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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1092: War Bahasa Indonesia

“Attack!” Joyce’s voice echoed throughout the Myriad Sect, waking everyone.


A gigantic Formation Array appeared, and it was immediately bombarded by a terrifying number of attacks.

In a single second, the Myriad Sect lost 250,000 God Stones to protect their Sect from the sudden attack.


Hundreds of teleportations occurred simultaneously as all the members of the Sect that had been on missions were teleported back.

All of them had been informed about the attack with special means, and they had all activated their emergency teleportation emblems.

Activating all of these teleportation emblems cost the Myriad Sect a whopping two million God Stones!

However, now, everyone was present.

A white-robed Ancestral God already stood in the air.

This was the Judge for this Sect war.

He would not protect the Myriad Sect but the Cultivators in the surrounding cities and towns.

Joyce and Azure appeared at the front of the Sect, and hundreds of Peak Immortal Emperors gathered behind each of them.

“Defensive Legion A, follow me!” Joyce shouted.

“Victory!” the legion behind Joyce shouted as they shot after their general.

Joyce led her legion out of the Sect and directly charged at a blue-haired level one Star God.

“Defensive Legion B, attack!” Azure shouted.

“Kill!” the legion shouted as they followed their general.

Azure and her legion shot at a green-haired level one Star God.


Formation Arrays appeared on the armor of the legions, and their powers were gathered and poured into their generals.

Azure and Joyce immediately felt their Energy capacity and physical powers soar.

Their physical power and Energy capacity were now above the level of a level one Star God but below the level of a level two Star God.

Joyce and Azure had the advantage in Energy and physical power, but their Laws were weaker than their opponents’ Laws.

Both of them knew that they couldn’t win their fight.

They could only borrow as much time as they could for their Sect.


The Stars of the two Star Gods appeared and created a domain around them.

Joyce’s opponent had the level seven Law of Zero’s Cold as their Star, which meant that all Elemental Laws that weren’t the Water Element were severely weakened.

Azure’s opponent had the level seven True Law of Bark Growth as her Star, which meant that the physical bodies of non-plant beings were severely weakened.

Azure’s opponent immediately transformed into a gigantic willow, and her roots started stretching across the horizon as they attacked Azure and her legion at the same time.

When Azure saw the power of her opponent, she gritted her teeth.

The power of the Formation Arrays on her legion’s sets of armor could only gather onto a single being.

This meant that attacking the legion itself was the weak point.


Yet, the roots were stopped.

The legion remained inside the protecting Formation Array of the Sect. The roots couldn’t reach them.

However, every single attack that hit the Formation Array would weaken their storage of God Stones.

This meant that time was working against them now.

Suddenly, another Star God appeared near Joyce and unleashed an attack on her.


A powerful Will-Aura appeared that suppressed the movements of that Star God, and someone appeared between the Star God and Joyce.

It was a Black Demon, and he blocked the attack with a huge shield!

“You’re mine!” Aris growled as he charged at the Star God.

Aris’ Star appeared behind him. His Star had the level seven True Law of Lightning’s Explosiveness, which meant that every Element that wasn’t related to lightning was weakened severely.

Aris immediately pushed the Star God back, far away from the Myriad Sect.

He wouldn’t allow anyone to interfere in his fight!


Suddenly, a gigantic hole appeared in the ground.

A Star God that had just gathered their Energy to stop Aris had been violently pulled into the earth.

The Major Law of Gravity, with the power of a level eight Law, had pulled them deep into the earth in an instant. If the Star God had been prepared for that attack, they wouldn’t have been pulled away. Sadly, they had just gathered their Energy for an attack, leaving their being undefended.


The hole closed, and violent tremors destroyed the surroundings.

Broad Walker had become active and was fighting his opponent in the underground. As a beast with an Earth Affinity, he had the advantage in terms of battle arena now.


In the distance, the body of another Star God nearly exploded as violent red fire had suddenly surged at them.

The speed of that attack had been incredible!

The Star God was shot into the distance, and a burning shooting star shot after him with incredible speed.

Liam had activated his level seven Law of Blaze’s Power!

In the distance, Ishtar was looking at the battle with calm eyes.

“Everything’s going according to plan,” he said to his three Vice-Sect Masters.

“Samuel, lure out the Assisting Elder and keep her from interfering in the war.”

“Yes, Junior Sect Master,” Samuel said with respect.

Samuel shot forward and unveiled his Star.

The Star shone brightly with a calm, red flame.

This Star represented the level seven True Law of Blaze’s Efficiency.

He would be the perfect person for dealing with the Assisting Elder. The Assisting Elder knew the insanely powerful Major Law of the Dead World, which gave her an incredible variety of attacks.

However, her destructive force was her weakness.

Samuel’s True Law of Blaze’s Efficiency would allow him to win in the long run.

“It’s a trap. Let Exar fight him,” a powerful, deep voice said to Manuel, who was currently planning for the war. “This is one of the most important battles. I’ve experienced this kind of tactic in a couple Sect wars around a million years ago.”

“I trust in your experience,” Manuel answered as he turned to a black-robed person standing beside him. “Exar, you deal with him.”

“He looks a bit weak but sure,” the black-robed person answered.

Suddenly, time seemingly stopped as Samuel was just about to unleash an attack.

Then, reality seemed to bend as space exploded.


Samuel was shot into the distance as a huge wound appeared on his chest.

Exar put his single-edged, long sword back into its sheath and released a deep breath.

Space and time warped around Exar as he shot after Samuel at ridiculous speeds.

In the distance, Ishtar narrowed his eyes.

“The unknown party made a move. That’s unexpected. I expected for the Assisting Elder to make a move due to the lack of offensive capabilities that Samuel has,” Ishtar said.

“Change of plans,” Ishtar said as he turned to a white-haired woman behind him. “Keira, you will take the Sect Master.”

“Yes, Junior Sect Master.”


Time warped around the white-haired woman as she arrived in front of the Myriad Sect in nearly an instant.

“That’s a very rare Law,” the powerful voice said to Manuel. “She knows the True Law of Time’s Deceleration. Her Star alone will already slow down time, and if she activates the Law, it will become even worse. Yet, it costs a lot of Energy to use the Law. If your fighter can survive for some time, they will win. Send Stella. She seems good at stalling for time.”

Manuel nodded. “Thank you for the information,” Manuel answered respectfully.

Then, Manuel looked at the red-haired battle-goddess in front of him. “Stella, that’s your opponent.”

Stella looked at the white-haired woman with burning eyes. “She’ll regret attacking us,” she said with a dark voice.


A powerful Will-Aura appeared, strengthened by the level four Law of Suppression.

Then, a gigantic, golden wheel appeared in the air with 36 differently colored gems. The gems lit up one by one, and the wheel began crackling with Elemental Energy.

A wave of indiscernible Elements swept towards the white-haired woman, forcing her into the distance.

Ishtar narrowed his eyes further as he saw this.

“What luck. They perfectly chose their opponents. It seems like their Sect Master is even smarter than we had anticipated,” Ishtar said.

“Lena, are you confident in being able to deal with their Sect Master?” Ishtar asked.

“Honestly, I’m uncertain, Junior Sect Master,” Lena said. “I’m lacking offensive capabilities, and my strong suit is variety and long fights. If he has a Star with incredible offensive capabilities, I might die.”

“Don’t worry. That’s why I’m here,” Ishtar said. “Go. If something happens, I will get involved. Remember, this is a war, not a one-on-one fight. Don’t see it like that, or your Will-Aura will get injured if I have to save you later.”

Lena nodded. “Thank you, Junior Sect Master.”

Darkness swallowed the black-haired Lena as she vanished.


Suddenly, Lena reappeared as she had to block an attack.

Lena was immediately pushed back as her eyes opened wide in shock.

How had her opponent noticed her!?

The fighting Myriad Sect felt a wave of shock.

Had their Sect Master just pushed back a level two Star God!?

Wasn’t their Sect Master on the weaker side!?

However, they couldn’t focus on their Sect Master since they were in the middle of a war.

Meanwhile, the owner of the powerful voice looked at the lone Ishtar in the distance.

‘A level three Star God as insurance,’ he thought. ‘I hope Black Sentry isn’t just boasting.’

‘Even more,’ the powerful voice thought as he looked far into the distance.

There, he saw a young woman with grey hair.

‘A level two Ancestral God is keeping watch. The Judge will stop her from directly interfering, but she can throw threats at us. If the Eternal Fire Sect wants to annihilate the Myriad Sect, there’s nothing we can do.’

All of this had happened in three seconds.

The Myriad Sect was currently in a battle with five level one Star Gods and three level two Star Gods.

Their entire Sect was fighting with everything they had.

However, just five seconds after everything happened, the first outcome was already clear.

Ishtar’s eyes widened.

‘That fast!? He’s that powerful!?’ he thought in shock.


Ishtar exploded forward as he arrived at one of the battlegrounds in nearly an instant.

Samuel was about to die to Exar!

Exar’s offensive power could only be described as absolutely unreal!

He had incorporated the Laws of Primordial Force into his Form Law, and every single slash tore down space and time.

He wasn’t even using many Elements!

Ishtar quickly arrived by Samuel’s side and shot an insanely powerful ball of metal at Exar.

His Star appeared at the same time, and it shone in nine different colors.

The owner of the powerful voice in the Myriad Sect opened his eyes wide in surprise.

‘The level seven Law of Pure Elements!?’ he thought in shock. ‘This means that this guy can use nine level eight Laws at once! Even for a level three Star God, he’s incredibly powerful!’

Exar saw the ball of metal shoot towards him, but he ignored it.


Then, the ball suddenly turned into nothing as it came close to Exar.

Ishtar’s eyes widened in shock.


The surroundings shook as an insanely powerful Will-Aura suppressed the world.

Four people slowly walked forward with narrowed eyes, focused on Ishtar.

They seemed like two pairs of identical twins.

One pair had white hair.

One pair had black hair.

Even more, the faces of all four of them were identical!

Ishtar had never seen anything like this!

“He has the level seven Law of Pure Elements,” one of the Gravises said. “I think we don’t need to fight together. Do you want to?”

The two Mortises scratched their chins.

“Sure,” one of the Mortises answered. “Two bodies should be enough. If I die, you are forbidden from resurrecting me again.”

“I know,” Gravis said with a nod.

“If you die in this fight, you will truly die. I won’t get involved. In the worst case, I can simply re-comprehend my Law of Sentience via Samsara.”

Mortis nodded.

“Then, this fight belongs to me!”


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