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Lightning Is the Only Way – Chapter 1054: Manuel Bahasa Indonesia

The atmosphere had been somewhat ruined by bringing up Cera, but Gravis did his best to act as if he wasn’t constantly worried for her.

Gravis felt like he had to do something for his daughter, but he couldn’t do anything.

He felt like it was his obligation to support his daughter.

If Gravis hadn’t had the ability to help her, it would be one thing, but Gravis was powerful enough to do essentially everything for her, which made it harder on him.

After some shopping time, everyone went over to Jake’s place since it was the biggest apartment out of everyone. Gravis didn’t always want to rely on his parents’ place to talk with his friends.

After a while, the atmosphere recovered, and they all began talking.

Aris told Gravis the things that had made him change.

Surprisingly, it was a master Aris had acknowledged in one of his Sects. This master had shown Aris how humans felt and acted by showing examples.

This master had also been a child between a human and a beast, which gave him a special connection with Aris.

He had also gone through the same conflict in the past, and he knew how he had to talk with Aris to solve his inner conflict.

The deciding factor was how it felt to be human and how it felt to be a beast.

Being a human meant feeling more, which meant that everything was more colorful. Over a long time, Aris’ master had shown him how beautiful it could be to be human.

Something was better than nothing.

Sadly, that master hadn’t managed to comprehend a level six Law, and he eventually died when there was no one left in the world to be his tribulation.

Ironically, his death was his last gift for Aris, which sounded cruel. However, when Aris’ master died, Aris finally felt how it felt to lose someone dear to him.

The grief managed to awaken Aris to an entirely new world of emotions.

Yersi and Jake also talked about what they had done, but it wasn’t nearly as interesting as Aris’ experiences.

They mostly just comprehended Laws, worked, and Yersi tempered herself in the Arenas in Opposer City.

For them, only 27,000 years had passed since Gravis had left.

Right now, Yersi was a Peak Immortal, and she planned on going through a tribulation against an Early Minor Circulation Immortal King next. After that, she would comprehend more Laws for 40,000 years and then become an Immortal King.

She was taking her time, which was the best way forward.

After a while, Gravis remembered something.

“Liam, Aris, Stella,” he started. “Our group of friends wants to create a Sect, called the Myriad Sect. The roles are already assigned, and Manuel will be the Sect Master. He wants to invite the three of you into the Sect.”

“A Sect, huh?” Liam said as he began thinking. “I think that sounds good. What position does he have in mind for me?”

“Vice-Sect Master,” Gravis answered.

Liam was a bit surprised. “Vice-Sect Master? I barely know them,” he said.

“Manuel and I both thought of you,” Gravis said. “You were able to handle your authority in the Purist Sect pretty well, and I think you’re interested in that position.”

Liam scratched his chin in thought. “I am interested, actually. Will there be a second Vice-Sect Master?” he asked.

Gravis nodded and looked at Aris.

Aris lifted an eyebrow. “Me?” he asked.

Gravis nodded.

Liam looked at Aris and nodded. “I’m fine with that. Sure, I think I can join. After all, there’s a long way to the Star God Realm, and by being part of a Sect, the way will become easier.”

However, Aris frowned. “I’m not sure if I can be part of the Myriad Sect.”

The group was a bit surprised by Aris’ refusal.

The only one that wasn’t surprised was Gravis.

He knew exactly why it was difficult for Aris to join the Sect.

“Aris, I know why you are hesitant,” Gravis said. “Don’t say your reason yet. Keep it to yourself. Instead, I would ask you to meet Manuel alone and tell him the reason directly. He can show you that your reason is built on a wrong assumption.”

Aris was surprised, and one of his eyebrows raised in skepticism.

He trusted that his father knew what he was thinking about.

“Are you sure?” Aris asked.

Gravis nodded. “I’m sure.”

Aris quickly became interested, and a fire appeared in his eyes.

Aris loved battle!

Why had Aris hesitated?

Because he wasn’t completely free of beast influences.

Following a Sect Master that was weaker than him would be possible, but Aris wouldn’t feel happy while doing so. If forced, he could take up the position of Vice-Sect Master, but he would rather build his own power or follow someone more powerful than him.

Manuel had been in tenth place in the tournament, making him one of the weakest ones.

Aris wouldn’t feel happy following someone that weak.

Yet, Gravis had just said that Manuel was very powerful.

This could only mean that Manuel was indeed very powerful and that he was hiding his power.

This was also the reason why Gravis said that Aris shouldn’t voice his concerns.

“Alright, I think I’ll meet him right now,” Aris said.


Then, he teleported away.

Gravis looked at the others. “Those who know the secret, please keep it a secret. Manuel doesn’t want people to know. Those who don’t know the secret, please respect Manuel’s personal boundaries.”

Liam, Stella, and Yersi knew what Aris’ reason for refusal was, and therefore also knew what it meant when Gravis said that Manuel could deal with that reason.

Jake was the only one that had no idea.

“This Sect seems more and more interesting,” Liam said with a smirk. “I thought Ferris was the only one, but there seems to be a second one.”

Stella was also a bit surprised since she hadn’t been able to see Manuel’s true power.

“I think he’s just a bit weaker than you,” Gravis transmitted to Stella. “He knows several Emotional Laws and four of the Laws of Perceived Reality. Right now, you only win because you have 36 Mixed Elements that have the power of level seven Laws since the Major Law of the Elements is your Avatar.”

This was why Stella was so powerful.

With the Major Law of Mixed Elements as her Avatar, Stella could essentially use 36 level seven Laws.

This was as powerful as one could get in the Peak Immortal Emperor Realm without comprehending an actual level seven Law. After all, if someone comprehended a level seven Law and used it as their Avatar, they would have a level eight Law.

One could say that Stella was the most powerful Peak Immortal Emperor as long as one ignored the Peak Immortal Emperors that could become Star Gods right now.

Stella’s eyes widened when she heard Gravis’ words. “That’s really powerful!” she transmitted to Gravis. “I had no idea Manuel was that strong!”

Gravis chuckled a bit. “Never underestimate Manuel. Haven’t you noticed that he feels a bit similar to Arc? Of course, he isn’t nearly that powerful, but Manuel has incredible potential and maturity.”

“Manuel even has a chance of becoming a Heaven’s Magnate in the future.”


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