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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1143: Plant War Bahasa Indonesia

On the way to the Myriad Sect, Gravis explained as much as he could about the highest world and the Myriad Sect.

Eventually, they reached the Myriad Sect, and Meadow was immediately surprised by what she saw.

There were so many Peak Immortal Emperors!

She knew that there would be many, but not that many!

There were millions upon millions!

Meadow had already gone through several worlds, and she knew how it felt to be at the bottom of the power scale again, but this was ridiculous!

There were millions of beings in her Realm!

Every single of them had gone through at least one world where they had been the strongest ones at one point in time. All of these millions of Peak Immortal Emperors represented a person that had once been the strongest in the world.

There was not a single person that was not considered outstanding in their previous higher world.

But here, in the highest world, they were only normal.

“Shit. I didn’t expect there to be so many,” Meadow said absentmindedly.

Gravis only smiled. “Impressive, isn’t it?” Gravis asked. “The highest world is absolutely gigantic, and there are so incredibly many Peak Immortal Emperors. The ones you can currently see are not even a millionth of the entire world. Crazy, isn’t it?”

Not even a millionth.

Meadow slowly realized that this world was different from all the previous ones she had been to. Sure, in her higher world, there had also been over a billion Immortals, but there was a difference between a billion and a trillion.

It was the same difference between one and one thousand.

“Even more, the sheer size of the world is so much bigger than its inhabitants that nearly all of the world is just empty wilderness,” Gravis explained. “You would think that with so many Cultivators, you would constantly meet new faces, but you actually don’t. You only meet others when you specifically search for them.”

Meadow snorted. “I get it. I’m not stupid,” she said with a huff. “You don’t have to talk up the highest world just so you feel better about your mediocre achievements.”

Gravis snorted when he heard that. “I’m just showing you how weak and insignificant your bitch-ass is in this world. You’re swimming in the ocean now, you freshwater guppy.”

“You smell more like a fish than I do,” Meadow countered. “Oh, right, I forgot. You were a shitty electric eel once.”

Gravis continued bantering with Meadow, and he quickly fell into nostalgia.

Back when Gravis had met Meadow, he had only been a Nascent Nourishing Cultivator or beast, depending on the viewpoint. Gravis had only wanted to comprehend some Composition Laws for Plants. Because of that, Ferris had led Gravis to the Bulwark, where he met Meadow.

Back then, Meadow had only appeared like a normal Ultimate, but that had quickly changed when she had unveiled her true power.

“By the way, how did your fight with Heaven go?” Meadow asked as she remembered how she and Gravis had parted ways. “You’re still alive, so I expect that you whopped its ass.”

Gravis’ expression transformed into an awkward smile.

“Yeah, about that,” Gravis said. “He kind of had the Law of the Dead World as his Avatar, and he also knew the Major Law of the Elements.”

Meadow furrowed her brows. “What’s the Law of the Dead World?” she asked.

For a second, Gravis was taken aback, but then he remembered that the Law of the Dead World was actually a very rare Law. Only very few people in the higher world knew it, and when Gravis was referring to the Law of the Dead World, he was talking about the minor variant. The Major Law of the Dead World basically didn’t exist in higher worlds.

Exar had been a huge exception.

And then, Meadow suddenly snorted.

“How did you actually fall for that?” Meadow asked with an arrogant smirk. “You think I don’t know what some stupid Law of the Dead World is? I’m a flower, and in comparison to humans, I can’t live under a rock.”


A small, illusory world appeared beside Meadow.

This was her Avatar, and it was made of the Major Law of the Dead World!

Gravis hadn’t inspected Meadow’s personality and memories since she was his friend. So, he was quite surprised when he realized that Meadow knew the Major Law of the Dead World.

In short, she was at least as powerful as Exar had been when he ascended.

After a while, Gravis realized that it actually wasn’t that surprising.

Exar had been about 500,000 years in his higher world.

Meadow had been way over a million years in her higher world.

Meadow was probably even more powerful than Exar had been back then.

Of course, the current Exar was not someone Meadow could fight against.

“That’s really impressive, Meadow,” Gravis said with a smile. “Are all plants this powerful?”

Meadow snorted. “Are you a country bumpkin or just a stupid child?” Meadow asked. “You see one outstanding plant, and you immediately believe that all of them are that powerful? Bitch, I’m the most powerful!”

Surprisingly, Gravis only smirked.

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” he said.

“Oh, please,” Meadow said. “You saw how crazy everyone got when they realized that I was neither beast nor human. Sure, there could be some more powerful plant Peak Immortal Emperors out there, but they might as well not exist since we won’t ever meet them.”

Gravis’ smirk only widened.

“Why don’t you settle down in the Myriad Sect and extend your roots? You might find a neighbor.”

“A neighbor, huh?” Meadow said with an arrogant smirk. “So, there’s some random dude currently sitting in my throne. How very nice of you to give me a subordinate as a present.”

“I wonder who will be subordinate,” Gravis said with a snicker.

Meadow narrowed her eyes at Gravis and landed in the Myriad Sect. No one paid any attention to her. After all, she was just one more Peak Immortal Emperor amongst millions.

Meadow’s human body vanished as she transformed into a flower, which quickly vanished into the earth.

Meadow was expanding her root network, and she was claiming the Myriad Sect as her own.

And then, she touched another root.

Meadow realized that this had to be the other root, so she immediately pushed it to the side.


The other root was violently pushed to the side as Meadow took her place with a smirk.


Meadow gritted her metaphorical teeth as her root was suddenly severed from her body. The other root had returned, and it had used the Space Laws to cut off her root.

“Oh, you wanna play rough, eh?” she transmitted to the other plant.

“Who are you?” the other plant asked, his voice deep and powerful.

“The rightful owner of the chair you’re currently sitting on!”

Meadow started an offensive as she severed several roots of the opponent, pushing him back.

“Oh? It’s been quite a while since another plant dared to attack me,” the other plant said with power.

And then, war broke out.

Below the Myriad Sect, an ocean of roots was fighting each other. This was how plants usually battled each other. Controlling so many roots was like controlling an army, and the one who could control their troops better would win.

Millions of roots attacked each other violently.

Yet, above the Sect, no Immortal Emperor noticed the battle.

Everything happened underground.

Gravis only watched the battle with a smirk.

‘Wonder if Narcissus can handle Meadow.’


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