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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1114: World Breaking Down Bahasa Indonesia

As Gravis and Stella flew back to the Myriad Sect, Stella kept glancing at Gravis strangely.

Gravis had noticed that Stella had glanced at him a couple of times, and he became a bit confused.

“What’s up?” Gravis asks.

“I don’t know,” Stella said.

“You don’t know?” Gravis repeated with a chuckle.

“I’m not sure, but you somehow feel a bit different,” Stella said.

“Different?” Gravis asked. “In what way?”

“I don’t know,” Stella answered. “Something on you has changed, but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Gravis raised an eyebrow in confusion.

Gravis looked at himself and saw no difference.

He wore the same clothes, he knew the same Laws, oh!

“Oh, because I’m a Star God now?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

Surprisingly, Stella shook her head.

“That’s not it,” she said. “You seemed normal when you came to get me, but ever since we started going back to the Myriad Sect, you somehow feel different.”

“Different in what sense?” Gravis asked. “It’s hard to find out what you mean when you can’t give me a better description about whatever feels off with me.”

Stella looked at Gravis with concern for a bit.

“I don’t know. It somehow feels like I should not be with you,” she said.

Gravis’ body shuddered, but then, he chuckled. “Don’t joke about something like that, Stella.”

“I’m not joking,” Stella said with an uncomfortable expression. “Of course, I still love you and everything, and our relationship hasn’t changed. However, something is telling me that I shouldn’t be close to you. It’s not about an emotional closeness, but more of a physical one.”

“It’s like something is telling me that I should not be near your vicinity.”

Stella looked at the ground.

“Even my Law of Danger is slightly acting up.”

All forms of positive emotions left Gravis.

Everything up to now could have just been assigned to Stella’s imagination.

However, if even her Law of Danger had been triggered, something must be wrong.

Yet, no matter what Gravis did, he couldn’t find what Stella meant.

Gravis didn’t feel any different from normal.

However, Gravis trusted Stella’s intuition.

“Father, is something wrong with me?” he asked.

“Yes,” his father answered without appearing.

Gravis’ eyes widened in horror.

Something was wrong with him!?

“What’s wrong with me?” Gravis asked.

“You will be informed by two people shortly.”

Gravis became nervous.

“Can’t you just tell me directly!?” Gravis asked.

“Depending on your viewpoint, it could be something good or something bad. However, until this situation is resolved, you can’t come near Opposer City. If you do, you will die,” the Opposer answered.

“Forbidden from entering my home!? Why!?” Gravis shouted.

His father didn’t answer.

“What’s going on?” Stella asked Gravis nervously.

“Father said that something is wrong with me, and he also said that I’m forbidden from going to Opposer City,” Gravis said.

Stella’s eyes widened in horror.


What was going on!?

Suddenly, Gravis stopped.

Then, he took out an emblem.

This was the emblem that showed his position as a Judge of The Heaven Company, and it had suddenly started acting up.

Usually, if Gravis had to do his job, he would receive a new Emblem.

Yet, his own emblem was suddenly starting to shine in an alarming red.

“What?” Gravis asked.


Suddenly, someone appeared in front of Gravis.

It was Eve, his boss!

Eve looked at Gravis evenly.

Then, Gravis’ emblem floated over to Eve, and she pocketed it.

“What’s going on!?” Gravis shouted with annoyance.

He wanted answers!

Eve looked at Gravis with a bit of concern, but there was also a cold light in her eyes.

“Your services are no longer required,” she said directly.

Gravis’ and Stella’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“I’m fired!?” Gravis shouted. “Why!?”

Eve looked coldly at Gravis.

“You know what you have done. If you manage to survive, you can join The Heaven Company again,” she said.

“What!?” Gravis shouted.


However, Eve teleported away.

Gravis wanted to ask her about what was going on, but Eve had already left Gravis’ Spirit Sense.

Gravis and Stella looked at each other with concern.

They tried to find out what was going on, but they couldn’t find an answer.

Eventually, they continued to the Myriad Sect. Maybe someone in the Myriad Sect had an answer. If not, they could send someone to get the answer.

Some minutes later, Gravis and Stella arrived at the Myriad Sect.


However, the two of them were suddenly stopped outside the Sect as an unknown Formation Array was activated.

Stella knew the Formation Arrays the Myriad Sect owned, but this Formation Array was unknown to her.

What was going on!?

Why was the Myriad Sect stopping the two of them from entering?

Inside the Myriad Sect, Manuel and the others came out of their buildings.

“Who activated this Formation Array!?” Manuel shouted with anger. “I have ordered no such thing!”

Yet, every single person in the Myriad Sect only looked with horror and confusion at their Sect Master.

No one had activated it.

Manuel gritted his teeth when he saw that no one answered. “For now, it’s not important who activated it. Someone deactivate it!”

The Formation Array experts of the Myriad Sect checked the Formation Arrays, and while doing so, they found an unknown Formation Array.

If it hadn’t been activated, they would have never noticed it!

Manuel heard the report, and he became furious.

Why was there an unknown Formation Array inside his own Sect!?

“Destroy it!” Manuel ordered.


However, everything halted as an Ancestral God arrived above the Myriad Sect.

He had activated his Will-Aura and made it impossible for anyone to move.

“The Formation Array is for your own protection,” the Ancestral God said to Manuel.

Manuel noticed the get-up of the Ancestral God and knew that this Ancestral God was one of the Elders of the Eternal Fire Sect.

“What is the meaning of this!?” Manuel shouted. “You said this Sect was supposed to belong to us!”

“And it does,” the Ancestral God answered calmly. “I want you to realize that we are helping you survive a crisis right now. We could have also just looked on as your Sect was turned to dust.”

“Turned to dust?” Manuel shouted in shock.

Gravis also heard everything, and his nervousness rose.

Even an Ancestral God became involved!?

First, his father had told him that something was wrong with him.

Then, The Heaven Company had fired him and told him that he could return if he managed to survive.

And now, an Ancestral God of the Eternal Fire Sect was stopping him from entering the Myriad Sect!

“What the fuck is going on!?” Gravis shouted with all of his power.

He had enough of this!

He wanted to know what the fuck was going on!

The Elder looked at Gravis coldly.

However, when he noticed that Gravis was genuinely upset and confused, a look of pity replaced his cold gaze.

“You have condensed a Sin Aura,” he answered.

“Sin Aura!?” Gravis and Stella shouted in shock.

However, when Manuel and Styr heard the Elder’s words, a look of horror appeared on their faces.

Manuel quickly gritted his teeth.

“Gravis, you have to leave!” he shouted, his voice shaking.

“You can’t return to the Myriad Sect!”

“Every member of the Myriad Sect is forbidden from interacting with Gravis from this moment forth!”

Gravis’ world broke down.


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