor!

Gravis’ eyes widened as he saw all the Cultivators on the streets.

‘So strong!’ Gravis thought in shock.

Level six and level seven Star Gods just randomly walked around the streets. Most of the Cultivators in the city were in the level four Star God Realm, but there also was a sizable number of level five, six, and seven Star Gods.

Gravis also noticed the power of his friends, and his eyes widened.

Stella, Azure, Manuel, and Aris were level seven Star Gods, while the remainder of his group of friends were level eight Star Gods.

Even more, they all had Will-Auras at the peak of the Star God Realm.

This meant that their Will-Auras were all as powerful as Gravis’ Will-Aura!

Gravis also saw that all of them were dealing with different tasks. Manuel was planning an assault with Exar and Azure. For a second, Gravis was confused. Didn’t Manuel normally decide everything himself?

However, Gravis quickly came to a conclusion.

Manuel alone wasn’t enough anymore to deal with the enemy’s plans.

Azure had led a couple of powers in her past, and she had a bright mind. Exar was a genius when it came to strategizing. It made sense that Manuel would ask them for advice.

“Hey, Gravis. We’ll greet you later. This is important,” Manuel said quickly as he threw Gravis a half-hearted smile.

“Oh, don’t mind me. You do what you have to do,” Gravis answered.

Manuel only threw Gravis a small smile before his face became solemn again.

“Oh, hey! It’s Gravis!” an excited shout came.

Ferris arrived in front of Gravis and danced around him. “Man, Gravis, I missed you sooooo much! Why have you been gone for so long?” Ferris asked.

Gravis only smiled and chuckled at Ferris’ antics. “I wasn’t gone for so long, Ferris.”

“Are you kidding? You were gone for super duper long!” Ferris answered with an excited smile. “You’ve been gone for like over 150,000 years or something. That’s a super long time!”

Gravis was a bit taken aback.

Over 150,000 years?

That didn’t feel that long. Gravis had only comprehended two Laws in that timeframe. Additionally, Gravis didn’t even feel any different since the last time he came here.

It was like no time had passed for him.

Gravis and Ferris talked for a long time, and Gravis was surprised that no one else showed up to greet him.

It was like only Ferris was happy for him to be here.

Not even Stella had given him more than a friendly hello.


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