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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1090: Future Plans Bahasa Indonesia

Gravis and Stella left the illusory reality and returned to the real world.

About 20 years had passed.

This was, of course, incredibly fast for comprehending a level seven Law, but that was to be expected.

The Major Law of the Dead World was comprised of the knowledge of the other five level six Laws. There was not much exclusive knowledge to the Law. One only had to combine the concepts accordingly.

If Stella had tried it alone, she would have needed to temper herself.


Because the illusory reality would have been controlled by her own thoughts. As soon as she had believed that the planet would break apart when all the matter flew towards it, it would have broken apart. After all, if Stella thought that something would happen, something would actually happen in the illusory reality.

The illusory reality was only Stella’s imagination, and everything would happen just as she imagined it to.

However, Gravis had been in control of this illusory reality, not Stella.

Because of that, everything had happened according to reality since Gravis knew how the Law of the Dead World worked.

This allowed Stella to experiment and see actual results that conformed to reality.

Of course, Gravis had comprehended the Major Law of the Dead World a little bit before Stella comprehended it.

Gravis now knew seven level seven Laws in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm.

Something like this had probably never happened before.

When Stella woke up, she felt new power well up inside her.

This Law was so powerful!

She could even create a sort of suppressive field with the pressure of her world!

Stella summoned her Avatar, which was shining with red light.

Stella had the Law of Blaze as her Avatar.

Her Avatar transformed as she willed it, and after some minutes, Stella’s Avatar became a round planet without any life.

Sadly, she couldn’t really fuse her Law of Blaze with it yet.

Ironically, the Mixed Elements were now more powerful than her Blaze Element.

Stella’s Avatar was now a level seven Law, and with the power boost of being inside her Avatar, her Law of the Dead World could now exhibit the power of a level eight Law.

However, surprisingly, the 36 Mixed Elements could not reach the power of a level eight Law.

They were more powerful than level seven Laws but weaker than level eight Laws.

One could say each Mixed Element could now exhibit the power of a level 7.5 Law.

However, if Stella used these Mixed Elements with her Weapon Techniques, she could boost them to the power of level eight Laws.

Of course, a potential opponent could do the same thing.

For example, if someone comprehended the level seven Law of Blaze’s Explosion and had it as their Avatar, the Law of Blaze could reach the power of a level eight Law. Then, if they used that Law with a Weapon Technique, it could reach the power of a level 8.5 Law.

That would be half a level higher than Stella’s Mixed Elements.

However, the enemy would be restricted to only one aspect of a single Element.

In comparison, Stella had access to a terrifying level of variety.

“Depending on the Star of your opponent, you might even have a small chance of winning against a Star God,” Gravis said. “But I would advise you against trying something like that. If your opponent has an Elemental Law as their Star, their Star will suppress all of your Elements that don’t conform to its Element. In that case, you will die, no matter what you do.”

“And as you know, over 95% of Star Gods have Elemental Laws as their Star.”

Stella nodded. “I know,” she commented cutely before jumping forward and kissing Gravis deeply.

“Thank you so much!” she transmitted to Gravis while kissing him.

“No thanks necessary,” Gravis answered. “I love you, and I also want you to become powerful.”

After some time, the two of them parted again, but Stella kept close to Gravis.

“What’s your plan from now on?” Gravis asked.

“I think I will ascend to the Star God Realm immediately,” she said. “Immortal Emperors can no longer help me with tempering, and my Will-Aura is not powerful enough to completely resist a Star God. I have no way of increasing my Will-Aura without fighting a Star God, but I can’t fight a Star God.”

“That’s why I should become a Star God quickly. There should still be some level two Star Gods in the world, maybe even level three Star Gods. I might not be able to fight a level three Star God, but I can definitely fight a level two Star God when I’m a level one Star God myself,” Stella said.

Gravis nodded as he looked at Stella lovingly. “I love it when you’re smart,” Gravis said.

Stella huffed. “Are you saying I can be dumb?” she asked.

“Who forgot about the existence of the sun just now?” Gravis asked with a smirk.

Stella hit Gravis as her face became red.

Stella and Gravis bantered for a while longer.

“What’s your plan?” Stella asked. “Do you want to comprehend the Major Law of the True World? After all, you’re only missing the Major Law of Life now.”

Gravis shook his head.

“Originally, that was my plan, but it has changed,” he said.

“How come?” Stella asked with a curious gaze.

“I talked with father,” Gravis said.

“What did he say?”

“He said that I can only combine three of the four major Laws,” Gravis said.

“Why?” Stella asked with a confused expression.

“Apparently, the Law of the True World not only requires the four major Laws, but it also requires some insight into the Law of Energy, which is one of the two only level eleven Laws,” Gravis said. “I don’t need the entire thing, but I need some concepts from it.”

“Father said that it is impossible for a Star God to grasp these concepts since they are so complex that I can’t even visualize them in my head. Apparently, the reason why the higher Heavens can comprehend the Law of the True World is that the highest Heaven directly handed them these concepts.”

“As you know, I know a level nine Law, which is the Law of Heavenly Lightning. I have basically absorbed the entire knowledge about the Law when Arc hit me with that lightning bolt. Yet, even though I know the Law, it still requires a terrifying amount of concentration for me to visualize it. The calculations are so terrifyingly complex that they eat up my entire mind.”

“If a level nine Law is already this insanely complex, I can’t even imagine the complexity of a level eleven Law,” Gravis said.

“Not even the Law of Freedom can help?” Stella asked.

“The Law of Freedom can’t make me smarter,” Gravis said with a bitter smile. “The issue is not some authority or will-thing, but that I’m simply not smart enough. I need a vastly more powerful Spirit. The Law of Freedom can’t grant me that.”

“So, what’s your plan then?” Stella asked.

“I will focus on the level six Laws of Elements, and when it’s time for my tribulation, I will become a Star God. With my luck, my tribulation target would probably have a gigantic backing behind them. I didn’t fear my tribulation in the higher world, but in this world, it’s different.”

“After I’m a Star God, and after I’m done with the Law of Pure Elements, I will enter a Heaven’s Trial and temper myself.”

“After that, I’ll look at how things will go. I can’t plan too far ahead,” Gravis said.

Stella nodded. “Sounds good. I will become a Star God soon. The Myriad Sect has a lot of wealth right now, and it can easily support my breakthrough. I will probably also search for tempering next. I will probably try to remain hidden until some stupid Sect thinks that they can destroy our Sect. If they’re so confident, they probably have a level two Star God, which would be a perfect opponent for me.”

“Also, I want to have a battle with Exar. I want to know who’s the stronger one of us two,” Stella said with a smirk.

Stella might appear peaceful and kind in front of Gravis, but she was still a cultivator that strived for power.

Of course someone like Exar would wake Stella’s battle intent.

Arc had told Exar that, in the next 50,000 years, a Star God would appear in the Myriad Sect that could rival him in power.

Arc had meant Stella.

He had already seen all of this coming.


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